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Competition Entry by Young Holly (Member)

Submitted: March 11, 2008

The streets in NY are sickening, crack heads begging to do anything for a hit, the smell of dog shit is not too pleasing to the nostrils, un clean hospitals the staff on most occasions are hostile. pushed to limits im not talking bout what rick Ross is rhyming bout/ im talking bout bills up the ass so high to ur neck u cant climb out, everybody wanna stack they paper in large amounts but there are reasons we cant succeed to richness its because we give it, our money to the businessí that produce high end products we can't afford but wanna look good at any cost, now I have to go back to the origin when there wasnít a charge for education back when we were emancipated we fought for knowledge. Web Du Bois went to one of the finest colleges, but now they know we cant afford less blacks deep into textbooks, teenagers into Louie such stupidity, Louie aint buying ur college degree. Moriss codes in the north false impressions that racism isnít there. read the NY times, ah who's reading it, but in there is a column of statistics we donít read enough to know that in were mentioned. The promise weíll get more money is an understatement, hopefully our black leaders make some changes.

Competition Entry by Melcube (Member)

Submitted: March 10, 2008

It's so hard to keep the vows/ after the water runs down your chest and neck after you bow/ after you make the promise to always say it loud that hip hop lives for ever and knows no bounds./
The devil don't sleep he works harder than bees/ letting loose on your faith for a minute is clear stupidity/ like fucking a bitch without a C/ or stepping in the ocean when you know you can't swim./
Nowadays people learn how to rap from textbooks/ days back hip hop's origin was your heart/ this art can not be taught like a problem of maths/ or written down in codes on a chemistry chart./
In the search for wealth we'll go to any limits/ it's sickening to find out all some do is mimic/ cutting lyrics from famous rhymes and they sill feel it/ if legends didn't write that down how would steal it./
There're so many reasons some say hip hop is dead/ but that don't amount to the truth cuz she's still here/ when I read through the editor's column of 2001 EQ magazine I knew I didn't have to fear.

Competition Entry by John Ervin aka John Doe (Guest)

Submitted: March 8, 2008


Cell blocks
Are guards & crooked cops
Who deliver rocks, nonstop
At the ease of a drop
Tic toc goes the clock

And the inmates are just people
With heart and hard fate
Who has no fellowship with the man
And itís difficult to escape
The shake

Lights off...Lights off...
As I hear the cold dark night say
But the question is..
Which ones are the predators
And whoís da real prey

My mission was unholy
But yet fulfilling
Living in a disturbed and painful weather
I knew my soul was missing

My homeboy Brent told me, one sad time
I be getting drunk and smoking skunk
Just to keep from losing my mind

I wait & anticipate the day
I can fly away
From this hole
Leaving my home
My soul growing old @JME/01/10/2K

Competition Entry by SamVito (Member)

Submitted: March 7, 2008

The 2008 manifest season,
See why everything happen for a reason,
Witness demons like a deacon,
Cause I shine like a lite-beacon,
Lyrical codes I was seeking,
Start rap ghostwriting every weekend,
Sickening my tetris column style,
Like a streetfighter guile,
Always go the extra mile,
Holyghost promise my paper will pile,
Down south spit out stupidity clouds,
Eastside communicate on nextel towers,
CHP is my origin crew street power,
Our hood execute flower cowards,
Sky always the limits,
Taking advantage of textbook gimmicks,
Certain amounts I will fix,
Spread the word like netflix,
I flow too envy and slick,
Eight years transporting bricks.

Competition Entry by free2b_fly (Member)

Submitted: March 4, 2008

Shit wonít changeÖ. Shit just hurts.
We just pacify even when shit donít work.
Itís built in our origin, itís textbook.
We do it for all the right reasons, still get all the wrong looks.
And weíre idle in our promise to our self.
To concerned about cash amounts and bank accounts to help.
We spend to get it. And reach our outer limits.
When the codes to happiness are already held within us.
And the stupidity is sickening.
We in pain and the true homies is withering.
Let me be your pillar, your shoulder, your column.
I know u got problems lets work together to solve em.
I paint a picture wit words.
Theres pain in my voice and it hurts.
The pain hits the mic and it works.
The worlds getting better, and not getting worse.
I changed it wit my lyrics and did it wit one verse.

Competition Entry by $piTter_MagZ (Member)

Submitted: March 1, 2008

When people take a look at me/ Love to take a next-look,
Think I act like Iím all fucked up/ Jus cuz I canít learn or look from a text-book/ i feel so illegitimate/ so some people try to make me feel as if im illiterate/ but ye i gotta hold on/ n be real strong, ye cuz...

People are jus fuckin evil/ itís sickenin/ They make me so mad that literally everyday/ Ma blood is begins thickenin/

Fuck it Iím stuck/ I ainít got no limits/ itís jus inside gimmicks n whole lotta critics/ Gimmmick sent out from cops to tickets/ Every ticket you get/ it only takes livin minutes/
Stick it/

Take ma anger in fuckin amounts/ It piles so high it fuckin mounts/ Too silent here/ nope/ no sounds/ jus sirens comin from up n down/ here on these grounds/ silence,

Cops have they codes/ HehÖ but so do we/ we got a lot,
But carry too much loads/ you blown up/ Too much/ so you see/

When sumthin happen/ cops/ who people fuckin call em/
Cops who are popos in the muthafuckin newspapaer column/

Let me tell you a promise/ HoÖ wait I ainít guní tell you,
You ainít fuckin honest/

Now listen honestly obviously boy you lost/ Itís guní cost ya,

HehÖi got ma reasons/ To be mad/ heh...nuff bout that/ What bout you/ yours last for all seasons/ you all bout pleasin/ dun noe nothin yet..

Itís not ma origin/ but listen/ ppl here dun c what's left missin/ Ma friendz dun like to wear orange in/ Jail/ hehÖ you know/ HehÖbein locked behind bars cuz they crash clubs n drinkin bars/(locked up, locked up) All they do in orange is look up at stars,

They may had showed stupidity/ when they was younger/
Now they payin for it/ But stupidity is bad for when you a teenager who 16/ Who gots to show your identity/ Now Iím done/ gone off n on for this contest/ But least ima tell you iím on this/ Fuck it Iím done/ boy, yo son/ check tha mic I dun got a voice here/ none/
Iíll drop tha mic n now be goneÖ cuz im done.

Competition Entry by Full Clip (Member)

Submitted: February 29, 2008

Column by column I check through the origins,
Biblically coded to ensure that authority
never gets lost within the typematic discernment;
That presentation of His love, cut off by sickening sermons.
A process which amounts to stratified healing.
I venture to see if textbooks parallel what I'm reading.

They explain all the reasons column by column.
If you read between the lines the sky bears the Manna.
As the world burns with the limits of progress
Its sickening to discern the repeat effect of the Maccabeness.

Cataclysmic destruction, volcanic eruption, particle reduction peep my deductions.
Priviledged copyright agendas controlled by the media.
Sickening reasons for sterotyping third world like Eqypt.
What amounts to an threat can only be the origin.

A new world order with a Chomsky described maliscious encroachment.
Don't reckon I'm safe from this bombardment.
Turn off that Diseased fake ass media garment.

I feel you stuck on Corinthians as you interpret this logic.
Scatter your free speech as I Kantianlly watch it.
Every single one of us has a little black hole,
Define your agenda and watch the pale horse roam.

I know you have your reasons but I ain't the one.
If you powerpoint relief than Sanheddrin's the one.

Competition Entry by NYCeaze (Member)

Submitted: February 28, 2008

There's no need to mimic me/ you review me critically/ my style requires knowledge, you just understand STUPIDITY/ So to those that keep listening/ And find my shit interesting/ Go back to their peoples and say "that rhyme was SICKENING,"/ I was bored and kidding/ before work I'm spitting/ writing this verse in 10 minutes, my style has no LIMITS/ so yes its real plain, you guys know what I'm about/ I don't count/ Cuz my money comes in larger AMOUNTS/ I come from fond ORIGINS/ I burry treys when I spit, this shit comes easy like Adam Morrison/ You cant be me so/ You can try to interpret, or beat me at this game using cheat CODES/ You still can't match this COLUMN/ No effort yet niggas can't deny I'm a problem/ Next one Imma kill it, Imma make it a PROMISE/ I shoot down competition, no games my metal gears solid/ I make money, I dont need a reason/ I pile cash up like leaves, money Falls on me no matter the SEASONS/ I rap too unique, my shit fills TEXTBOOKS/ Although I'm right with the punchlines, watch out for left hook....10 minutes, no lie, NY....BLAOW!

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