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Competition Entry by B.Carter (Member)

Submitted: August 16, 2006

my flows hotter than mercury/
yall not stoppin me verbally/
equip me wit dope beats/
and the doctor in surgery/
plottin to murder me/
thats like holdin the dice/
im loaded/
like an explosive device/
just hold on/
while i load the device/
i strike lightnin fast/
im hella intelligent/
yall irrelevant/
i preach 2 ya peeps like a reverend/
what u lackin is/
is the automatic habit of rappin'/
i was practicin tactics/
while u was readin ya magazine/
typin on the keyboard/
dont gamble with uranus/
cuz the battle will brainless

Competition Entry by dopederrick (Member)

Submitted: August 10, 2006

lets start this off with some lightening, my raps so good its pretty frightening, my delievery is somewhat intelligent, but thats sumthin u dont get so thats irrelevant, me against other rappers in a battle, is like im tha cattle, while u tha toad with no load, these lyrical skills imma equip, hell im even impressin tha Bloods and Crips, if u battle me ur gonna have to adjust, cause i can even make a rhyme with uranus, last week i was in a magazine, with me on a lean, and i had my musical device, listening to Obie Trice, i was in this bet in which we had to gamble, but i lost and got hit by a damn bull, as i finish this rhyme on tha keyboard, u might as well call me a lord

Competition Entry by Lil_Forreely (Member)

Submitted: August 8, 2006

Ayyo...I Rhyme Day Til Night, Night Til Day In The State Of New Jersey Cuz Its Where I Stay. Alotta People Ova Here Dont See What I See, Dont Eat What I Eat, And Dont Dream What I Dream, But That One Day I'll Be On A Rappin Team, And Show Everyone Who Doubted Me, The Way I Run This Game. I Was Sayin Dont Run Up On Me Cuz You'll Loose Everything If U Bet Against Me, I Was Born Ready And Im Here To Win, So Imma Sit Back And Tell Yall How It Began. I Was Born & Raised In Jeraz but Always Wished I Could Fit In And Be From across that river, everyday has been a cloudy day wit rain pourin down and Frowns On They Face. now i been rappin since i was 9 years old writin raps on a paper and dreamin to be worth more than gold. my ma & dad always doubted me, they neva undastood that its wat i wanted to be, instead they make me Clean & Cook, My Life Has Been 1 Bad Ride Livin Wit Barley Any Money And Nothin To Keep Me Safe, My Struggle Is What I Got So far, So Dont Put Me Down Cuz Its Plain To See That I Can Be The Rapper I Wanna Be

Competition Entry by loop_pool (Member)

Submitted: August 6, 2006

ayyo...i started this freakin' rhyme within' no time like ma brain vein lackin' n makin' me fuckin' insane so so keenly u've seen/ ma whole body feelin' this pain like an ass on magazine.maxine even saw ma raw attitude equipped wit quick leakin' dick still rhymes to be heard dat now puttin' potatoes on da keyboard....failed 2 hustle hardaa so gat divorced.take ma advice 2 resize yo precise mo life never be wear up yo levis n start mixin' yo wack track witchyo dj device.u knaw u gat 2days of life fo rent so if u r intelligent den neva spend it like a saint.this is da lightning.....of da night king comes to da dreams n starts fighting.bling bling on yo finga thing so u'll get much dat u cant fo life u'd gamble.set up yo erry sane chemicals of yo membrane jump mo dan a toad cuz ur back still gettin the world turnin' poisonous..environment iz jus like in URANUS.but u 've da right 2 fight n tackle da battle n win da bout by decision of unanimous.

makin' time 3 mins 32 secs

Competition Entry by delboy (Member)

Submitted: August 2, 2006

You see ma face printed all over this magazine
rep it up all day long if u no what I mean
talk about how I keep ma cool in a battle
got the rap game falling in line, like cattle
but when they ask me about what I really mean I have to bite my tong
u see often with me my heads lightning storm
pick a subject I dislike and I find it hard to keep my calm
you see things get blown out of proposition kind of like Uranus
and I start talking a load of crap, u no about this and that
about how I hate someone a hell of a lot
diss them on the lines of the Intelligent they got
make a new beat on the keyboard
my rhymes flow like sum sorta seesaw
but half the time with my rhymes I gamble
a lot of the stuff I say would make your skin crawl
but just no I donít mean it
just say it to Equip my lines with the extra edge
u no give u that extra prick of over the ledge

Competition Entry by rcd (Member)

Submitted: August 2, 2006

look u might see me in a magazine, or a limozine, nope that shit is just from my dream,
im using my device i call the brain, to right rimes so insain, im brake the fuckin keyboard when im writting my name, my rimes are not as fast as lighting, but my words are striking, i might just pop of on u while your re-cycling, im not that intelligent, as i like to gamble, my mom comes up slaps me in the face and rambles, see im a small load, when im carm, but crazy when i get my mode, poeple think im from uranus, coz i like to listn to slim-anus, and hope that one day i become famous, a battle ill win one i lose, but i dont rammble on like some fools, who lose thir cools, when they relize i got ten swimming pools,

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