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Competition Entry by Twitch (Member)

Submitted: January 8, 2008

prince and ceaze
its time to make up and kiss
the PLATFORM that your spittin on is weak
its an INJUSTICE just readin your shit
i have an idea
i'll wear a ribbon too for support
even though im not gay
you each think your the best
on the real, you aint shit
ya'll belong in an ASYLUM
on heavy doses of MEDICINE
the INGREDIENTS in your raps are off
to REMEDY this, you should quit
we'll have a moment of silence
wait till everyones CANDLE is lit
let people say their goodbyes
then bid farwell to your babble
leaving you clowns up shit creek
without a fucken PADDLE

Competition Entry by DTre (Member)

Submitted: January 8, 2008

i put a hex on this keyboard/ to show in this screen/ D-Tre won this flow/ im taking home the award/ i took my sketch book to the PLATFORM/ performed it in a form of a poem/ leaving actors annoyed but they're smile still showing/ i had a crowd/ that is God signing/ my lyrics guide em' had
going nuts like in an ASYLUM/im giving em' cure with no need of MEDICINE/ the doctor slape me/ he said he needs to sell it to them/ so i guess money can be/ a government INGREDIENT/ say it aint!/ i urge you to experiment/ most of us people/ PADDLE on dry surface/ we hesitate and do wat it takes/ once we get it/ we gone and CELEBRATE/ everytime im rapping bout this money subject/ the fans loud scream!/ like going through INJUSTICE/ yall gotta loosen up/ yall gotta let it go/ im flexible/ thats how i twisted into a FESTIVAL/ they lid they're CANDLES and pray for me/ im so tough for yall/ they want me to show some mercy/ i cant calm down once im cought up in this frown/ HIP HOP REACTION is my hometown/ i show my skills flowing like im versing/ it even sounds like a chorus while yall are hurting/ im suppose to end yall mad as fuk expressing ugly cursing/ i feel felony/ at the same time im thinking...REMEDY.

Competition Entry by twiggy (Member)

Submitted: January 6, 2008

I stay on like the CANDLE
cos i can handle
all things am found doing
cause i gat the MEDINCINS for the REMEDY
and u can see it
cos am well doing
which is meant to be
cos i gat my rymes mixed
with alot of INGREDIENT
which makes me a lergent.
and i CELEBRATE like the celebrety
and i gat my redy named FESTIVAL
which is redy made,
and i stay fly
cos i gat everthing control in a PLATFROM
like am running a political party
and not running a grop of ASYLUM
cos in my party no form of INJUSTICE
cos i gat their ass weeped
with a PADDEL cos it's not a sallun
that's is why they call me
the ll weep hal-iow-een.

Competition Entry by eternalprince (Member)

Submitted: January 5, 2008

You drownin in a soup of shit, you the main INGREDIENT/
Should I throw you a PADDLE, or watch you sink like cement//
And my flow is st8 from the ASYLUM, it's crazy sick/
No MEDICINE you buyin could REMEDY this shit//
CELEBRATE this lyrical great in 2008/
Hold the FESTIVAL in NY, I'm Ceaze'n your state//
Put real M.C.'s on a PLATFORM so you cant touch us/
Just you pluggin my MIC in is a fuckin INJUSTICE//
You disgust us, but I'm about to make things right/
Stick a lit CANDLE in ya eye, now do you see the light//
And lil Sleeze ya ballemic flow aint worth the bite/
Not tryin to steal ya flow, just showin you how to flip it right//
I'd never speak ya name if you didnt speak mine/
And if you left me alone, you might be just fine//
Think your a Giant in New York but you really a Jet/
Fuckin with me, second place is as good as it gets//


Competition Entry by NYCeaze (Member)

Submitted: January 3, 2008

First and foremost I'm dominating the game/ What I spits over your head, like a bitch giving brains/ No homo, just understand the intellect/ you intercept sentences n' re-post them on the internet/ Eternal wrote a rhyme, got people started namin' them/ Biting off my style and I ain't even famous yet/ You're light like a CANDLE, I'm hot like a furnace/ so learn that your rap pages should be burned and/ Never rehearsed son your so undeserving/ Just a lil bitch nigga having fun cursing/ Listen you're a boat without a PADDLE, useless/ Alicia Silverstone in this battle, Clueless/ You run with the clowns, son you work at a FESTIVAL/ Virgin nigga putting the pussy on the pedestal/ Yes faggot, this is just an INJUSTICE/ your soft like a muffin and small like a dumpling/ But hold up! Diamond needs her some MEDICINE/ The cum in her mouth threw the D's off for evidence/ No rape, I mean the bitch wants the REMEDY/ She had her legs spread like the symbol for twenty three/ Yes thats Jordan, see how I elevate?/ Focused like a monk, niggas think that I meditate/ Stripper for 08, thats how I CELEBRATE/ Drive like a porn star, bitch I penetrate/ Alone on a PLATFORM, I'm out on my own/ I stand tall like a giant, you're short like a gnome/ Styles crazy, I belong in an ASYLUM/ I'm violent while you do what I says like Simon/ I'll buy you a drank, a roofies the main INGREDIENT/ Drug the bitch up just to show off the deviance/ Listen I'm ferocious, atrocious, the grossest/ Loud motherfucker NY is outspoken! Easy, NYCeaze nigga BX, Washington Heights, Keep my dick out your mouth....Shout out to $paide, everyone else here is lame....BLAOW!

Competition Entry by SamVito (Member)

Submitted: January 2, 2008

Time to CELEBRATE 2008,

Eastcoast niggas on that cake,

Hustling hard for our kids sake,

Personalized PLATFORM license plates,

Drop offs up and down the interstate,

Be late pay for high interest rates,

Transporting the FESTIVAL crates,

Money long like Kellog's Cornflakes,

Life is going to treat me great,

Bless me with Candle-light Remedy dates,

Right lane slow pace to relate,

The real from the ASYLUM fake,

INJUSTICE snakes in the grass,

I'll PADDLE blast with a ez-pass,

Ended up in a second car crash,

The devil bash left a gash,

Red flash on my INGREDIENT head,

Symbol of death on the funeral bed,

God's MEDICINE saved me from the dead,

Instead he took out my Mr. Ed.

Competition Entry by Young Holly (Member)

Submitted: January 1, 2008

Mothers are tired of Lighting a Candle for their sons
Police brutality getting hard to handle..RUN!
The world is blind to violence
Censored statements so we sit in silence.
We Paddle our boats through
The court systems injustice.
Itís just us trying to climb over the barbed wire
Watching the cross burn from the fire.
We Celebrate Dr king on Jan 15
They preach love is the Remedy, love ur enemy
there aint no Medicine to heal the words they hate me.
They always mistake me for another man,
But im shades darker than the other man.
I wear my African bangles, dancing on a Platform.
To beat of the drum called the banjo at a Festival.
Society corrupting the brain sending niggas to the Insane Asylum
Knowledge is the main Ingredient but some donít know where to find him
And Drugs..!!! they always think that we buying them
we selling them, we doing them,but they doing em too donít let color fool you
If you got Daddy issues let the streets school you mentality is brutal.

Competition Entry by Blaze_919 (Member)

Submitted: December 31, 2007

iz new years eve, so iz time to CELEBRATE
u say im fake, then i can guarantee i aint
cuz i got the guns to run u out ya town
so u better listen to me when i scream to get down
im gangsta to the core, all hataz ima try em
if they dont die, ima put em in an insane ASYLUM
cuz i got it like that, boy im full of energy
if u feelin a lil down, come to me i got the perfect REMEDY
a special INGREDIENT, iz as good as they said it is
this green right here is stronger than any kind of MEDICNE
it can make a retard win at a game of scrabble
or make u canoe in a river, with out a PADDLE
but off that, before some one goes and tells the 5-0
they yellin "put ya hands above ya head" and all i say is "I kno, I kno"
but there is one thing, and i promise u can trust this
if u get locked up, u will suffer from INJUSTICE
and if the worlds a stage, and your cell block is a PLATFORM
then out here on the streets, snitches kno i got a hott gat for em
cuz when i reach to ma waist and grab the rubber gripped handle
ima set ya top on fire, like the wick of a CANDLE
so when all is through, iam kick off the year wit a FESTIVAL
ima let off a hundred shots, go ahead and test me fool

Competition Entry by MC Joyzin' (Guest)

Submitted: December 29, 2007

Yo Yo Yo Joyzing iz here letz all CELEBRATE. . .
Ima get your mother groceries, 1 CANDLE and Colgate. . .
I hear you spit like a nigga whose sick let me get you MEDICINE...
Da nigga Lil Freeze sayz um wack he mus just tryna listen. . .
let me give you dis INGREDIENT...
to be able to spit like Twiggy go Kill a rodent...
and rape a nigga named Trent...
Thatz a the best REMEDY...
Twiggy thatz a frogz name go play in the Paddle...
Me and da homies dont host parties we throw the worldz best FESTIVAL...
Ya'll niggas wanna battle come on ma PLATFORM...
and I diss you and send you to ma granpaz ASYLUM...
Send you to da Farm
I know what um doin iz INJUSTICE...
eyo niggas peace

Competition Entry by Tyus McGee (Guest)

Submitted: December 28, 2007

i got that secrect INGREDIENT
the MEDICINE of choice
to REMEDY any problem
just dont make too much noise
its time to CELEBRATE
welcome to the FESTIVAL
sittin up on my PLATFORM
gettin head from all the hoes
turn the lights out
bitch blow out that CANDLE
seeing you in the light
is something i just cant handle
when im done, i'll beat you down with a PADDLE
rotting in an ASYLUM
they say im mentally unstable

Competition Entry by younglegend (Member)

Submitted: December 27, 2007

for most im the best which my fam CELEBRATE

cuz my lyrics are my main INGREDIENT when i bake cake

creating monster spits making MC's PADDLE

introducing my venom like im a snake that rattle

i have fans and i haven't made it to a FESTIVAL

the mic brain dead its turning into a vegetable

im a scented fresh hot never melting CANDLE

got me a dominant REMEDY that haterz can't handle

which most INJUSTICE but i give em a taste of my MEDICINE

im on top when i get attention on the PLATFORM of all men

making MC's ASYLUMS or i can say has beens

Competition Entry by Press (Guest)

Submitted: December 27, 2007

my lifes like im stuck in the water/without a PADDLE
the electricities out/and i can not find a CANDLE
INJUSTICE is all i have to CELEBRATE/to remedy this, i contemplate with my 38
the missing INGREDIENT is a bullet/and if i had one, i'd cock the hammer and pull it
welcome to the FESTIVAL
my ASYLUMS the booth/my MEDICINE is grey goose
that where i stand on my PLATFORM
and let it loose.

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