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Competition Entry by Strive By Being Driven (Guest)

Submitted: April 20, 2007

My heart bleeds,
but my mind will succeed
struggle to over come
life just begun
nothing but energy flowing out
their no doubt
life comes and goes like a drought
Life seems so cold
The truth that people wanna know
Flows throughout the Dawn
My Vibe keeps on going so strong
just keep on going to the beyond
Struggle with No fault
Come up against any cause
Regain my strengths with No pause
never Fall
yell out my words with No recall
Stand up against the world that is raw
Fight for struggles like I'm against the Law
Never drop, never stop
grab that energy that was toss
come out with no loss
driven to the limited to crush
race everything to a rush
take the blow with No armor
over throw anything and just conquer
strive with honor
move on with No ponder
know where I'm going with no wander
struggle in what you believe
Surprises come out of the sleeve
Never go back or leave

Competition Entry by gunnin (Member)

Submitted: April 17, 2007

1990 world was broke
filthy aniamls were abt to prevoke
april 4 in the holy site fo curfew
compact minded dirty system began to choke
those who ahd non gods their and just paly the stroke
i was born to lead and believe me this aint a joke
who lacks the on e to illustrate the a name
i rap frm the nepals street and ahead of me many me
but ia m good and i dont proclaim
beat to the sound hips ot profound
i ma king of my system u need detail text me
u hiddne they hidden these drugs magged mugged dirty games are breeding
in the name of game i am ashamed of their doin
50 ja obie dre they have to be suin
world wide sellers they destroyed we need a clue in look wt they have been doin
to resolve these magged fucker inside truck tyres and kill em
i got cd of game nothing filthy and lame
he claims whos grt hes bitch like rose rap and hes thorn i nthe stem
these genetic robotic hypnotic fat elephant they are free and who raps whts when
mother fucker i ma sick of russell simons
u saying they claims abt racist
btu they are rapers raping black white thing infront of many of us in the junkyard and selling the clipest
i buy them u do stop acting liek a fool
collect all of our stool and send to these rapers cribs hse and make them eat then they can be cool
idiots world have changed
and hiphop is really dead
fuck u ice cube g unti nwa bad guys punke ass
they sould be tumbstoned in the steel ass mugged

Competition Entry by Frizzy2u (Member)

Submitted: April 15, 2007

guess whos back wit a bran new RAP ("its FRIZZ")
sqaushin up my words, so compact
i neva left this game, just call it hidden,
i would neva stop rhymen..R U KIDDEN??
i've come bak to illustrate tha rhyme play
fully loaded, affiliated to gun spray
i neva fail, to rip a tail thats off tha scalez
i bringen hardcore words, wit every detail
ma vokal voice b strong like i b robotic
il spitta rhyme, messin you up like Narcotics
im not a violent person that just doesnt givva F*ck
but if you test my wits, youl b underneathe my truck
nevamind your funiral, nevamind my consequence
ima squash yo ass like a stampeding elephant
neva mind on who's wrong
neva mind on whos right
im writen "c u next time" up on yo tomb stone.
now lemme twist u n flip you like your sum handle bars

Competition Entry by dopederrick (Member)

Submitted: April 14, 2007

digy dope the boy who is no longer hidden/
im dustin off u wack MCs and sayin good ridden/
man im loaded like a truck/
hate on me, see if I give a fuk/
cause my style is jus so compact/
got more intelligence than an almanac/
see I do things with detail/
u tryin, but to no avail/
imma blow up, somethin like a elephant/
i gotta, I jus to elegant/
gimmie the mic, ill fukkin rock it/
break it down like robotic/
even ur bitch all over me like handle bars/
then i wax that like a candle & hard/
i write, dont illustrate/
gimmie a pen and pad, see what I create/
come in to my space, i call it a doom dome/
man, u jus mite as well get that fukkin tombstone/

Competition Entry by tish4real (Member)

Submitted: April 14, 2007

need no fake people saying i cant be a rapper ,my raps are compact skills , an really a toe taper,illustration of my name on my dest saying tisha is here,wit a dude that has a truk but rims anit real,wit a friend wit no radio listening to a record and needle still,i know a boy so corny he wears some string an some handle bars round his neck like weard necklace ,wit detailed grills wit his corny necklace.hidden talent wat i got,robotic is wat im not,one day when i have a tombstone it be big tradgy,i may be small but best believe get me mad enough i hit like a hit at tha scean.

Competition Entry by FeelingTheGreat (Guest)

Submitted: April 11, 2007

I annihilate haters im Great and they dont want that
What i say make em try to save face like in a COMPACT
With magnified DETAIL they reasses their placement
My HANDLE dismantles wit basics i ILLUSTRATE it
Sculpt bars davinci like truths HIDDEN above like the moon,
Im in the hip-hop tower room,
They alone carving they TOMBSTONE tryna get out they gloom
Rigor pins and NEEDLES
I got it i should be on BET they ROBOTIC like R2D2
They see thru like the TRUCK windshield my controls and my month
Heaven sent but malevolent like ELEPHANT trunks.

Competition Entry by AngryExcon (Member)

Submitted: April 10, 2007

Let me ILLUSTRATE in DETAIL what makes me so great, my metaphors stay so HIDDEN not one dj's NEEDLE can scrape/ my words carry more weight than an ELEPHANT back, let me spit until the CEO puts me on a disc that's compact/ as you can see I HANDLE BARS, I also TRUCK sh!t to whomever you are/ wherever you stay, I'll be back as a ROBOTIC Arnold would say/ it's doomsday when I flow leaving all MC's dead, blowing minds everytime and leave you with a TOMBSTONE over your head.

Competition Entry by Ny-X (Member)

Submitted: April 10, 2007

Aint complex just compact is wut u see. Since hip hop is dyin a slow death jus hear to illustrate wut happens with simple mathematics. 2 shots not keepin it legit another balck man pumpin handle bars on d-blocks cell. They break down the detalis cash cars money and clothes they say thats all we know. Keepin it open like a crack head blowin the marijuana not speakin robotic jus tha BIG L ebonics so now im lifted carryin my box. Peel out in big T's truck came out hidden from the living cuz ive been underground. I watch you tippy tope but im loud enough with a elephants stomp. Tha only mass muder that killed ya is the needle cuz u ceased to control it. So give me tha burner cuz imma bout to blow. Cant write nutin on my tombstone i still got 9 lives. Speakin wut i spoke sayin i can never catch u so sad i already got u cuz every rival i turn sucidal.

Competition Entry by lyricalshyne (Member)

Submitted: April 5, 2007

a yo, is tha mathmatical hannibal cannibal/
that's able to lable cables/ that i choke babies wit in the cradle stable/
my mind is fatal chump/ that's why i push bigger triggas than a gasoline pump/
my led leaves your soul num/
jesus made me georgus that's why i get more hoes than you produce cum/
cause I'm the lyrical biblical/
you see it I'm supa lyrical/
but i ain't big pun mi hente/
intende i got the big guns aight kid comprende/
cause you can catch a buck fifth while you smoking a spliff/
my uppa cuts give you a facelift/
your rhymes is basic i put a led in ya kneck to see pop like braclets/
i don't like to see new faces/ unless is a chick that's why my pipe be going in more wholes than shoe laces.

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