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Competition Entry by Don_Jr. (Guest)

Submitted: March 26, 2007

I wuz uzin electricity to cook a lizards gizards in a blizard when a kangaroo came up to me and said 'Hello, I'm a hydrant.'. I shit out a scorpion and used its poisonous venom to kill the roo, then i cut the thing up and ate that too. Invisible hydrants make me stub my toe, then i walk with a limp and very very slow. I say hi to the devil, and clip an angels wings, do a little dance in france when the telephone rings. blah.

Competition Entry by davinco (Member)

Submitted: March 26, 2007

I electrify electricity
I bring heat to a flame,
I bring raps to hot,
You got nuthin on my game.
Its Davinco hip hoppin like a clip droppin kangaroo,
Not one of you dudes could even try to fit in my shoes.
I aint no angel;
Im evil with a d,
That spells devil for those subliminal mc's stuck in grade three phonics,
Im chronic rhyme spittin,
Im 10,000 miles away and i can see your sweat drippin.
You the lizard in the jungle,
Im the alpha male lion,
I drop the competition,
Like water from a hydrant.
I aint invisible,
You can see me just fine.
I got every one of you beat,
Word for word and line for line.
Cuz im poisonous to you,
What you say is fantasies,
And my every word is true.

~ Word to my homies, you know who you is.

Competition Entry by True The Don (Guest)

Submitted: March 26, 2007

Aint no mystery I spark shit like electricity
you'd do better asking the devil about the Dons history
Lyrically I wet cats like a hydrant
and end your career quick similar to Phyllis Hyman
No denying to rap i'm like a heaven sent angel
take you back in the days like kangaroos on kangols
My mic cord strangles and my puchlines are clean
my delivery is poisonus like when a scorpion stings
not one of yall can bring a lyrically loaded clip
that compares to the way that true the don spits
I drop hits like lizards losing their tails
ai'nt no measurement for this my shit is off the scales
I still prevail and leave cats miserable
I look out for competition but they must be invisible

Competition Entry by Jon-Doe (Guest)

Submitted: March 24, 2007

like a poisonous lizard my lyrics ah cripple you send electricity through ya body like you was hit wit a clip or two have you hoppin around like a kangaroo meanwhile im like a snake in the grass invisible just call me angel ah death sent by tha devil to deliver you my mouth like a hydrant tha way i spit raw an fluent my fluid like a scorpions venom tha paralyze you parasites you know how i do it.

Competition Entry by The Saint (Guest)

Submitted: March 23, 2007

Im good with my heat,But i gotta make sure its worth it.
Cause sniches pop up like midgets in the circus.
Never nervous,im built for this.
But i dont know shit about the drug buisness.
Sale guns for a living.
Buy more then 3.
Ill give you a 25 for free.
So dont try to compete.
Im outa ya reach.
Even thought you think you might get it past me.
Send cops to harass me.
Ill give it a week or 2 and let the heat die down.
Now you cant be found they say you went into protection.
Everybody knows but they wont make a prediction.
This thing of ours is fiction.
Keep a fear of what you dont know.
Cause i say so.
I dont take no shit.
Your good with your fist im good with my pistol BIITTCCHH.
40 cal turn your insides out.
No caseings found outside your house.
No evidence.
Professtional hit.
Gotta make sure the contract is fulfilled.
Now they understand its for real.
Fuck beef will end it easily.
I got the perfect remedy.

Competition Entry by Gad (Guest)

Submitted: March 22, 2007

Lyrically i spark like electricity
Upcumin' the word spreads fast from city to city
Invisible thats why you praise me in your heart
Bite my Punch-lines to rescue you in battles so call me you guardian angel.
sting lyrically like a scorpion,causing emotional damage,heart pumpin' and jumpin' like a kangaroo
From all the MC's dat Crushed you,include me too!
Im the feeling of an old clip that you stashed in your crib,
Vocabulary poisenous,
to you its a meter of life and death,the rebirth,you are done,Its obvious
any signs?You better be cautious,
Watch you step!I change colours like the Chamelion Lizzard,
So Defensive i blow back like the blistering blizzard,
those aint just figurez,im much more bigger.
Hydrantly calm when i spit this shit,call me the Lyricall Devil while your patiantly awaiting my presence,resentless but see me,the end of your existence,Next!

Competition Entry by Zwescenario (Member)

Submitted: March 22, 2007

Getting it started it's Zwes the hardest MC
You 'bout to choke like fake thugs stealing ELECTRICITY
Takes me two lines, your 16 bars don't make any sense
Even if u were four-legged like a LIZARD u still couldn't stand a chance,
I hop higher than the hippest KANGAROO
Kid I won稚 stop until i get right under your skin like a tattoo,
In the rap game I知 more like an ANGEL
I walk in your sleep and peacefully leave you sleeping in a different angle,
There's no denying my ish is on another level
I sin so much it pisses off the DEVIL,
Suck your blood through a HYDRANT
Connected to a hose-pipe in a form of da most POISONOUS snake
In a battle ring i sting like a SCORPION king
Catch u floating like a butterfly i simply CLIP your wing,
My vocab will leave u handicapped
I知 like a penis when it痴 erect, no f** that, I知 harder than that
The way i outshine rappers I make them seem INVINCIBLE
My lyrical capabilities deadly like diabetes
Signing off if I got u pissed off my job is done
'Tis the survival of the illest and there can only be ONE!

Competition Entry by jooba_balooba (Member)

Submitted: March 22, 2007

its one sided and already decided, but im just doin this for fun..we both know whos better.

Youre INVISIBLE to me.
You dont exist - period.
You know
and i know i got the better lyrics.
You dont come near it.
You fear it,
like static ELECTRICITY.
I don't stress when i express
your expressionless abilities.
This battles one sided,
One line i got you beat.
Its like the DEVIL versus a HYDRANT,
Bring a LIZARD, a camel, a turtle or a KANGAROO,
Ill unload a CLIP in all of em,
Then turn the gun on you.
I aint no ANGEL,
Im goin through hell,
even though its a little slice of heaven with these words i expell.

Competition Entry by Novoa (Member)

Submitted: March 18, 2007

I'm about to get this bouncin like a Kangaroo, Strangle You, Mangle Crews, and there's no tellin what my Gang Will Do, you're about to get Sick Of These Flows, i'm Rippin Each Foe, faster than Electricity Goes, there's no Need For A Clip, when i'm Speakin This Sick, MC's Will Get Ripped, i'm not Settlin For Less, i'm the Devil In The Flesh, spittin these Poisonous Darts, Your Boys'll Get Sparked, cuz i'm dangerous like Toyin With Sharks, i'll have you seein the Angel Of Death, Chasin Your Breath, Layin To Rest, like a Lizard In The Sand, i'm Vicious With The Hands, but Walk Among Giants, you lame rappers get pissed on like Dogs On Some Hydrants, NOBODY is Original Now, i'm the most Invisible Out, Rippin A Crowd, goin to your door and i'm Kickin It Down, to hit you harder than a Scorpion Sting, i'm the ILLEST.. so I better get an Award For This Thing...

IT'S NOVOA!!! check me out..

Competition Entry by SamVito (Member)

Submitted: March 17, 2007

Steak and Potatoes on Sunday's
Cause I paper chase money,
Da day starts off rainy,
No doubt I'm still hanging,
Fiens on da corner fake banging,
My powers wit GOD keeps gaining,
Can't see life as no joke,
Like the three billy goats,
Just want to cross da bridge,
Pimping in a Honda Ridge,
Under da bridge was a fien,
Must give up da paper or da creme,
Dat fien was really me,
Better yet a O.G./P.I.M.P.,
Been worshipping god on my knees,
To keep da haters away,
I get them hung like Sadam Husane,
Better have nationwide on ur side,
Dat's da way I see haters die,
I call that the devil's pie...

Competition Entry by DJ_NZAMBI (Member)

Submitted: March 15, 2007

You gotta stand out, cant blend in like a LIZARD

Can't be in the backround, be in front of every picture.

You gotta stay stong, gotta keep your principles.

Need to take risks or your labeled INVISIBLE.

There are good folks, the nice sweet ANGELS.

These people are living asleep, all softly in their mangers.

They don't know that even angels dangle round; with evil and
danger now.

And sometimes the DEVILS are level with the goody goods who all in their shells

No matter the roots of good and bad theirs always a group to worship them

The virtues flow through their blood like the POISNOUS sting of SCORPIONS.

Are thoughts are infected, are actions are like ELECTRICITY.

Turn them off and on when you feel like it, it's are fuckin misery.

Some people work hard and always Pursue

They bounce up to the top like adult KANGAROO'S

While the majority of the world CLIPS out and decides to be defiant

Not getting anything done, is spreading like water from a HYDRANT.

Its a plague effecting us more than a Virus.

Peoples virtues are subracting more than minus

stop being lazy... why dont we all try it


Competition Entry by LYRI'AL-INFERNO (Guest)

Submitted: March 15, 2007

Ha!ha!ha! devil exposure to da angel responsive of da call to hell, i come through like a lizard, so vivid like da snake which showed up on jesus in da mountains, small like David shit gets u timid. Why wonder 'bout my queen? we not married, im da king not da scorpion, just another champion of legendary scripts that ya'll cant relate. ya'll gat talent, so invinsible seriouly intolerable to normal descent minded emcee like me, ya'll came through hysterectomy with womb recidues, damn ya'll feebly sentimated, my dick acted as hydrant producing detergent, it was brain wash, omit my lines in yo scripts before i quit this shit or i'll make time gallop when i jump u and ya crew coz im like a kangaroo equiped with necessary battle tools in my intelligency sac, when da battle begins, i switch off da electricity in da main station with my fingaz like hulk and godzilla coz i rule da city, if this aint venom, let me simplify it by sayin it's poisonous so scandalous, the true revelation of malpractice that's why emcee's wannabe clap when they hear the sound of my clip, they know it's time to flip what's hiden behind balls. my lines are unique so it wasn't my intention to leave you lyrically homophobic...inferno

Competition Entry by Subliminal MC (Member)

Submitted: March 14, 2007

I spit with a flow like a rhymin hydrant
Im on fire like I was the devils Tyrant
I already told ya I知 an Australian souljah
I spit rhymes fast n I flow explicit
Im writin sick shit ya値l must be lazy as lizards
To bring rhymes with those crazy ass lyrics
When it came to the votes ya値l was invisible
I got a poisonous flow cuz I killed ya all
I rhyme on the ball lyrically unmissible
Like angels elevatin me I知 spiritual
Mystical nah my brains mainframe痴 electrical
With a circuit board full of micro chips
My mouth blasts lines like a psycho with
An AK47 that don稚 need to reload clips
Like scorpions my shanks stabbin at ya
Hard enough to make bones snap n fracture
Believe me ya never gonna be back in action
Battling ya値l is unfair like Roy Jones jr bashin u
So imma hit enter n bounce like a kangaroo

Competition Entry by O.B.A.$.(O.nly B.rothas A.nd $ (Guest)

Submitted: March 13, 2007

Im always focused,the hatred stuck on my name now/
Caught in a battle which coincidals with life's trials/
Not understanding the weight of determination or what exactly im facing,anotha page of my revalation/
Yet and still, I still greet em with open arms at the functions where they adjunction to sit with satanly charm/
It's in my agenda to move with according splenda, my passion is to the maxim the pain is all I remember/
This crooked game a make a humble man make many faults, from the corner of a block where we all revolt/
Let alone all the battles that we all fought, still Im percieved very different because of my thoughts/
In a valley where the shadow and death still roam, innocent or guilty we all come along/
Put a curse on my back and I'll wish you the best, at the end of the road we all face death!/

(O.nly B.rothas A.nd $.istas)
representing the island of Haiti

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