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Competition Entry by Juztakid (Guest)

Submitted: April 7, 2008

I'm in this hip hop like a kid kangaroo
stayz on fire,didn't even light a fuse
in the case of disk cases i'm the reason that your buyin,
stay rhymin all the time and wildin out in the assylum
called earth,
but my spins still spin like a windmill chill,
i'm buildin a robotic dinosaur for
war get it clear you'd fear i'd keep it nuclear,
i want the heat to peel ya skin just like a banana,
you the type a person that just want a fanta
well get it, i connect stars like constallations or spider webs check!

Competition Entry by younglegend (Member)

Submitted: April 4, 2008

young legend catching onto his haterz like a spiderweb/
tall as a building im soon to be a big celeb/
smooth like butter [pause] a bird dat flutter/
jump straight to the top like kangeroo lover/
nuclear flow burn like hydrochloric/
legend accessory ima be truely historic/
marijuana blow mindz just like a windmill/
my eyez now see disfigured sex appeal/
go to the booth to get hostile/
i know i got enemies that rock my style/
they see legend a beast so i keep a smile/
and i love to get at chickz in Atlanta/
cuz they get excited when the "D' grow large as a banana/
beat it up like i done went chaos/
assylum niggas hate when i take all they broads/
peace maker i call it robotic/
dinosaur teeth make your whole life end on my list/
hip hop picture im aim with my fist/
so if you don't want flame don't get me pissed

Competition Entry by JEZUS-h20 (Member)

Submitted: April 2, 2008

Assylum niggas hate the lyrics I prosper,
End up taking your girl to red lobster,
Then pimp her to make my dollars,
Popping up my dinosaur leather collar,
After praying to our heavenly father,
So I wonít flip on a banana slip,
Going on a Everyday Edison trip,
Had to dip the nuclear explosion whip,
VA been hip on stacking those chips,
2009 is our kangaroo leap year hop,
This windmill train canít ever be stop,
Turning back the grandpa clock,
Back to the year in early 1993,
Spiderweb jealousy killed the B.I.G.,
He was building a golden escape key,
On a rapping chaos money spree,
For all the cool gís just like me,
Been plant good sacrifice seeds,
Ready to take on slow robotic speeds,
Cause the messiah is my only lead

Competition Entry by 72 meets 87 (Guest)

Submitted: March 31, 2008

I just use one percent of my brain ya'll usin ten/
just imagine if I use one more, than ah man!/
ya'll be in big trouble, shure to lose your demand/
gotta reprogram, come up with some other plans/
or stay and fight, try to gain some insight/
how I grip a pen and proceed to make that trick write/
she do what I think without delay/
I do it for the passion first, then the pay/
I don't expect the fame but it's all part of the game/
won't knock another sucka's rap cause that's his thang/
I'm just sayin' switch it up ya'll be soundin' the same/
and I don't be up in them clubs like that to lean, shake,
or scatt/ yeh I get it I know you just hustlin', but I'm tired of waitin' on gutter raps and hot tracks/
my words instigate it, the flow stay tusslin'/
the whole content of this bout is really punishin'
affects of this brawl will leave you slured and mumblin'
you'd be wise to take it slow change could flow/ straight outta nowhere his origion unknown/ a psychopath on a track with a murderous tone.

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