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Competition Entry by Baby_Gurl (Member)

Submitted: July 31, 2007

U a mess, like a victim in a car CRASH.
Couldn't keep ur fuckin mouth closed, that's y u got smashed.
Slashed, dashed, gashed , didn't no it was comin cuz it happened so fast.
Im thinkin MURDEROUS fun,u press my buttons, n i'll pull the trigger on my HANDGUN, then run, I got my NIKE's on.
I no wat's at stake, if i'm caught then i'm done.
They'll put me in a straight JACKET, everywhere i go they b trackin.
Spose to b UNDERCOVER comin dis direction, heard they called in da PRESIDENT.
It aint my fault, im so broke im dealin, stealin, killin to pay da rent.
I ain't worried bout gettin caught, cuz im too INTELLIGENT.
Climbin da LADDER, earnin stripes, RADIATE hate, i ain't no saint, not fake, i'm doin it big, illegal in everyway, gettin it badder everyday.
Watch ur back, an more important bitch watch wat u say!!!

Competition Entry by dante_1990 (Member)

Submitted: July 26, 2007

see i flows night n day that's just my contrast,or my brainstorm my be my mind's forecast,see im an accident an impact from the(crash)you wouldn't be the melee i cause from the brothers i've smashed im getting closer to suscess,rap is my distant lover,but conceal my identity in the game im(undercover)but nowadays nigga's are bitches yes! refering to mother imperial nigga not talking bout butter,but my tactic is to cover up the game's upperbody like a(jacket)but also nigga's say they got the game on lock i unlatched it,but i ain't the type to hate but i won't hesitate to let the flows(radiate),am i to (intelligant)naw my flows just that sweet also skateboard sb (nike)for feet,watch how my flows shoot like bullets from a(handgun)but my flows still foul nigga and "and 1"im the light like common but i an go dim but my flows that (murderous) they say im condemed,but most dudes i break off like rocks goin through sediment and nigga al gore any nigga like the(president)but mind over matter,infection to the stomach like bladder but the game i climb up like a (ladder)damn b eveyday i cause a disaster my flows are chemicals watch out for the biohazard..............logyc

Competition Entry by chuccles07 (Member)

Submitted: July 25, 2007

in my NIKE shoes creepn' up slow/ you wont here me wen i move im so smooth it's unbeliveable/im INTELLIGENT/ ill kill u for tha hell of it/i promise one thing, to never keep my HANDGUN celebit/keep tha gloves n rags so they never kno who it is/i stay true to this/FBI think my MURDEROUS lyrics r tha reasons for tha crimes in tha city/and as tupac said i been doin this since i was an itty bitty kiddy/im thug as fuk even tho i got some titties/UNDERCOVER trynna chase me through tha allys n tha streets/they think they're layn low but everyone knows who they b/PRESIDENT trynna tap throught our speakers but cant understand wat we say/im laughin cuz tha feds r fukin lame/we're walkin a mile ahead of them every single day/and my hatred for tha police will RADIATE to my peeps/ therefor the police will never have peace/ till me n my bois become decised/i climb one step on tha LADDER every day i wake up and breath/this is a rough game and tha end is wat u dont kno and can't see/a cold game u need a JACKET to keep ya mind focused on wat u need/and ta follow ya dreams/
tough thoughts through ya mind/this pain from tha game keeps my desire to keep moving on/i refuse to CRASH n i wont burn/im a thug bitch so listen n learn/you only understand wat i say if you've lived in a similar way/so knock some heads off dont let ne obsticals get in ya way/do wat u gotta do n stay thug wit it thats all i gotta say.

Competition Entry by AngryExcon (Member)

Submitted: July 25, 2007

Exquisite expeditions into my mind's visions/ still I'm superstitious/ yet I'll walk under a thousand LADDERS just to tell you what's the matter/ with a HANDGUN in your mouth/ sour tasting barrel inedible as saurkraut/ that's what I'm all about/ stomp you in my NIKES' all over town just to show you how to "walk it out"/ and after I make my rounds I'll remain exempt/ more INTELLIGENT than the elephant PRESIDENT who leads our men/ it's strenous to contend what's UNDERCOVER in my JACKET/ ever underhanded masked bandit work the steel like blacksmiths/ it's automatic my advantage will RADIATE the whole planet with my tactics/ knock you off your axis none can match this on reaction/ my verbal passion will outlast any faction/ I'm everlasting with the fashion in which I brandish a mike/ say what you like I'll CRASH this site/ my sh!t stays tight like jeans on ass I'd bite/ my MURDEROUS methods with which I write will win this fight, Iyyyite...

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