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Competition Entry by cj (Guest)

Submitted: January 27, 2007

Listen for a minute before you up and retreat
The jayhawk a p t s got the funkiest beats
C jizzle chillin up in d till the break of dawn
J hop on the right still getting it on
Just like any other Saturday we be hangin and chiefin
Decide to have a drink, what was I thinking?
Met up with a chick had tits like whoa
Had some coronas then it was time to go
Over to bs crib on the Louisiana spot
Pass me the patron its time for another shot
Off to the q whats this line doin here?
So I looked at my crew and we had to disappear
The next spot was fatsos, its not what you think
We only stopped by for a couple of drinks
Honey after honey we saw the sharks trounce
So we got the fuck up and decided to bounce
Where is our ride man where could she be
Who gives a fuck bout it lets grab the skunky weed
Took to the block, grabbed the hos keys
Grabbed the piece and a lighter and smoked those trees
We hopped in the car decided not to hitch
Cuz this is mountaineer jammin shizznit bitch
Whats that sound that im startin to hear
Its matisyahu and some Tupac up in my ear
Puffin drivin pimpin it was 3 am
We decided to call up a couple friends
No one was down so we kept on rollin
Drove the mother fucker like it was stolen
Cops drivin by it was 4 in the morning
Smoke fillin up the car like it was stormin
Switched up drivers im just getting started
By the time you get done youll be stoned and fuckin WETAWDED
At 5am you know whos on the streets
Hos, squealers, drug dealers and dead beats
James h at the wheel holdin it down
Takin us around the whole fuckin town
At 530 we decided enough was enough
Decided to park the car and grab our stuff
Chiefed up ass out we decided to pass out
Knew later this would be somethin to laugh about
So this is my story about our dish
Cuz this is mountaineer jamming shizznit bitch

Competition Entry by gunnin for first to last (Guest)

Submitted: January 25, 2007

did i wac like disabled
do u get it nigga or my dear wigga i smack like cable
that u not see in ur tv caz i am able to say what i have to u and u dont have to put it in the table
i write hte for the hold up and hooks to hoks that is my label
i am not afraid to die i do whatever i decide
i am to my words not using methods to fakel
i made my own words to rattle the fatal like u
who cant write what u r but tryna break my status
that i havent have but i am rap game one fetus
who has been hated cheated fated by them who called them cactus
my words are ill my verse arent filled i get kneeled in front of ur heel
but there are only few who accepts the fact n cry and never chill
i am at hospital for my bruise to fill
but u know i cry when i heard u and i rap still
u dont know me i am shady soldier u can still kill
but u cant reveal what is life to be in grill
u know that lyrics was to all who sued in the knilt
filt they are brave caz they know so they died in cylinder like magician does in his show
ya i was prayin to god to let me go
u know i am alive of u and i think its ur turn to know
i am a criminal who uses poker for combustion not for lotion then i bark like dogs out of sight in snow
i agree life hit you first n i am fryin but i will be still rhymin and dont tell it aint close
i write to u immediately when i saw u to me u didnt assalted me but make me to ans up to ur nose
this lyrics is not great n just for u and just wanna say i to ans to u and i write what i feel through
i will be flying in cylinder like dj clue

Competition Entry by Zeeta (Guest)

Submitted: January 24, 2007

i push it to the limit
my lyrics ain't gimics
i won't back down because i'm never timid,
i got 10 brains in one
i lock the mic down like my words is stuck in it
i tell them theifs to come and get it
my patnaz suitem up like lennix
a new face on a death appendix
i rock the core
i pull the devil out of hell
middle finger to the cops
i dips and mash so all you can see is my a**
i'm a woman of soul
thats why yo ear on swole
i lick my finger and flash whats left
one hundred and fitties
nikes and fruitloops
loaded in the new hooptie
doors wide open
straight dippin and yokkin
if i die tonight
i'll die ass a queen
recognized as a boss
never loss
it's all buttered up
and i'm standin on blood
i shout out loud,
the weed is packed i'm smoken blacks with gin
everybody around me is my enemy
F*** a friend
i got a slaughter mouth
and a twisted brain
my words hang low but go high
my s*** bang.

Thank u for reading my random flow DUCE!!!!

Competition Entry by First Person Anonymous (Guest)

Submitted: January 22, 2007

u wac like your disabled
cant spell the a shirt if it was labled
to sad faced for a game of poker
put a white face like u joker
ur assault on words is rather ill
not enough to pay the bill
hooked on phonics cant be out of sight
methods of rattle snake is not a fight
to strike below the ankle
criminal does't get you on the mantle
uppercut yourself win a trip to the hospital
disappointment is a part of life
we all know its brutal
hope your were just playin
but u reallty should be prayin
cause life aint a gift u should be taken
betta than be faken
aint no bravery if thats the choice
u will be makin
a cylinder makes power out combustion
get spiritual to put your life in motion
like a magician with no tricks
dont be boxer if u cant take a hit
whoever said life wont hit you back
she's a -----, she'll hit you first
stop ur cryin chiken nuggets
u be fryin n not rhymin

Competition Entry by gunnin (Member)

Submitted: January 21, 2007

i cry with my pain
i die with my pain
tn the verge of my life i will lie on the palin
i am pshyco but i dont even knwo what my life it was then
like acylinder blowing above the air
my life is in books to hte roks ladies to he hoks
unattracted me always wante t ol ook good
i always wanted ladies in my life
i love the more than my hood
but no one even looks no one even stares
bitches goes around money and make me to dare
assalt me everytime when i went to them and wanted to care
byt i leace them aside and make them into stair
i cant do this i cant do that
methods are those like cribs moving int he map
poison in my hand i cant sue myself and look like a rat
one chance is gone one comes up again and we had to begin from start
i was in start 17 yrs ago
iwont now start i just wanna go
i am a criminal i am a thug i a m hustler who just wanna fuck
and left this world and wanted every one to know i aint got no luck
i am not magician who can control snake somehow
but i am coward and always be until now
i am doing one bravery that will make me
to all those by prooving that although i was alone n sitting in the dome
i killed myself i am not what u show
my name is gunnin(1990-2007)born to death
id id nothing to glow and made me pround and let my boat to row till my lifes door
but i am dead and let earth to throw one crap
now i might be in hell with bitches poker and doin my hand snap

write me ok gunnin says peace not piss in toilet
haha motherfuckers

Competition Entry by TMoney (Member)

Submitted: January 20, 2007

its an all out crimminal assault
empyin clips
stackin chips
at the poker game that i just lost
like a rattle snake shakin
i can strike at any cost
as a magician with words
i can conjure a curse
with talk
it hot
with verbs that knock
n rock yo spot
outa sight but might
have to roll it right despite tonight
its not
my illa cylinder
with rolled green stuff thats withered
my methods become clearer
i disabled a sinner
left up in the hospital
so forget her
or go wit her

Competition Entry by Bluekron77, Eternal Entity, Mi (Guest)

Submitted: January 16, 2007

tired of the methods used by so called rappers
disabled by the curse, rattle snakes and vipers
fame on your sight, cant tell its all criminal
to flow lies out your mouth, elevation minimal
youth with a gun, mothers trip to the hospital
playin' life like its poker
but i caught your bluff
bling, bling n a nine and you think you're tough
your act cut short like a wac magician
cooking pot pie, your mental kitchen
V-eight overtakes a four cylinder
step up to the plate, mark your calendar
the assault on you fakers is about to start
word up its a matter of the higher art

Competition Entry by Rage Incarnate (Member)

Submitted: January 16, 2007

By the time you other rappers run dry, I'm fine, I just keep flowin'
you thirst for inspiration
your desert-I'm the ocean

A subliminal criminal
surface message is minimal
you're Illusions
smoke and mirrors, what you see in the cinema
put on your poker face, you should never reveal how you feel
I see your happy know you got a pocket ace
I see through you so often, your failure rate is probable
If every time were an injury you'd live in the hospital
One sec I'm there the next I'm not, like some kind of magician
Your powers there and then its not
call me the electrician
Seems to get deadlier and deadlier each time the battle breaks
Lyrics are poisonous, you know me by my sound, like a rattle snake
I got you in my sights tossin' chemical cylinders
shatter and Boom! It doesn't matter, you're doomed, the assault is when I vault the real bombs that I spew
I didn't win the last time becuz' you didn't like my methodsI'm gonna school all of you so you can learn to respect it
Streets and C-Mor Green didnt get any votes last time and neither did the basketball dude
Rage Out

Competition Entry by theycallmehit (Member)

Submitted: January 12, 2007

they compare me to a rattle snake that strikes the cylinder
assault is one of my methods h-i-t dont hinder
i'll live up to my name you dont live up the game
i'll leave you in the hospital moaning in pain
if i dont kill you first you'll be disabled for life
you got hit by a white girl aint that a sight
punk ass bitches like you are like a high card in poker
you aint gon win wit that you aint gon smoke this smoker
i'm so criminal minded i'll leave you behind dead
i'm a magician i'll point my AK and you'll take 9 to the head
come out like prey and this rattlesnake gonna uncoil
i'll pull out my magic wand and this shit gonna unfoil

-h.i.t. best rapper alive aKa caroline jayda kirby

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