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Born and raised in the notorious Bedford Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, Papoose took his first jabs at being a rapper at the young age of 11. Given the name by his grandmother meaning "Indian baby", whom he resembled as a child, Papoose is the true definition of a real MC. Inspired by rap legends Rakim, Kool-G-Rap and Big Daddy Kane, he has been well respected in the underground street circuit for a long period of time now. Papoose has survived the trappings and politics of the rap industry, which uses gimmicks as well as fake street and jail images to sell records and destroy the essence of what a true MC really is.

His first big break happened when he earned a spot on Kool-G-Raps "Roots of Evil" album in 1999. After proving he could hold his own with the veteran rapper, Papoose released his own unique underground smash "Alphabetical Slaughter" where he flows venomously from A to Z, using each letter perfectly and precise. After turning down a bad record deal, Papoose hit the streets and pressed his own mix tape titled "Art of War". With it's powerful and unique lyrics, the record soon found its way into the hands of DJ KaySlay who immediately signed Papoose to Street Sweepers Entertainment. Ever since then he has dominated the mix tape scene worldwide.

His 1st hit record "Charades' he spoke about the unfair tactics of the "hip hop police". This record went in rotation at Hot 97 in New York City and many other stations around the globe. Papoose has already put out 12 mixtapes and has a total of 227 songs and freestyles all within a year and a half. That is equivalent to 12 albums during that period and more than any signed or unsigned artist has ever done. Papoose has continued to drop classics such as "Monopoly", "Flashback" and "Mothernature" where he spoke about the politics surrounding hurricane Katrina and the disaster that followed.

Bottom line, Papoose is the hottest upcoming artist in the world and his street buzz is immaculate. His Internet following is tremendous and he has the same amount of downloads as most platinum artist. Papoose's music captures audiences with its intelligent wordplay, stunning metaphors and cunning street knowledge while still carrying a message. At this time, a bidding war has ignited and a record deal will be an option rather than a question. Papoose is the future.

--DJ Kay Slay aka The Drama King


2005 JUSTO "Artist of the Year" Underground Mix Tape 2005 UMA'S "Underground Artist of the Year"


Papoose has appeared on songs with Nas, Jim Jones, Bun-B, Busta Rhymes, Mike Jones, Paul Wall, Talib Kweli, Mobb Deep, Remy Martin, Hell Rell, Juvenile, Ghostface Killa, Black Rob and D-block just to name a few.

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The best of album cover The best of

Released: 2006-06-20

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Menace 2 society pt 2 album cover Menace 2 society pt 2

Released: 2004-06-06

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Papoose Sued By Ambulance Volunteer Service (Posted on April 28, 2008)

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Papoose ft Snoop Dogg - Bang It Out

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Comment by phizzetti, on 9th July 2008

Pap u the new face of hip-hop son gotta keep spittin the truth boy 8)

Comment by danda, on 31st October 2007

Ur are acommon baby not an indan, change ur name to baboon pliz

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