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Competition Entry by mario g (Member)

Submitted: July 20, 2006

coming home from the oakland colosieum,also knwn as the blackhole,and seeing my chargers beat the raiders, and get on a winning role,after that we roll back to diego in my benzo, as i stack up rhymes in this master mind,i dont need a note book or a pencil, to make this shit suspensful,we get home and jump in my lowrider,now this car is tighter,and as we lowride,any fool hits a switch on me,i wont let"m slide, i got a chameleon paint job, with front and back and side to side,and i got a bad burner on this sickass ride,its exiting getting involved with lowriding,competeing with me you"ll probobly regret,cause you aint at my level yet,theres a picture of me and my ride on a portrait,you can take a pictcha and carry it wit ya, for inspiration G, so you can always see,what a true rapping lowrider should be,o did i mention that i also have a bumpen system, cause lowriding is in my system as well as lyrical wisdom, and go san diego,im done with this episode. my secnd entry im mariocanijo

Competition Entry by Master E (Member)

Submitted: July 19, 2006

i my not be chameleon, but yet i still make a million, i may be on a picture, but i still look like a twitcher, i slide, up in u with my magnum sized ride, i will do a burner, and u can be a learner, i not as skinny as a pencil, so i go to blockbuster and get a rental, i waz playin the ps2 system, and i beat him and then dissedem, i got sucked up by a blackhole, then the girl asked me what happened and then i slaped the hoe, i got invaloved, with a fight so then i smoked there ass and it waz rezolved, some guy took my portrait, so i went to the orcherd, so then we met, and i kicked his ass and now he regret,

Competition Entry by dopederrick (Member)

Submitted: July 19, 2006

as i enter this i dont wanna regret, im so confident im gonna bet, so u mite wanna get involved or be on the look out for that revolve, i maybe an illegal burner but im kick ass on the turner, so i guess u cud call me a blackhole cause im suckin up sucka ass MCs and gettin on a roll, so u shud take a picture cuz im puttin up stupid dope mixtures, cuz i mix up raps on the system, cuz u cant deny my wisdom, in a few years ill be on a portrait, so dont be hatin trick, now im gonna slide, in my tricked out ride, i dont gotta write my rhymes down with a pencil, instead ill hit u with a over sized utensil, so i may not like that one rapper chameleon, but ill be makin more than a million.

my first entry, yea some parts suck lol

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