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Competition Entry by ShepN911 (Member)

Submitted: May 16, 2006

A vampire must have sucked the honesty out of the voters, cuz Xplizit better than me?, only when hell freezes over, ya'll slept on my last entry so how can you justify it, somebody pulled a cardtrick with the votes, you can't deny it, there's trouble in the game when the worst entry wins, I ain't hatin' but I know that somebody done sinned, the object of the competition should be to crown the best, but I guess not this one cuz the best ain't won yet, let me meet the haters and I'll reach in my pocket, grab the nine and load it and lock it, and shoot their ears out of the socket, cuz they ain't hearin what really is the heat, my talent's in handcuffs and ya'll won't let it be free, if things were the right way then you know that I would win, my flow's as fluid as liquid so let me tell you again, be honest when you deliberate the competition's winner, if you sleep on me again, God will look at you as a sinner, I'd be bankrupt if ya'll were the real judges, but I'm gonna stay up, I ain't holdin no grudges, don't get it twisted man I'm not a sore loser, Xplizit doin his thing, but beggars can't be choosers, I won the last entry and deep down you know it, if you want to be known as the best you gotta show it.

Competition Entry by rymesareforever (Guest)

Submitted: May 15, 2006

I pull out my pockets, man,
I'm close to being bankrupt, But I ain't foolish enough to do something to put me in handcuffs,
When these situations arise that's when I do, Deliberate and meditate upon what He do, Breeze through and surpass all those who object, To subjects that lift up God those punks can eject, You really think I care if you reject me, I come through smiling with more rymes and keep on climbing, To the tops of hip hop peaks melting frozen hearts to liquid, Iíve done this with no regrets since I was a kid,
I ran into a couple or more who wanted trouble for me, Shrug it off keep my focus on whatís truly Holy, Knowing thereís nothing I can justify on my own,
But a grace sufficient for me from power on His throne,
I'm married so I got to watch for the adulterous lady liar,
She comes looking lovely but at a second glance she's a vampire,
While I'm inspired and tired but moving on His strength, I praise God for these trials and keep my enemies at armís length, I don't fake with these sentences I make, No illusions when I write and recite and constantly take,
Steady observation on these cats and their lone cardtrick, I'm not mesmerized because behind their eyes are minds slick, Yet thick minds, Ignorant to the root of beats, Root of hip hop,
Root of life, And what's truly complete, So while I donít compete for self or continue on with vain vocab, I bring thoughts well thought out over beats in the lab, I grab the mic and put it in the socket and start on, With a topic that never ceases to lift up the Holy God.

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