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Competition Entry by D.A. (Member)

Submitted: February 26, 2007

When I rap I got a perfect vision.Thats im setting on 20/20's just like perfect vision.
I leave mc's in a tight room they Clostrophobic.In ya single get "No Air" lik Clostrophobic's.
In cats talk how you rap"Bad Grammar".So correct or have fragment's in your body then bad grammar.In BlaCLINE we gotta Ravens defense.Cuz we run more corner's then the Dime Defense.

Competition Entry by Charlie (Guest)

Submitted: February 25, 2007

All i see is fear in everybodys eyes,
I tell ya for a fact your lies i recognise,
Now i advise that you ARRANGE your body to depart,
Before the force of my FORMULA strikes into your heart,
Ive made you the VEGETABLE so i can be the seed,
And i will tear through your FLESH when i decide to proceed,
Because greed is your attraction for you to decieve,
I make this your AUTOMATIC fate in time youll believe,
I am your KING and DOUBLED with my curse,
It PAINTS a picture of your body in a hurse,
But first i will write LETTERS to your family,
Then when you eat the EXOTIC fruit you will enter this tragedy.

Competition Entry by A-clip/Tre-pound (Guest)

Submitted: February 23, 2007

im betta known as a-clip,
ill put you rest,
ride around wit dat 38 tucked in da sweats,
da pump in da trunck,
got da 9 up unda seat,
nigga pucken heat dat will blow da earth from ya feet,

(i would give you more but i know dudes who say dae writters but their bitters)...if you trye'n to hit me up, get at me

Competition Entry by money$hungry (Guest)

Submitted: February 21, 2007

easy formula a bitch wit a switch tear off tha flesh. puttin everybodi 2 rest. vision gettin doubled from this green mz.ladi only wen i close my eyes i can easliy b disguised. LiL cleavege caught ya eye standin there like a vegetable. Lay it on me cuz ur etchable. etch u out wit jus one sketch usin my wrds wit my paints. hearin tha beats runin down all thru ya streets. Sweet sugar lips show u sumthin exotic. Feelin all down my sweet hunni thighs. Writtin letters on how u miss me. 2 bad ur a broke cat always dweling in ur own misery only to quick 2 diss me. If u see em point it out arrange a day sit high wit tha queen. keepin it real this aint no thong party cuz u kno i keep all 5 kings on my leash. keep tha range open wit automatic under my system. wanna diss me dont hate mz smokey cuz she b fly. hate ya dude cuz he b popin peas n underneath all those lies he still tryin to get wit me.

Competition Entry by Reason (Member)

Submitted: February 21, 2007

Sometimes I rhyme fast, it seems my words are doubled,
Im the king of the underground scene, but stay humble,
I arrange my words like paints and blank canvas,
I manage to use my formula to cause damage,
and bandage the weak,
with advantage to seek,
how the letters of the alphabet have handed to me, a skill that some kill for,
I feel more-exotic when I plant my seeds while on tour,
I reach out to touch just one at a time,
then word of mouth spreads like a vegetable vine,
read my legible lines, and just know its automatic,
that Ive had it up to here with these fake rap addicts,
Im blessed,
so test,
the rest,
and find,
the best- is hidden in the flesh of mine.

Competition Entry by Mr. Balooba (Guest)

Submitted: February 21, 2007

Dunie you suck when you spit shit out,
And i bust this shit like my nuts in your mouth.
Spit it out,
Ill come back and do it again
cuz youre a 2/10 no matter how much time you spend
Whippin it up,
It wont be enough,
Cuz my shit hits you like a 12 gauge buck.
Its the hot stuff.
Yours is rotten and rough,
mines silky smooth like a groove in the club.
You suck too much.
Dont try it.
Ill put you on a strictly streamin semen eatin diet.
Its a riot,
And i could go for 5 minutes,
5 seconds after i start,
Youd be finished.

45 seconds

Competition Entry by dunie (Guest)

Submitted: February 20, 2007

this is no contest i done won the battle im the cowboy in this game you lames is cattle im serving bustas up like im a waiter im a pimp im a player you cowards is haters no need for praying now no god can save ya to your girl on the low im her saviour no need to break down bars like nines im spitting as long as im breathing best believe im getting it im a winner second to none dont bar no plex didnt take me long for this crush mc's in seconds this is your first helping are you ready for seconds only real niggas in this world receive their blessings no paragraph or passage can lead you down my path

Competition Entry by gang$ta (Member)

Submitted: February 19, 2007

ight yo here me out.....

one night, one night

one night turned into a nightmare stole my grandmas car got abousolutly no where threw me shyt in the car nd wen she relized i wuz to far in bayville to pick up my boy jumps in the front seat kicks up his feet turn the corner ready to go put the peddle to the floor we were out never looked behind to see wut life wuz all about going a 120 racing a mustang on the parkway 30 mins later are asses ended up in cape may 300 dollars a pocket full of change destination florida nottin wuz getting in r way but sumthing went rong tht day we started thinking way to much nd we just cudlnt handle all this stuff tried gettin on a boat to get farther away but we werent 18 so they sed have a nice day we were driving a 1996 nissan altima nd we ended up in maryland,baltima lets just say everything turned out ok some how we ended up home nd slept for the rest of the day

Competition Entry by weedman (Guest)

Submitted: February 19, 2007

(wut) (yeah)

ight lets do dis

i sed word to ur moms i came to drop bombs i got more ryhmes then a bible got psalms so if u want to stand tough nd play rough ill come to u wit my hands up nd fuck u up choke u out trow u to the ground nd stomp u out nd i wudd just walk away nd let myself a ciggerete rite away nd go get fucked up for the rest of the day wuddnt even care if ur ass wuz okay nd thts all i got to say


Competition Entry by davinco (Member)

Submitted: February 18, 2007

Davinco wit da formula 1, the reigning king. First gear i lap the competition like it aint no thing. Automatically a competitor, the standards excelled. Manually spittin letters better than most of you can spell. Its Davinco in the flesh, like my inko from the clinko. Goin right through Jooba, like a 38 slug through ligaments. Its exotic like chronic from North Western Cairo, I'll arrange your assassination, through my bros who be pyros. I can make you a vegetable, while i double my dough. I doubled all my assets, and i doubled my bros. Its davinco remember my name, cuz the next time you see me im gonna have my game on. It wont be leavin my side, its on me like a shadow and i carry it with pride. In the daytime, the night time any time in between, The rhythm keeps me rockin as im rockin to the beat.

Competition Entry by Lyrical_Ma (Member)

Submitted: February 18, 2007

Where I come from the crime rates are doubled go da wrong on da blocc have yo blood splattered like two tone paints on da rubble, crime and pain is the formula dat makes up my DNA those three letters for me stand for distress, neglect, and aspect which I don't have on da rap game my bars will have you fellin' blank at the brain like a vegtable and a jaw full of uncut novacaine, it's automatic fo' me to spit fresh bars like old spice deodorant, so what I'm exotic and so sicc wit it homie get over it, behind every king you gotta dominant queen laid bacc, chillin' but still got control of da thing I put the arrange in arrangment I put all fake and weak emcees in lyrical endangerment cause my rhymes cut flesh cause they be so on point I could have a job in a deli department survin up sucka emcees on a skewer and light em up like a joint!

Competition Entry by Cee Born Queen (Guest)

Submitted: February 17, 2007

Cee Born Queen here reppin ain't yet found a king
Arrange words doubled with metaphors to create hits buy the bling
chop it down serve the feins
get my dust stack my cream
it comes automatic roll dolo no need for a team
got the formula for the fire
you feel it pass ya flesh to the bone
make you a vegetable if you step a foot in my zone
the looks is exotic make ya man leave ya home
never to return make you spray paint up his new chrome

Competition Entry by live life (Guest)

Submitted: February 17, 2007

(wut) (yeah)

live life live it

live it to the fullest become an alchoolic become a pothead be cuz by the time ur 60 ur ass iz gunna be dead so sit bak nd roll n L get in the syth and smoke it till ur fingers burn like ur in hell truu stoner wut truu stoner leather fingers you can handle the burn if u cant then u skip ur turn truu stoner wut truu stoner high as hell still caling ppl to see wut they got to sell u here a bell its ur dealer got shyt for u 2 sell but u end up somking it get ur self in to some deep shyt truu stoner wut truu stoner you keep hittin the blunt and you dont pass they get pissed cuz its burning so fast and ur pissed cuz ur hitting it last truu stonner wut truu stonner
your life is fucked up thts why u smoke weed but the tin tokers fucked you up so much u cant read truu stoner wut truu stoner
trying to wake nd bake everyday going to skewl teachers saying thell give u a drug test today truu stoner wut truu stoner so u find out one day u got no money u need weed itz not even funnny so u did something grimey and u dont feel big u kinda feel tiny cuz everyone hates u cuz u did sumthing grimey truu stoner wut truu stoner smoking out side the car outside the mall thinking sercurity gunna role up so u swallow the l everyone is like hold up truu stoner wut truu stoner L cruisin on the highway almost hittin cars but where so high we dont care if we die truu stonner wut truu stonner

Competition Entry by MC - I DOUBLE N O (Guest)

Submitted: February 16, 2007

my lyrical content comes like a snake, im the underground worm, i make mc's wanna go underground, the content need no savage because it will damage. im lyrically skilled, i strike mc's in the battle field, i throw punchlines in bunch of punches and ruin mc's and feel like useless garbage outta the in the industry. mc's is feeble they cant battle a normal descent mind i possesed, im undeniable so intolarable. i battle certainly and spit vivid lines through timid mc's, if its beef i'll let 'em sattle the battle with the immortal.hungry mc's beef with me,battle feels like their afternoon meal being beef, they cant win i act like their father, i feed 'em with chicken before beef. i buried old school cats but still they wanna battle me telepathically, they live in darkness they cant battle me because now my lyrics are represented horoscopically and presently i still blank blind mc'c and see nightmares daylight.. you dont want me to continue

Competition Entry by Courageous (Guest)

Submitted: February 14, 2007

Sometimes I run around viewed as a marked man
but I refuse to run a beach full of dark sand.

It's only haters and dictators who see the impossible
but when you look in my eyes you can see I'm unstoppable.

And I get sick of artist and producers trying to track jack
just know the dealer always wins just like black jack.

See I'm an artist with integrity
so if you try to break my spirit I'ma let it be.

Most approach me,like, who you supposed to be?
I say " i'm courageous and you can see that if you look closely.

Don't let my success go to your head
i got an idea, just forget what I said.

Forget I said I was an artist, forget that I said I am Courageous
always, always remember that if you turn on a instrumental ima blaze it.

Competition Entry by Subliminal MC (Member)

Submitted: February 13, 2007

Subliminal spittin iller than ya'll, MCís step n i kill em all
With Weapons lyrical my flows invincible
Hip Hop for life itís a ball, were indivisible
Itís double the trouble when i start a rumble,
Battling me itís a dumb call cuz u fumble words
Subliminalís White but no "king of the burbs"
Changed my name, arranged the game ahead of the range, Iím killin the herbs.
Workin my pen to an extent that'll leave ya bent like the paint letters on a wall,
Turning heads like an exotic dancer I Lyrically better ya'll,
Burning red as I flow hot, infectious like cancer
Why i spread like crack rocks on blocks fool
Take you out with divine rhymes the illest formulas my design
Make ya sound whack like a vegetable when I drop lyrically profound raps
Record on track, play it right back always spit the truth yeah I say it like that
I got a habit to rip rappers its automatic, the shit I spit u couldnít hack it with axes
Punch lines blow up like hand grenades infested wit STDís you get aids
Battling me is crazy like opposing death, youíre tired rhymes a corroding mess
Rip out ya ligaments, tearin ya tendons, not to mention your decomposing flesh
Neurological tissue canít contemplate the logical issue of why I stepped to diss you

Competition Entry by jooba_balooba (Member)

Submitted: February 13, 2007

doubled, king, arrange, paints, formula, letters, exotic, vegetable, automatic, flesh

Undeniably silently,
These peeps are all tryin to be
the next big time rhyme combiner on the scene
Tryin to be a rhyme headliner like me,
But their all much tinier than me
like a fly or a flea
Youre the fly
im the swatter
id be all up on you like a motorboat on the water.
Youre faker than me.
Remember that.
I got the hydroponic chronic thatll knock you on you ass
I got the raps,
The track,
And the baseball bat
To hit it all out the park so precise and exact.
In fact,
If im actin get your shank..
and take a couple swipes at the sherman tank.
Draw a blank. Thanks,
Ill draw the mona lisa,
And release a piece of
A shakesperian sonnet,
and anytime the beats on,
you better bet im on it.
Im a picasso,
a van gough, a donatello ceaser,
An ill rhyme spitter and a- crowd pleaser.
Im a meat cleaver cleavin meat so much easier than you could ever choppy choppy choppy choppy choppy choppy slice.
Thats right,
Im just a stuffed turkey,
Spittin out shit an callin it beef jerky.
Im blurtin and spurtin certain words to the beat,
Cautious of the churning burning subject that i speak.

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