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History of Hip Hop Reaction

Hip Hop Reaction was formerly known as Hip Hop Raps. Hip Hop Raps was created with the intention of bringing together a history of hip hop music and delivering the freshest news, music and features for those breaking into the hip hop world.

Founded in 2000 and spanning 2 years before disappearing, Hip Hop Raps became a popular resource for all things hip hop. We believed that we could improve upon Hip Hop Raps and is the result of such improvements. Hip Hop Reaction is custom built from the ground up using the latest technologies including CSS3 and HTML5. Hip Hop Reaction was established on June 2005 and our aim remains clear; to bring together hip hop music fans and offer them the chance to put across their own opinions. We were one of the first hip hop sites to incorporate custom profiles into our website and this adds a high level of interactivity.

Please register to allow us to grow into an expansive resource for true hip hop music fans. The history of Hip Hop meets the future of Hip Hop. Come react!

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