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Competition Entry by k1ller (Member)

Submitted: August 15, 2005

It's official k1ller be like an underground missile
Producing thunder sounds and leaving other rappers in my diss-pile
It's like a mass army unleashed when k1ller demonstrates
When his tension breaks his connection leaving fools spinning like a renegade
I'm rock steady never drift, I stock heavy with gats to lift ya'll off your feet
Invest in the top dollars to bring defeat to the street
Leave you impaled-son last nail in the coffin like a nail-gun
You came into this comp as a winner but you leavin as a failed-one
Announce k1ller as the winner I'm the devil-in-disguise
Xplizit you cant match me the only thing on my level-is-your-eyes
I'm living the dream, you just awoken in the middle of a nightmare
Anyone reading this entry will no the winner is right there!

Competition Entry by Xplizit (Member)

Submitted: August 6, 2005

Fuck This Shit!

Why wait for 2moro when the atmosphere is thick!
If the devil tries to bust my cap i'll have him suck my dick!
See the devil thinks his a genius but his ryhmes dont flow!
If he came around my hood he'd be lying on the floor!
See i dreamt this was a nightmare but now i'm feelin a connection,
Between the Past,The Present, And The Future that's bound to be a blessin.

Don't drift into a state of confusin.
This ryhme is here for you to invest in your furture!
Don't let the devil take over your life,
Shut the bastard out before he stabs you with his knife!

I need to open up a renegade for this last verse,
Drop a beat that crabs your attention with a little bit of style!
See it's offical Xplizit don bounced right back,
With a army behind me fuck it i'll let out a smile :D!
See this beat was created for a purpose..
But the purpose is unknown.
When you are bowing before me someday while i'm sitting on a thrown!
The purpose will become clear and the devil unknown!

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