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Competition Entry by D-Reppin (Guest)

Submitted: September 20, 2006

my lyrics sublime the flow u gonna be HYPNOTIZE im on the rise u TRESPASS YOU gonna die..i got the flu u kno im sick, so these rappers wanna take me to the HOSPITAL quick cuz they scared of my up clubs like a raptor u cant see me put that cam on auto CAPTURE..tryna be me im real sick of all it, ya styles ancient jus like an egyptian PYRAMID..imma always win jus like SIAMESE twins addicted to the rap game like a mad SCIENTIST my cars stay lower to the earth than my girlfriend's SKIRT, it aint passin her knee she better pass it to me..who u playas kno got a flow like this be killin them haters check their DIAGNOSIS u aint kno shit...u be askin me if i can do it..there's ya answer u kno i just PROVE it.

Competition Entry by Gad (Member)

Submitted: September 11, 2006

It's ma first time here but already you think im trespassing.i blow ladies off thats why they are holdn' their skirts,its the attention that i capture,wateva you think of me doesn't matter.
think of me as tha siamese coz when im done you'll be puzzled like the maze.You can compere me to a scientist coz i dont say anithing i cant prove,not that im being rude.
Battle with me and you are gonna experience a mental diagnosis , you might feel hipnotized from tha lyrical bruses consult in hospital that can heal an insult.
Im an underdog growing bigger from the undergruond-foundation and smaller to the top, the same way as the Egyption pyramid

Competition Entry by altims (Member)

Submitted: September 10, 2006

i've been pain in da arse since da age of four, busting doggs who try to trespass, flippin' em jaws
doin' ma shit with much precision aint no flaws,
straight up like a pyamid
i'm a dogg destined for tha top.
i had a hommie we was like siamese twins fufillin our dreams
was hypnotised like a hommie hooked on dope, them i realised i was fooled mso i had to prove ma lyrical prowess cos i'm tha best

Competition Entry by Nu_jerzey_Chick (Member)

Submitted: September 9, 2006

I Promise those, That i Aint Mike Jones, Now Watch the radio come through fo all these Bows.I love these hoes that give me pappers, also the ones that do me Fuckin favors, Just as much as they love me i Fuckin hate'em!

imma Stack My g's Like a Double D, Dont Have no fear this is my year, Im Take Over Like Im Chamillionaire.

Now im a Freakin Shock, and im Juss to Hot, Ima Bad gurl so i Cant repeat ur block, Watch Wat I Do, Ima Act a Fool, my insperata still flip and Dj screw, Nigga im out the chain, still in the game, im still on fire so im spitin the flame.. I Hate these Fuckin hatas Thats in My Way

Competition Entry by konde (Member)

Submitted: September 5, 2006

Now let's take it back to new york.
coz its where you catch ya ass lock.
Im a new kid on da block,
the dudes goes like , damn boy you fuckin rock,
this the dedication to my homies bihind the bars.
soon, gon drivin the hot cars,
yeah i will be the rap star,
its a b c now would you be,
its like 123 you cant see me,
got so many chains, bracelet and gee,
when i pack my car and wolk around the o.g,all chicks keep on chace me,coz imma v.i.p oh maybe im a p.i.m.p, whatever you say so,
im still riding the black snub,triggy's so hot, triggy is rock ah,triggy's so sick,but hey triggy's so cute ,mother fucka thats the trith.

Competition Entry by Frizzy2u (Member)

Submitted: September 4, 2006

yo i spit my rhymes free, so ima hypnotise,
all yo mc geeks, go head an plagerize,
i let my lyric gaurd down n raise my voice like fists,
given yal a new cure like a scientist,
i wear red when i sleep, an blue when i cruise,
my lyrics so true i aint got to prove,
i bring heat to the stage, ima rhymen master,
i keep it so fresh, its tha fans i capture,
tha laughter remains when i serve the perp,
tryna battle the frizz, the loser wears a skirt,
an i kno that my deals are phenomenal,
but you laugh so hard till your in hospital,
but for now ima tresspass an blast the sound,
so you kno that tha FRIZZY'Z bowt 2 ROCK yo town,
i like, different types of girls aussie's an chinese,
poderican spanish chicks but never seen siamese,
so try these,
ive always wantd chicks from madrid,
or an egypt gurl, 2 make luv on a pyramid,
but ive chosen, my typical type of diagnosis,
il get wit a gurl wit who evers closest?!?!?!?!

Competition Entry by Lil_Forreely (Member)

Submitted: September 3, 2006

ay jerzey you kno i rep u all tha fuckin way thiz verse go out to ya....letz see who luv ya back

NJ is Where I Stay
I Write Anotha rhyme like everyday
my homies wit me & we dont play
watch ya back cuz people hate
i rap n sing cuz its my fate
i'll bust ya mouth open like a crate
I got dat cady E. ridin up on main street
here we go, here it is
u aint neva seen a chick like this
imma b-ball playa, crazy hater, stickin ova here cuz im no trader
bustin down, ridin out
this type a shyt dont happen in the south
comin up, gettin loose
this how it is cuz jerse stay true
just rap aint no blues imma ruff kid get the clues
im two times of whut u see datz why no one compete wit me
i just talk bout who I be
Born n Raised In Jerayz Its A hard Life Like Everyday
I Can be like lil wayne and stunt like my daddy day after day
i can lay down rest a bit
imma come back all energic
wen i blow up, i'll go make a flick
put thiz to ya mind i aint no trick
trust me i aint gon' lie
i fight back eye to eye
stay this way til the day i die
aint no one gon make me cry

Competition Entry by rcd (Member)

Submitted: September 3, 2006

yo capture this, me rollin down the block as a scientist, creatin some kind of diagnosis, for siamese twins, yo i got nothing to prove, so i dont care wich bitch win's, i still go round to your mother's house and rip her from limb to limb, tie her skirt round her neck and make it hert, don't worry this is just me at work, my base the pyramid, were i go under hypnotize, smoke a little weed but only in small doses, now it's hard to focus, i just gone through a load of hokes pokes, now im acting and living the life of mose's, this is teruoshus, some bitch just trespass let me get my hozes, now that bitch and his bitch, are in hospitle with broken nosez, with his famaly by his side with a couple of rose's.

Competition Entry by dopederrick (Member)

Submitted: September 3, 2006

check this out i got caught lookin up this hoes skirt, so ta get outta this i had ta flirt, my words did nuthin but hypnotize, and thats sumthin u depize, but back ta this hoe i had 2 capture, u shud kno it didnt take no rapture, but this hoe was higher than a pyramid, but nuthin wud stop me from gettin this hoe dammit, tha nite was amazin and thats notta diagnosis, thats sumthin any1 can notice, but her mom caught me in tha bed and she was speakin sum shit like siamese, she hadda knife so i had ta get up and flee, but lets move to my rap game and my movement, I got tha skills and talent jus lemie prove it, rap so ruthless ull end up in tha hospital, cuz in this game im pretty critical, ta kno im better than tha average mc doesn’t take a scientist, so be on tha look out cuz im sumthin not 2 miss, when u come in my presence its like a trespass, but next thing ya kno ill be collaboratin wit diggy Daz

if ya got advice or comments for a kid email me at

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