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Competition Entry by timo (Member)

Submitted: November 9, 2006

shakin off the reins of peer pressure...takin off the chains of pure measure...stalkin my path..walkin alone..workin my wrath..takin no moan..............CHAKRA TRUTH COCKY TRICK...SHAKA FATWA HOCKEY STICK...TRAGEDY DELE-ZONE ...MAGIC FREE TELE- PHONE ...CAGED BLACK DEMONS GUN...ROCK SIZE LESSON RUN......ROOT STOP PARADE MIND GLORY......RACE HIST'RY IS INSTRUMENT 'n' LEGENDARY BACK STORY............................leaving Durban hardships...weaving false pro-prophetic fine line... past copasetic prime time......and from the volcano of destitution ...will come the gatherin of restitution.

Competition Entry by Bugah (Guest)

Submitted: November 9, 2006

I read wacc lyrics
so i got to put my two cents in like somebody gone hear it
sitting hear typing and cheeseing
cause I got the internet today for no reason
fake lyricist study what they write like artifacts and jesus
while I free style and punch keys like im on the street leaving bustaz teeth less
yeah I correct my spelling
is he white black or spanish aint no telling
if the last winner won with that beat up rhyme
i better get recognition this time
I can go on and on line after line
but wanna browse a lil more before I go to the store
I need a Midi cord so I can Record drop by the pawn shop and pick up a key board
so I wont get board with drum machine that I dont no how I was able to afford
hate to cut myself short but I got a life plus im feening for a newport
remember Bugah T fresh off the shore of Long Beach california to arizona where I grind feast
you probably seen me on the street and was afraid to speak
braids neatly parted and greased cacis pressed and creased gold chain almost touching the concrete yeah thats me you can just call me Y G

Competition Entry by Ny-X (Member)

Submitted: November 9, 2006

walkin around corners Caged up right around drug ave.
so hop out pop out ill tell you fools all bout dat truth. wen u on tha bottom feelin tha Pressure lookin at a devilz creation. Seein thru Demons eyes 5 mintues of redemption thinkin bout all ur lousy explations. So im sittin watchin cuz i kno they plottin in their dreams but I still got schemes. Its a Tragdey u think you a real G, but u and me both kno therez nuttin here for you. street dudez b waitin for u in tha hood w/them gunz sum even got Hockey-Sticks from their sons. bash in ur fuckin head leavin u bloody red even wen ur dead ur still softer than bread. Only thing 4 u is rumors that never lie to rest. Now ur grl cryin over ur casket cryin over tha Telephone 2 all those trickz n dudez. Lata shell b up in tha tele ridin ur best manz dick thinkin she slick. Lookin scared 2 death cuz u kno tha bloodz and c'z b havin Parades thru tha streets. those bullets flyin ova in pairs like rat-a-tat-tat. finidn ur zone stayin alone u still haven't learned ur Lesson u never will b the Legendary presdental. Thinkin like u a mathamatic but so sad but true so stupid u couldnt even figure out a crack addict. SO dont even bother cuz u will never double cross me. Usin my words like an Instrument playin em softly so im creepin up on you. so now u kno u cant speak ur last works. Bullets or words u can ask while u look dead in tha eye starrin face up in tha sky.

Competition Entry by gunnin (Member)

Submitted: November 8, 2006

1996-7 the day we wont forget
shot on the car n it was going to be dead
there would rise a new star
life was building bricks but the soul was far
lengendary was he greatest of all time
rapping was great but the characterwas fen
the game was on n way he played it wisdom wasnt divine
piped the smoke ,always had a wine
lived his life freely n he wanted to shine
been there done there stare at hiom u cant even dare
near uy go more u will feel he is in the air
like he has been caught in the reel he would never die,he is in the heart n soul
but his memories continue to grow n never gonna rewind
he's inside me n my soul
there are many me who loves him and they aint fool
how he die was not a big thing
what he did always remain unchanged
full of demons around surround him bt greatest was he and always continue to glow
shot five times a year ago
lord was with him and never let him go
look at his rhyme look at his style
even all so called hustler cant even touch his grave n all would be on fire
they tryan killed him and was succeded
but memories is in my heart and was never deleted
the time hasnt gone
but th e proof was in the sun
telephoned banged in everybodys home but he had left the lawn
2 pac sand proof are industries greatest
u cant even use hockey bat to break their legacy even if u hate them
they will be always singing
instrument will be ringing
and i keep praying of not hearing
any greatness dying
100 bullets on air
parade of soldiers
saluting them and they will be in heaven

Competition Entry by mxmaster41593 (Member)

Submitted: November 8, 2006

if you wanna know the truth just call me from a telephone booth.
pow another tragedy o
there goes reality
i shot and learned my lesson
now im in jail just for messin'
my mouth is so shiny its gleemin
just like lil' ice cubes of demons
im legenday wit my rhymes
ill smoke ya ass a thousand times
i puff my instrument everyday
i do it so much youll never think i get paid wit my diamond parade
im so fly my hockey stick got diamonds along the side

Competition Entry by anamacity (Member)

Submitted: November 7, 2006

have you ever looked anamcacity in the face/cuz niggas be sayin my name like they done knew mas fa'eva/ crooked cops wanna see me caged/ but they can't stop me/ still on parade through every city/legendary done been had by more nigga's than a chick in a flick/ got more demons inside than the keeper of da pits of h-e double hockey stick/ whats that you say im sick twisted/grab the only instrument i know how to play/give you a round of applause from da 9mil watch ya brains fall outta ya ears/ matter fact im a just give u a shovel tell you to dig you a grave/ give you da thang and tell you blow out ya brains/responsible for no stains/let that be a lesson/grab da telephone dial 911/ and like a phantom i'm / now that we've met nigga whats next/think u can handle more of the truth from me lil ms. anamacity

Competition Entry by loopy games (Guest)

Submitted: November 6, 2006

i'm in u like u while u gatcho music like the blood CAGED...inside ur body in bloody days....i aint hesitate 2 give u descriptive solutions of spillin'LESSONs/ of molestin' ur own possession while hidin' behind the mask of jason/.....the whole nation must b proud of u in yo basis of improvements....dramatically u run yo whole rock band withou glocks n's simple sense, dat u aint so LEGENDARY like 2pac missionaries it 's necessary dat someone 'd nat gettin' scary, 2 death/ so hold yo breath/ cuz u can instantly 've it like pac or proof....within it remains the survive u'd 've 2 loot den skoot out...u neva know whn TRAGIDIES 'll catchu like blood in n blood out.....but u can have rapcity's fame dats da rap bout iz all about.........
too much bacardi in ma body transmutin'maself like mr. due tardy../ i prayed fo' rappas PARADE but slain dead by blades of arcade....but i aint afraid of usin' verbal spades 'll show u hw rappers being made unpaid....upgrade ma said words dats decayed in same girds..absurd since 2000 2006 the same clone in rappa's helic zones......cursin' each other mothrfucker over TELEPHONEs....crushin' each other's bones wit da HOCKEYSTICKs ...ova a matta of freestyles n disc jockey shyts...this iz cocky sick dat enemies fuck yo b's n leave some DEMONs in da form of semens in dat porky is it???
LUV ALL...........loopy

Competition Entry by SixthSense (Guest)

Submitted: October 31, 2006

I was caged learning a lesson/ about hip-hop aggression/ through an legendary session/ truth and tragedy just a section/ of the demons that have been restin'/ in my homeboys honorable mention/ a hockey-stick just a weapon for the parade of God fearing pentance/ the instrument that is destin' to be what my dog is fethchin'/ for the greatest emcee is S-E-N-S-E without question

Competition Entry by Razor (Guest)

Submitted: October 31, 2006

Some hard words...

You niggaz like demons but yall under my posession,
I ain't no teacher but you'll follow my lesson. my legendary flow can cause an obsession
or trageady, what I speak is the truth these are not words of agony, It's not hard to see that i'm getting to my spot in this game, I'll crush my enemies like a damn parade, manipulate you niggaz like if yall caged and telephone the undertaker to take you away. The instrument plays as you go 6 feet under and i'm calm as a child in dreamless slumber, makeing more hits than a hockey stick from Edmonton Oilers.

Competition Entry by D-Reppin[AlterEgo] (Guest)

Submitted: October 29, 2006

Lol...if i didn't submit that stuff, this is what i would've submit (you make the choice)

As I relax in pretense I keep my shit up while ya chick keep her lips on it iím like what the f--k?
Teaching lessons to rap adolescence, presence is god with no blasphemy, coming through religion and all.
I cage cats because they crazily wave macs without waiting stained blood sheets from hockey-stick we run that. The hood we own it telephone in the rolls with ya hoes popped up like the trunk on 24 inch.
Rims stainless paint the parade with cool aid getting laid while these real lames, getting paid in the coke trade.
I sleep with demons masturbate my semen rapping melancholy while these wacks spitting the crack parody.
Free styling sinister riding with the vitamin S putting the whole stick in ya chickís instrument with finesse.
Feeling so merry the legendary without the airy in your area causing mass hysteria like
Jim Carrey
My flows so potent holding it up like a mighty morphing power ranger these gays stay far away from the saber
Imagine that I already used up my words now its time for me to take over the whole f--kin world!!!

lol, freestylin, they both tight to me!!

Competition Entry by D-Reppin (Member)

Submitted: October 28, 2006

Tight submission by Frizz, but Iím gonna give it my best neverthelessÖThe tempo is slow so read it slow OK

Before I started rapping, my mind was caged in, enraged by the fact that I couldnít express my feelings.
Now hip-hop and rap is enveloped itís a part of me, if I donít develop its going to be a tragedy.
In my sleep I see famished demons scheming, blood tarnished when I wake up everything seems to vanish.
I walk the streets with the memory of rappers like Proof, now iím gonna prove to these cats that I am the truth.
Story-telling iím like a wounded villain using penicillin chilling, amused by the fact Iím killing these victimsí victim.
Iím telling you my hollow tips hit these fucks harder than hockey-stick hit pucks, you niggas better duck.
The hollows I talk about are my lyrics itís a weapon, since adolescence my presence is the essence of this lesson.
Hip-hop music has turned a parade niggas dropping songs only to get laid, state of mind: to get paid.
Iím one of the truest look how many cats influenced you say you the one prove it iíll give you the instrument.
The mike, like an M-16 with the pen iím extreme so legendary in the streets hard to meet as I speak.
I stand tall, you know I will never fall, gunshots drop more niggas than telephone calls.
Iíve reached my destination, awoken again, hip-hop music in me, now iím here to stay.
My mind is free I feel a breath of fresh air; make way for the real heir of this rap game.

P.S. I Live For Rap Forever

Competition Entry by TRAP (Member)

Submitted: October 28, 2006

i hit da corner just 2 bang out,
r.i.p 2 mike i heard em yellin wen it rained out,

you'd think i learnd my lesson but i'm trapin out da same house,
da truth with dat instrument swervin down da same rout,

caged like a animal runnin with my a.k, long as a hocky-stick bussen out my 5-tray,

demons runnin threw my body lookin 4 a tragedy,
a legendary niga wit a parade of goones dats backin me,

my bitch answer my telephone so test her if u wanna,
i'll leave yo chest over here and yo head around da corner,

Competition Entry by loop_pool (Member)

Submitted: October 28, 2006

loop pool says********
I fuckin' shocked whn i failed 2 rock this site....fuck this hype men cuz somebody fucked ma rhyme's aint right men.. 2 beat a wild animal CAGED inside my brain veins...always flexed toward sex n drugs give LESSONs 2 facin bullet slugs...i aint listen n dissin other motherfuckaz plea cuz dey flee like done a crime dropin' dime in due time fucks n butt kissin...temperaments gettin' worthless unless someone faces dog eat dog mentalities originated from cat's starvin'...makes improvements diminishes behind invincible INSTRUMENTs can changes someone's intentions unless restless stress transmutin' itself to LEGENDARY faces...even dictionary aint streatches it so wide dat it aint funny in life if u aint gat money n wife cuz it aint all dat koo hahahoohoo like scraymovie2..u 've 2 face the TRUTH dats quite sad 2 c whn u facin tragidies in upperclass cities...its gettin' difficult 2 make ppl un'stand dat rappers' PARADE smotherin' da ghetto societies...cuz of da lyrics gettin queries n convos dat spoken in TELEPHONE; so i'm alone in my zone who left da whole rapshyt dat no mo basics gettin' gayshyt n wasted...still these wacky lyrics makin ma face red like hittin faces wit a iz dead....but i'll make da rap's resurrection no bloods n gunshots in hiphop world n no mo fuckin' crooked venomous DEMONS.......LOVE u ALL 1

Competition Entry by Stainless (Guest)

Submitted: October 27, 2006

Yo I'm that youth givin u nothin but the TRUTH/Not gonna lie,In the street for dat loot/i'll make ya ass bleed like a gingervitis tooth/Now that im here you lost ya reign now thats a TRAGEDARY,you aint LEGENDARY you're just a parody/I'm fresh and i came for my throne/you already used up more than a damn TELEPHONE/I'ma gangsta but i'm here for the chicks/they love me,case the dick is longer than a fuckin HOCKEY-STICK/but for safety i keep it CAGED/And crush these nigga like a dam rampage/If u rule/Ima make u fade/cause u not qualified to march in a veterans PARADE/I'm a playa yall already bin played,
yeah like a musical intrument/
How will can frizzy2 win again/when they chick know he's impotent/I'm a blessin and i'm here to teach wankstas a LESSON/
Stop exchangein luv songs like Frankee and Eamon,Now I'm really sorry I had to unleash This DEMON/

Competition Entry by DizBEZ (Guest)

Submitted: October 27, 2006

The caged bird sings intrumental lessons of hood confessions/Like telling the truth your reflection/With him lying, saying these rap-niggas spit reality/When actually they're a tradegy of slavery and savagery/BETs parade of Slaves Blackberrys Sleek telephones with no wealth/Black pucks to white hockey-sticks shooting themselves/
But hiphop ain't dead, it just don't believe in Jesus cuz black genius was replaced with beamers heathens seduced by green demons/

Competition Entry by Frizzy2u (Member)

Submitted: October 27, 2006

funny try

you see im holdin in some rage,
deeply flowin through my veinz,
i can die, but il remain,
spitten lyrics while im caged,
ima teach yo peeps a lesson,
my lyrics are a blessin,
come follow me an mess wit,
an instrument to test,
then we start our own parade,
rappin everynight n day,
hitten clubz n partay,
we can have it our way,
neva stop this tradgedy,
frizzy aint gone ever leave,
get pissed off an ima b,
a rappa turnin shady, but lately
ive been dreamin, seeing demons
they say that dreams havin meanings,
but these wernt human beingz,
these things wer legendary,
not many people caring,
im reachin out but therl b,
distractions an people staring,
its time to raise this roof,
an i kno wat i gotta do,
just stop an tell tha truth,
reality expects some proof,
but ima let it go,
freestylin on this show,
pick up your telephone,
an dial 4 me if you want votes,
but do not be a prick,
these hiphop fans are lovin it,
il get my hockeystick,
explain the pain when you get hit

love frizz

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