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Competition Entry by Ant Good (Guest)

Submitted: April 6, 2006

Black spade self-made, money respect and power/Don't slang powder 6-3 literally tower over cowards/meaning, leave no assumptions or misunderstandings/Product of my environment blessed to be the man I is/ steal a meal from my lyrical feast I'm providing/ Nawn don't want war so they neutral and silent/ somewhat voilent, please pray for my sanity/ plus i thank i'm the shit so pray for my vanity/f@gswearpanties down0low collecting spearm/ spearm banking man I'm just scoring, joking ranking/ what's that stanking in he trucnk telling it/ I keep a fat sac of that strong enuff to stag elephants/ Tejas no mas angel with a sickle/ But I kept on busting till he got on his bicycle/Tripping cause I could never be a loser/ Ima put the mic down and do what I do and that's producing

Competition Entry by Kevin Colburn (Guest)

Submitted: March 29, 2006

I grab a spade and step in my mind's garden to cultivate,
stirring my mind to get these rhymes out of a neutral state,
because I never speak literal, I always speak metaphorical because I envelope myself in my environment, I've learned from everything that I've been through like an elephant I never forget, I collect souveniers of memories strolling down the lane allowing me to gain heart as I experience the art, word play like everyday, using this page like a bicycle I ride away, and I smile at what I've made because it's me and it's real, another rhyme from another poet hoping you feel my heart, my soul, my mind, my flow, this time I know I've grown I come original, the firstfruits from my garden, a written meal, while others hide and steal, I think deep and stand still, right here in the rain and sunshine it's all fine, I tower over the weeds who try to take mine, but nope no success I'm still going, keeping it real that's me I'm still growing, I'm still flowing.

Competition Entry by Silence (Guest)

Submitted: March 28, 2006

U prolly aint a player-but u came to get played,
Going against alot of aces and i guess im da spade/
Rap iz my life i dont doit for da hell of it,
Out 2 make money pockets thick like a elephant/
I run up wit da hammer planin to blam ya throat,
u run to a nuetral enviroment and try to envelope/
Steal a bicycle circle da block and collect my doe/
Stand like a tower above da city u aint feelin me tho/
Dis how i get when i get on my grind,
Beyond u haters with a literal mind -1-

Competition Entry by Cleva (Guest)

Submitted: March 27, 2006

Introducin/the elusive/exclusive new kid/on the block/who knows about pyramids and elephant stomp/environment of hip hop/no justice/thats im so neutral to cops/most of these rappers are shot/i call a spade a spade/open up the envelope/what does it say?/ms cleva/ the winner with no effort/no lp tower record/enough knowledge for a lecture/where's my respect cause/i get tired when rappers talk about retire & their sh**s was never fire/had niggas in denial/when i 'spoke'like a bicycle tire/can't collect my dues/gotta steal it from admirers/wack emcees with no purpose/ cds im burnin/ then i go and literally burn it/

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