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Competition Entry by mastermind (Member)

Submitted: June 23, 2006

i think im flowing under pressure,
take this game for a pleasure,
niggas looking getting scared,
how they gonna make this bread,
fella, im coming like an ambush,
crushing all in my black book,
when i bust its like a tragic drama,
blow you with a sledge hammer,
i roll on top speed get my tempo all regained,
im playing this game simply pimp style, clean,
my base not rated in the encyclopedia,
making hits, put em on the media,
im the immediate, advocate with God, greatest of dons,
ill toss you like a rejection,
imma take you so down, ull be dying slowly,
see yall next episode

Competition Entry by (Guest)

Submitted: June 22, 2006

As i get a pace, with the drums and the base, I enter this competition And I feel no pressure,cause i know that my stuff is fresher,Im a lyrical encyclopedia i might even get attention from the media. Im not worried about rejection, but you should worry about my perfection, cause with my rhymes i can scare, youll think im a pro and say its not fair, Im gonna win this episode, and victory i will hold, if victory you wish to regain, againts me youll need to use more brain, with my rhymes im immediate, i can make you look like an idiot, you can bring all your drama, and youll Still feel defeat, and so will your mama, im a one man ambush, watch out with the rhymes that i push.

Competition Entry by el'small (Guest)

Submitted: June 21, 2006

My lyrics could be a prose,intrinsic motivation got me droppi the flows,straight from mind my experience or maybe my goals,interpreted thru words expressed to feel it, mental rhythmn so its best when i spit it,i feel im connected to the blues of nature,i breathe it u gotta use the gift God gave ya,concieved in the mind thru neurons it passes to the axons and makes me drop this lyrics,how can whackness ever exist in me when my legacy is supreme with no gimmicks,im the realest stay forever holdin it down,the passion is in it u clowns can never understand cos the love is in it, "its a rap y'll" you get plagued by jealousy blinded by beef,im just a valiant strongly guided by my belief,smoke to be relief strictly harshish, pure green leave yea thats what it is,now even when i dont see mona,my local dealer malik got it closer, like a triangle from ajs,aba to bollar,well nigga the beef aint over,with bringin dramma to ur style ur click's shook they sober,and i aint goin nowhere till this breath is over,n for the record my team stay firm like ice together we loc the hype be lies.....................

Competition Entry by rymesareforever (Member)

Submitted: June 16, 2006

no pressure, i step forward and claim His name, seeking His pasture and the true Shepherd, steadily in His Word, regain my strength and prepare myself for immediate action, not worried about rejection, eyes straight not concerned by distraction, while they're digging in the encyclopedia searching for mind knowledge, i search the Word for life's verbs and Christ's calling, so my heart is open, prodigal drama to the world, when in all truthfullness it's happiness, no longer suspense, this life isn't a play, it's real, it ain't a game, the devils waiting to ambush you and take away your life, but don't let it scare you, because if your trust is in God then the devil can't touch you, you may get hurt though, it's only for an episode, because in all truth God is in control, so let it go lift your face and start running to God's base where it's safe because soon He's coming to take us to His heavenly place...

Competition Entry by pumbanine (Guest)

Submitted: June 13, 2006

electrifying effectiveness we perorm lyrical excorsists class dismissed in a bathroom getin blitz
i moved up to bigga and betta things aint it funny what the chedda brings to the table and i cant remain stable
so ill unlock the lyrical locksmith the is g's locked in my office lost with the profets grab the mic and stocket cocket and get ready to rocket
talk shit drop it triumphant sustains the beats that im bumpin not dumpin shells slangin these tracks for sales mo money makes mo music thats my path an im a choose it 50/50 chance a losin.
funkadelic phsycadelia why wont you believe tha shit im tellin ya affiliates fill ya boots kill woman and children take care that shit cause im not fuckin feelin all this gangsterism my ism sizzilin all the killin fields yo there in the prison system , its a fact not fiction back up the affliction all tha addicted looked inflicted from this alcohol sickness
verbal bullets deploy with tha quickness from the rifle dont fuck wit ma life bro like jesus and raps next deciple not the next fuckin sideshow
not the next fuckin SIDESHOW!

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