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Competition Entry by Gplayer69 (Member)

Submitted: December 26, 2006

i just got done reading what u's not anything to worry bout...u might end up getting a new necklace.
who said i aint ready?
i can get this done as fast as fat santa on christmas.
i don't care if i say something u might like.i don't care if i say something that isn't right.
i'll adjust it so my rhyme is tight.when i walk in the room it just gets colder.i am the the one u dream about.i am #1 wit out a chess board,catapault, satellitedont don't forget about the t.v. so i can watch the trilogy.i'm playin when i say this.i'm givin u a reason to photograph me and get pissed.
i sit back a flow wit my rhyme.
i sit back in cuffs and pay for the crime.i betta believe what i'm gonna say.u betta get on your knees and start to pray.
i'm the type to beat u blue and black.when i'm around u better keep an eyes on your crack.
i enjoy seein u scream and cry in the rain.i'll sit back and watch u die in pain.i don't care about if u have the money and cars.all i care about is not gettin puttin behinde bars.
u might say my soul is dominted.
i don't care if my heart is tormented.i don't care if i have to lose my won't be my body washed wit the ocean tide.
when i speak i speak from the what if i end up in a 6 ft exetreme hole.

Competition Entry by gunnin (Member)

Submitted: December 25, 2006

i am a soldiers of verse and time
everybody hold ya caz iam about to piss out my rhymes and i iant even lie
u cut my blood pain is near me
see the rap in me more than clearly
what i think is not santas christmas gift
i dont lie to my homeys and they never lifts me
drugs and bullet whenever i saw i sniff
my lyrics is orthodox and i never get relieved
i see 2-12 all frm the street and they are himself
they dont even care and they are heedless
they wanna fuck me but niggas dont be careless
even u shoot me u will do one foolishness
lips dont say what i am about
heart is pounding so i have to speak so loud
i use to hustle for bricks for franklin glimpse
although i heard too much of music then reup fills me
i am soldier marshall yeah u know whenever there is knock in door
put ur dick aside wiggas and get it on the floor
u see mr ferrari and anti back with marshall with some glare
catapault and knife aside bullets and drugs nerd motherfucker even cant stare
they tryna kill me like the king in the chess board
mr chaplins raps ha ha we are rapping not with wordsworth
more than money if u dont believe
ask caz i fucked ur honey and gave her the necklace and banged her reckless in ur laundry
now hold u p
mr game i saw ur video on satellite
and listened drs advocate i heard u cried
u snitched in the game and in begging also u lied
and photographed ur dumbass are tryna adjust it to my ass side
u love pussies like i do althoug h icant rap like u
u called urself great but my ass is greater than u
although ur rhyme doesnt win this competition neither reaches up to u
but u loosed u r greates fan and i just wannna say fuck u

how come ti be nominated for grammys altough 50 is not best of luck to my wigga eminem and akon and nate hope u will win

Competition Entry by streetz (Guest)

Submitted: December 24, 2006

All i wan fa Christmas is
2 scales and a necklace
ah chess board a catapult satellite
thats it
i was a gud boy this year
its like Kringle's my enemy
so i gotta trick for his ass
as he slides down my chimney
2 years in row
i got coal
I'd be damned for a trilogy
silly me
i noticed mom was Santa on Christmas eve
my first though was
please go and stop her im fucked
i wasn't used to the cold
but I'll have to adjust
cause i pissed on da cookies
set some traps for my scheme
a lil extreme
moms had ta come in between
so as it happened
tried to run
but she caught my ass
i remembered laughed
as we looked at
past holiday photographs

Competition Entry by J Da Great (Guest)

Submitted: December 22, 2006

Real talk by J da Great

It 1 blood, 2 slugs, and the click 3 deep.
Like 3 thugs, 2 macks, and Gage if its beef.
Just on mug 2 scuffs, 3 pairs of sneaks.
Got em A town stumped, a trilogy from da feet.
Get the pic, I photograph it for ya mother to see.
Or send a video to spike, yelp extreme TV.
My necklace broke the damn scale when
I added the peace. Pulled the piece lit em up like a
Christmas tree.
I say the boy so gutter way he stay in the streets.
Watch me throw my hood up when I chew up the beat.

Dallas TX got to rep when I wreck.
Dem boys smooth chessboard moves
got ya bitch in check.
Adjust my fist to ya face gotcha chin in check.
I got that catapult cush got me higher then jets.
Space out with the satellites, you puffin the best.

Competition Entry by Lil_Forreely (Member)

Submitted: December 20, 2006

Yall Niggas Know Im High On All Them SCALES// Im Makin *Fresh* Movements While Ya Asses Is Standin Still Cuz Yall *Stale*//
Im Shining Hard Like My NECKLACE//
When Yall Hear Me rappin You'd Think Im Blessed// You Just Losin In The Game While Im Getin All This Success// Its Almost CHRISTMAS and im bout to open My Presents//
Im Flowin Deep Im Da Essence//
Yall *Check" Da Ball To Me Like Playin Ball On A CHEST BOARD//
Nigga Im Bout To Get An Award While You bein Ignored//
Imma Launch A Bomb On Yall Haters Just Like A CATAPULT//
Yall The Children Compared To Me And Im The Adult//
Pretend Ma Knives Is Wires So Imma Put Sum Cables In Ya Like A SATELITE// Sheah Im Picture Perfect Nigga You Betta Take A PHOTOGRAPH//
Yall Is Too Corny But Still Makin me Laugh// You Three Times Stunned When You Look At Me You Like "TRI-LOGY" (Tri = 3 & Logy = amazed) These Niggas Is Easy And They Feelin Lil Forreely// I Put My Life To The Fullest & To The EXTREME//
When I Stop By Yall Niggas Get Scared & Scream// Yall Can Only Reach Me In A Dream// Yall Betta ADJUSY ya Winning Cuz Queen Forreely Gon Take Ya SPOTS//
I Get Change When I Pull Them Niggas Slots// If Im Lookin Atcha Bak U Know Imma Blow Sum Shots//Ya Eyes Gon Be Gonin Crazy Kinda Donn Knotts// Yall Dont Step To Me Cuz Imma Blow You In Ya Head & Make U See Dots//

Competition Entry by D-Reppin (Member)

Submitted: December 17, 2006

my lyricism prevails my prisms are off the scales
i never fail my raps set traps for cats on bail
driving reckless with rhymes that shine like a diamond necklace
gats connect to domes like Houston does to fuckin Texas
and when I cant come through my lyricisms catapulted
catastrophically exploding like a 4’4 randomly loaded
ask and you know this, my lyrics shatter images like damaged photographs
im just adjusting my rap structure, I already wrote the facts
I write bold, my lyrics appeal to black and whites like a chess board
Im well known, all I need is a satellite and a dress code
im supreme lyrically divide dreams to the extreme I’m cynical like a subliminal fiend
don’t wanna fuck with me, my rhymes hit niggas like three times so im a trilogy
I will be missed much if I come cold once, then call me Christmas
I never get ‘beat’ like ‘words’ without the ‘instrumental’…1

Competition Entry by Rage Incarnate (Guest)

Submitted: December 14, 2006

Merry Christmas, m***********s, get into the season feelin'
I scream extreme/ Never run away, I just release my Wrath
The only way you'll capture me is with a photograph
I mow you down with no feeling/ you feeling me? Cut you're life short, like a two-part trilogy
Pull out the chess board, bet your necklace and bling
I'll let you take all my peices and then beat you with my king
adjust your focus, look closely
I spit like hocus pocus/ it's magic, so get ready as I catapault this/ out of orbit-knock out a sattelite quick
you see sh*t fallin' from the sky think it's the apocalypse
Get ready for an invasion, a full scale attack
Everybody leaves the states, all the Mexicans go back
SIck of your bubble gum raps, Rage is about to bust
leave you blinded in the wake another one bites the dust

c-mor green's rhyme is hot
frizz iz da sh*t
this is my 1st rhyme, and Im gonna own

Competition Entry by C-Mor Green (Guest)

Submitted: December 13, 2006

This is more than rap it's the league of flow/I was drafted from high school wit moves never seen befo.
No looks and cross over dribbles/ Break the glass when I post up, all net triples.
I raise hell 'til the devil is God/ And girls dig my style like it's a shovelin' job.
Me I stay busy rhymes off the hook/ I take niggaz to school and make 'em pay like it's the cost of books.
Street smart cause I talk to crooks/ Im unseen y'all never thought to look.
Fall back like you at ya baptism/ I crack systems/ And fill blunts like packede prisons.
The world was mine befo Shaq had T.W.I.S.M./ Genius like the GZA/ Out for gold nuggets like Denver.
I flow like water fountains/ Im so tight niggaz got more beef than slaughter houses.
I turn rhymes into relevant life/ The only way to picture this is to develop it twice/ Glide through life like a pelican's flight/ I keep my bones in the closet on that skeleton hype/ Never reveal witout tellin' it right/ Respect takes time to get so Im mailin' ya stripes.

Competition Entry by Ny-X (Member)

Submitted: December 12, 2006

fresh outta sin citi n imma flyer than a muthafucka. Adjust tha statellite raise up tha sound now we in connect.Push up tha scales grams turned in2 tha dough. Passin thru citi where tha chicks stay thick. Thinkin ur a hustler i show u why they say hustlin is dead but we still makin bread. Hearin these extreme beats but im met wit cold streets. Cuz my momma alwayz said life is like a chessboard one move could be ur last. Wheather man make it rain on em but who knew this bitch is nasty wit a knive. Pop off tha glock Oh shit u kno this can cuz a heat wave. Catapult ur ass bac to 134th bust ya head. Only a photograph left of u as a memory. Crooked police makin mah record like a trilogy. Askin if im gang bangin but rly at tha end of tha day i just slashed tha crooked pig. Kill off tha fake goverment. Bac 2 back mak 2 mak asked for tha money so now i rip off ur necklace. Sleepin on tha street for christmas.Passin u by in my short shortz n u still cant c mah cake. Can't spare u dime cuz u gifted i just spared a life.

Competition Entry by Frizzy2u (Member)

Submitted: December 12, 2006

I neva fail to rip a tail thats off tha scales,
im servin hiphop fans, that likes mah detailz,
love or lust, im bout to adjust
all this tension im sensin's gone make me bust,
so please believe
i keep it extreme
i spit my lyrics like trilogy,
then i flee tha scene, so,
you wanna play me i can play you like a chess board,
take away your queen then il beat up on your pawnz, OH
you wont step this, coz im soo reckless,
i just might go insane an wear yo ass as a necklace
its near christmas, i aint gone miss this,
im gonna party hard n spit my rhymes so vicious,
'quickly, take another photograph'
coz tha frizz is so waisted, hes bound to make you laugh,
im tha type thatl neva do right,
climb up on your roof at night to steal your satellite,
then launch it like a catapult, but il do it slow,
so wen recorded it looks some kind of UFO, oh

stufft up near the end, but therz Myne....Peace Owt

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