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Competition Entry by Tall-order (Member)

Submitted: June 5, 2007

It takes'eh split decision 4 my
minds vision'te'wonder out'this open prison,so stop''n''listen dont compromise the composition. nor'do'mention my new dimension were the bottle of jenson brings more tension,i INVENT the words descended from meanings'demented
by demons'tormented by resentment 4 relentless of hard not soft with me card'aloft ive me hand on the LEVER like lara infrastructure ballistic but agriculture's me ARCHITECTURE's artistic'the diagnosis is cystic fibrosis i quivered'in'eh shivver like im hit in the knee,me bones began'te whitter lapsed from lax'of vitamin C.but with BALANCE tall-order has irish hiphop hopping'like hot-pot-popcorn popping,so you'd better hold onto'yer compass 4 DIRECTION 'n' tread chalk'te'yer map,coz capped smack'is'rising its ricin pure poison,wrap capped
eh'reaches the deceased it seizes
so delicate but intricate its
tele-kenisis,no chemicals or
IDENTICAL stencils me tenticale
pencils credentials'te instrumental can i
compliment incompotent content on the continents conscious.the residential champs here'te'shine on this thing so chumps'yer irrelevant like FIREWORKS in spring.toward u ima LEGEND yer'worthless'yer purpose dont even scratch the SURFACE I kno its'kinda AWKWARD 4 you cowards no powers leaves'yea 2small 4 talls-towers

Competition Entry by Baby_Gurl (Member)

Submitted: June 5, 2007

This here's Baby Gurl...U wanna no? Well... Ima let u in on a secret,Don't repeat it, Bitch don't feed it, Just leave it, U better believe it. Ima get u, Don't be a fool, Just play it kool, Like i ain't told u nothin. Cuz ima come ur DIRECTION full fledged anger and wit a bad intention. Wit dis move ima INVENT a LEGEND, Ima be the one that everyone mention. I got a BALANCE of smooth rhyme, Perfect time. Im like FIREWORKS goin off wit a bang and a chime, Im bigger then da news and the lastest war crime. Im not angelical, Not apologetical, It's incredible adds up mathematical, IDENTICAL to antitypical. Im not ur typical gurl. Its not AWKWARD i do it wit grace, Smooth as a glass SURFACE, Look delicate like lace but really a menace. Im like a delicate ARCHITECTURE, use it like a LEVER to make me look innocent when im the one to blame, dont fuck wit me man cuz im gud at dis game.

Competition Entry by WIPE_ME_DOWN (Member)

Submitted: June 4, 2007

Kill a nigga rockin all white forces,pull the lever now u identical to corpses.Put u on the curb when u see how this iron works,squad up we can get it poppin like fireworks.Have ya girl body in akward positions,hittin dat ass raw hands all in her extensions.u sgould of heard how it sounded bitch fallin all over cant even keep her balance.She moanin hollarin out Nique u a legend,i preach about life you should call me a reverand.All kind of guns 4,5 be flexin, just shootin dont even know the direction, scratches on my back she wolverine like x men,she'll leave church for this sexin.These problems dont concern me 45 on yo chest like a jordan jersey.Moms mad givin me lectures,i told i got traphouses call it architecture.Any other raps they worthless,u aint seen shit yet i just scratched the surface.Dont forget to vote for these raps i invents,just spell my name right and dont forget to indent

Competition Entry by chuccles07 (Member)

Submitted: June 2, 2007

my life is tragic/tha thangs i saw made me spastic/i never had BALANCE/full of defiance and violence/in a place where helicopter lights blind ur kindness/no DIRECTION jus silence/im insane they put me in classes to manage my pain/my mind was booming like FIREWORKS in fourth of july/still trynna figure out why/ they pulled tha LEVER on my best friend/this scene was identical in my dream/ if i had said somethin mebe it wouldnt be/ he's my LEGAND and pushes me to go stronger live harder and longer/He INVENTED my strength and broke the AWKWARD silence/ and with my soul i formed an alliance/ now i have style like ARCHITECTURE/even when im under pressure/n still in my mind i hear his lifting lectures/

Competition Entry by AngryExcon (Member)

Submitted: June 1, 2007

The conman is back to give yall some DIRECTION/ change the face of the game with my expression/ accept it, I'm still a LEGEND/ whether on earth or corruptin' heaven/ cock the hammer, pull the LEVER/ on all those who think they clever/ my design stays fly like Frank Wright's ARCHITECTURE/ how's it feel to be tongue-tied and AWKWARD/ I talk words, all angry like cross-words/ grip mikes like tentacle/ crush yall with eight arms IDENTICAL/ yall stay garbage like recepticle/ my flows be electrical/ shock foes till they vegetables/ I fire words like FIREWORKS and artillery/ leaving competition behind like auxillary/ spit hot shit like medival serpent/ turn flame to water when I reverse it/ verbally drown MC's until their bodies float to the SURFACE/ I never relent I just INVENT/ more verses than all the churches in the world have seen hearses/ steal your girl with my talents/ her eyes pop when my books get BALANCEd/ if yall don't eat this up... kiss my grits and toss my salad................

Competition Entry by willie stylz (Guest)

Submitted: May 27, 2007

all you rap cat's talkin bout bleedin the block.fake g's in the hood should be leavin the block.they need me alot.cause i put it down for the trill.all my homies in the dot who be thuggin for real.on the corner bustin guns servin crack in such.gettin funds loadin tooly's bustin mac's for buck's .gave you my life,in the hood earned them stripes.did time in the pen and my bid was trife.bang da set ,crip fool claim the set and if we ever went to war then you know im a threat.hug my heat ,like the bricks hug my raps when the huggin a beat.who want beef wit i,real banger when i creep you die.pour gas on yo back watch you burn and me the deal who ever get me signed and sealed.will be that label that be gettin them mills,this is part of the skill.yeah it's hip but it aint the hop it's only half of this flow i got still reppin the dot.37,38 what's up willie stylz spittin raw in the cut,tell em that's what's up .i see you haters still holdin ya nuts let em go.turn ya radio's up cause im back in the booth.willie stylz came to spread the truth",ghetto raised the album,"in a hood near you.

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