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Competition Entry by gunnin (Member)

Submitted: October 17, 2006

i am a gangasta
frm newyork to dc,la
twisted mind of me nigga have been tracin
look around,hookedin the street
new i nthe industry hood isnow feeling me
i even didnt murder neither i raped it
beef ur slump ,me is too critical to assault it
now ,e-pirism is fallin,but someone tryan print my hand
cover my land and handcuff on me which has been rented
abandoned me to meet marshall to accept it (but denied )
i would sue like astronauts lately ,i aint scared
put me in zebra suit now luck fates me
mistakes frm curtis let them overstakes me
havoc told me,costeans somersaulted eagle of yayo to fell him
case on me distance is creating like lake betn us and said something fast
dont know how to use trampoline at last

Competition Entry by jukebox (Member)

Submitted: October 12, 2006

sumersaults in space with no weight,
astronaughts levitate like me with the lines that i defocate,
my mind like a calculator calculates the distance to desocrate,
your life wen i type see the print in my eyes to the skies is where i escalate,
locked on like handcuffs to the people inside of prison gates, but destined to soar like eagles with visions of a different fate, bounce to a beat like a trampoline springs its prey, im like da zebra dat changed its stripes for a disguise so it could hide away from the hungry lions face.

Competition Entry by Boosie Bad Azz (Member)

Submitted: October 11, 2006

I'm the Doctor's Advocate, nigga dre shot ya
Brought me back from the dead, that's why they call him the doctor
The (after)'math don't drop them
That's why 50 ain't rockin' with him
No more, IT'S OKAY, I get it poppin'
Whole club rockin'
Like a '64 impala
Drink cris, throw it up
Call the shit hydraulics
Then piss in the cup
Call the shit hypnotic
I bleed Compton
Spit crack and shit chronic
And you new niggaz ain't shit
But new niggaz
Played to get shooed niggaz
I'm talkin' ta you, nigga
Bouncin' in da '64 throwin' up West side, man
Sellin' another 5 million albums, YES I AM
Fresh like damn
This nigga did it again
A thousand on his neck, L.A. above the brim
Inside the lambo(rghini) in the shotgun with Snoop
What would the motherfuckin' West coast be without one crip and {one Blood}
I'm the Doctor's Advocate, nigga dre shot ya
Brought me back from the dead, that's why they call him the doctor
The (after)'math don't drop them
That's why 50 ain't rockin' with him
No more, IT'S OKAY, I get it poppin'
Whole club rockin'
Like a '64 impala
Drink cris, throw it up
Call the shit hydraulics
Then piss in the cup
Call the shit hypnotic
I bleed Compton
Spit crack and shit chronic
And you new niggaz ain't shit
But new niggaz
Played to get shooed niggaz
I'm talkin' ta you, nigga
Bouncin' in da '64 throwin' up West side, man
Sellin' another 5 million albums, YES I AM
Fresh like damn
This nigga did it again
A thousand on his neck, L.A. above the brim
Inside the lambo(rghini) in the shotgun with Snoop
What would the motherfuckin' West coast be without one crip and {one Blood}

Competition Entry by Hopeleslie (Guest)

Submitted: October 10, 2006

High as an eagle in handcuffs
Doing somersaults off skyscrappers
hangin tough like an astronaut,
with hopes of making it major.

Imma Zebra: Halfbreed, straight steed.
On my trampoline, we have sex and smoke trees
doing what I deem with Thorogenes
Puttin distance between you & me

I abandon my calculator.
Print my own paper, eat my snacks with cheese.
The lights went out in Georgia cause of me.
Ask me how I plea, "Guilty"

Competition Entry by Halfbreed pride (Guest)

Submitted: October 8, 2006

Its ur gurl missc, im ur biggest and badest halfbreed. Creamy chocolate and vinilla mixed together the dark might take over depending on the weather, but that aint a prob cause darker is better. Its one of ur most talented races, that race has alot of ur famous faces. Yeah alot of us may rock underground, but that dont mean we cant make it to the top, while all yall peeps who think u better then us tryin to have us dumb found. Now i aint gonna lie cause i take pride in my white side, thats a side i really cant hide. But never mind, u better recognize, eventually i will rise, not in size but with soul and mind. Ima sign and dine on the finer things in life. This here is MY halfbreed pride.

Competition Entry by Kool_Kat (Member)

Submitted: October 8, 2006

Somersault,Eagle,Zebra,Print,Calculator,Abondon,Trampoline,Handcuffs,Distance,astronaut yo man what iz thiz

imma spit my own verse from the top of head. I Get Mad Bread, Imma Winna,
Jus call me tha kat or or the Killa. ridin wit mah niggaz,
i fight lyke a gorilla,
u gon die cuz im finna.
im finna put u on my shoulder and take u ta ya grave,
naw not fa somethin u gave just fa sumtin u did, u tryna beat me when u only a new kid,
yea sure i signed fa thiz site today
but i can still beat anyone in tha rap game anyday.
and anyone who doubts me can go to damn hell.
i dont care go head and hate
cuz its my fate to take the plate or plaque.
wheteva u wanna say. my life is mad hard but today iz ma day.

Competition Entry by loop_pool (Member)

Submitted: October 7, 2006

my brain veins scrutinizing these words , integratin' the verbs like a instananeous CALCULATOR/spontaneous introgetor's shyt 'll make yo skin raw n rough like an ferocious alligator./assume it dat am numero uno n no humour am using no more u know so get floozy cuz i've dat uzi to check yo gon drop scince like an epileptic chemist till u dukes ABANDON./smokin' chokes dust blunts aint gon save u from ma deagle.../if u'll act like Eric seagal then this ni99a gon' stab u wit his golden desert EAGLE./
My rhymin' skill gon' scare n kill till summer haults./verbally am gon' perform loco ditties wit double deuce n some SOMERSAULTs.../it aint ma faults in da rap game am equivalent 2 the game's name can spit without dj beats but mandoline./gasolene in ma rhymin' zone gon' dive me in da air n landin' without TRAMPOLINE./u dont fly wit yo lame skills like an ASTRONAUT...whose ass is rot n in bonus i'll put bamboo stick in yo butt..../alright bwoy u gatta hint now stop the sprint...c'mon dawg u watch how i'mma glint u can gemme by pryin' by laminatin' ma balls' PRINT..jus kiddin'/we all gatta talent either we r black or white or taurus or libra/.we all r the flesh sunk in the blood we all r like ZEBRA....who gat the stripes together makin' us stand against da racism cuz we've to kill this fucked up stuffs...we r one we r proud 2 be human jus work on it jus break the racism handcuffs../at an instance i can c the lights of our soul curin' the nuisance....we've to do this cuz noone could prevent this so make the cocscience comin' to u from a DISTANCE..n pray the lord to strenghten our resistance against this nonsense.

Competition Entry by AusieG101 (Member)

Submitted: October 5, 2006

yo man i aint a nerd i dont use a calculator
ya moms say help help and i come and save her.
Yo man I Was Walkin On the Street
and this faggot cop came up to me
then he put dem rusty ass handcuffs on me. i was like ya kno who u messin wit im Ausie G.
Im Fly As The Skii Like Chamillionaire, Yo Im An eagle.
Everything I Do Is illeagal.
Im In Jail, Im Abondon
I Guess Its all cuz Im A bandit.
Look At My Chain You Can See It From A Far Distance.
I Aint No Hater I Dont Do No Dissin.
i have a trampoline and when Jump off it i do sum somersaults
Look At me In My Yellow H2 Hummer, I Just Took Ya Momz & F*cked her. Yo Im Like An Astronaut I Fly Up To da Moon, And U Can Find Me In Tha Parkin Lot
Ayo Man I Got Thiz On Lock
I Took A Picture Of A Zebra Then i print it, then after that i killed it

Competition Entry by Ny-X (Member)

Submitted: October 4, 2006

Travlin tha Distance wrappin up work. Throwin it down in2 a Somersault. Seein thru tha Eagles eyes. No more lies. Therez a new chic here u better reconginze. Jake locked u in Handcuffs n dats no suprise. Worthless piece of shit n u aint nuttin but a snitch. Only 1 thing we got in common is tha Zebra Print on my loot and tha one on ur jump suit. Don Bitch im back trick. U need a Trampoline jus 2 reach up n see my penthouse sweet.I take a shot of liquor than a punch 2 ur ribs. N slice to ur Abandon. Leavin u abandond on tha dark streetz so all tha wolves can eat. So wen im spittin lyrically free u suckas r gonna be in way over ur headz. Kiss ur ass goodbye ull be tha 1st broke fool to be an Astronaut n fly. Dont matta wut u do w/this chop n screw this. I still bring tha heat strap back bring in tha gatz. Sittin there lookin stuck countin ur digits on ur Calculator n u left wit a buck. So next time u come around beggin 4 a taste u better start stackin my money high or u can b replaced.

Competition Entry by Frizzy2u (Member)

Submitted: October 3, 2006

im at court in handcuffs,
judge told me to man up,
ther pullin me towards the cell
i can barely stand up,
im doin time from somethin legal,
my pistol pumps so leathal
so i thought i go an test it out an popped that desert eagle,
but a 5-0 was in distance,
they neva mind ther business,
they threw me on the vehicle an sed youv got no witness,
one threw out his badge up on the window tint,
sayin he was the law, an police in fine print,
so now, im put on my last resort
abandon like some astronaught
sitten writen poemz,
ther so hard they cant b taught,
im so hidden from the world, i cant be seen
unless you go olympic style boucin on some trampoline,
an somersault, an flip just so i can see ya,
im dressed up holloween lookin like a zebra,
im countin all my days on a peice of paper,
ive always hated math, i need a calculator
so playa, when you see this demonstrator,
dnt b a hater be a playa congragulator!!

Competition Entry by drugz (Guest)

Submitted: October 3, 2006

yea large amounts of paper
2much i count it later
matter fact pass the money machine and calculator
and wat im building is still standing
yall aint causing no damage
i got a brick of dynimate for ur builing like its abandon

Competition Entry by D-Reppin (Member)

Submitted: October 2, 2006

I am the forward kill rhymes with no assistance persistent so them gay rappers keep their
distance. got more figures than a damn calculator haters tryin' hard not to immaculate us.
mack my gators serve brain food like a waiter imma take a rhyme out ya page and page ya
later. my summary is so succint, its my instinct my rhymes cant be print cuz im hard
to imitate. wave that desert eagle like its made to be legal, when i steven seagal ya ass
they'll be no sequel. somersault bricks never assault chicks i just please em with my
astronaut stick. you have to jot this down or get abandon my trampoline llama beams spray
at random and lay ya ass down i am a phantom every time i flow haters start up a tantrum.
i dont see ya my lyrics pass through the bleachers reachin zebras even all jazeera libras.
sell the white stuff my homies call it dandruff dropped 50 G so we aint in handcuffs,
my fans hand me the crown with open arms, no other flow like this all these rappers
average and sub-par.

Competition Entry by ChunkDaDuece22 (Member)

Submitted: October 2, 2006

Ayo My Stats R So High U Gon Need A Calculator, I'll Be Like Steve Irwin, and Hunt On Them Alligators. I Ain't No Lupe Fiasco Skator.
Yo I Can't Go No Where Cuz I'm Abandoned, I'm Bout To Wild 'N Out Like I'm Nick Cannon.
Yeah Nigga I'mma Fly Like A Eagle, I Got Locked Up, Just Cuz Marijuana Is Illegal.
When The 5-0 Was After Me I Did Sum Tricks And Somersaults, I Hit The Cop In The Face, and Said Ooops My Fault.
Then The Cops Put Me Hand Cuffs, All I Wanted Was A Couple Puffs.
Now Im In A Uniform that look like a Zebra, Im So Far Away From Home I Cant See-Ya.
Cuz I'm A Far Distance From Home, I Don't Know Anybody Here I'm All Alone.
I Can Only Hear Yah Voice On The Telephone. Your So Lucky Cuz You Can Get Stoned.
I'm Bout To Bounce So I Think A Need A Trampoline, This Place Is So Dirty, It's Not Even Close To Clean.
I Think I Need A Space Ship Like I'm A Astronaut, Shit Man I Wish I Didn't Get Caught.
I'm Given You A Hint, If You Like This Rhyme Click File, Then Print.

Competition Entry by Flow-ta-da-doe (Member)

Submitted: October 2, 2006

Ill do a rap for you later Get your calculator, You can study later, But now this a freestyle.
That Rapping Shit Is Abandon So getcha money by a mansion, From the distance that ur living at ur shit is wack, I can get on dat trampoline and do a better somersault then that, Plus i can fly lika eagle, I can go as far as a Astronaut. But ill go wurr ya cant see it at.
Come Over here Mess Wit me ill put cha in handcuffs and lock it up, you'll be like ayo nigga WTF, Ima Take ya picture print it out ya know wat is all about, Im freaking Out.

Competition Entry by dopederrick (Member)

Submitted: October 2, 2006

just let tha beat commence/
i am within distance/
got my air force 1 gators/
and my asian with his calculators/ pretty wise lika astronaut/ fuk wit me ill kick ya ass and let ya rot/ ill leave ya abandon/ maybe cuz im so damn demandin/ jumpin on tha trampoline/ but no fukkin vaseline/ runnin fast lika zebra/ and i aint no creepa /im flyin high lika a eagle/ and pretty dope lika beagle/ ive almost been in handcuffs/ but nope i ran ruff/ ive almost been in an assault/ but nope i gottaway wit freaky ass somersault/ i be fine like fine ass print/ and be fresher than winterfresh mint/

Competition Entry by Lil_Forreely (Member)

Submitted: October 1, 2006

Im All On The Highway Goin My Way
Lookin Good Wit The Dime-E-ons in Place
Im Goin To Fast So The Cops On The Chase
they tryna handcuff me but im all in they face.
Now, RIDIN, goin threw this Big Distance of a Place.
Dang Cops Cant See Me, Cuz I Fly Like An Eagle In The Sky.
Jump Mad High Like I Was On A Trampoline, im goin to fast even thoe im in a limosine.
dang my car so fast it look like the back of an astronauts space ship. my car black on black or black on white cuz i lace em like a zebra, i leave a trace so hard that caculate witcha calculator, im so damn sharp that sometimes i wanna do a somersault all the way to my safevault where the the cash goes
everytime i take sum out its like the money print out yo!
See Even If I was Abondon zi would Still Make Cuz Of All This Rappin
Yo Since This Verse Is Over Yall Should Start Clappin

Competition Entry by Nu_jerzey_Chick (Member)

Submitted: October 1, 2006

Ay This Cop Chasing me So i Ran to da trampoline and i did a somersault, And I got caught, Now im in handcuffs, and i had enuff, Now they print my picture and put it on da computer. And this abandon Is Hard, Damn da distance from my house is Far, I wish i can get outta this and fly lika Astronmaut.
Now i got these gaurd all around, And On theres a Eagle Right On My Spot, They wanna eat my cuz they see ah Im Dressed lika Zebra. Im wearin black N White this shit is wack Right?

Competition Entry by Louis_Vuitton (Member)

Submitted: October 1, 2006

Listen Up to me Watch Me Do a Somersault On dat Trampoline, Take a picture and print that shit fo me, Sum du ask me how u did dat, I said Ayo Get a calculator and do the math.
Then After that I saw this begal Damn i though tha shit was a Eagle From the distance i was standin at, Ay i got a lot homies watchin ma back, Sit back relax Dont worry about wat the people ask.Now i call Out to da astronaut I need some of wat cha got, So i got High and i waved Bye to da people as we drived, Now im in handcuffs because i took sum puffs, But i need more thats not enuff. Damn this shit it tough!

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