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Competition Entry by $piTter_MagZ (Member)

Submitted: May 5, 2008

yo, i aint never got to worry who fights tha glory,
its jus anotha shitty lil story,
i got to worry though who they bury,
here they all work first they jus ya slave,
they act real brave, but then they get burried to their GRAVE.
its not too noticeable to DISCOVER,
when they try n be so obvious and lose their undercover.
here the sirens and AMBULANCE, theres no silence,
jus too much violence,
they put u out jus like a big ass avalanche,
we live in areas wit big traintracks and a BRIDGE,
they'll move so fast it takes ya right off the middle a ya edge,
im on the end of ma TIGHTROPE, at tha strings of ma L.i.f.e.'s rights hope,
these boys make misery, when they make history,
cuz all they all wanna turn at u to go make a DELIVERY,
its all now DIGITAL,
so were miserable, we are all diferent,
like me, im colourful and visual,
tha severity of the SECURITY has been damned all now way upon o me,
u cant OPERATE, when focus is overated, u cant cope this,
when u dun even noe what tha fuck hope is,
cuz to OPERATE, u gotta co-operate,
im like a MATCHBOX,
when im mad its like the match hatch locks,
cracks open n snaps at any one o yall tryna backtalk. so fuck u.
i dun care if i win this competition.

Competition Entry by ASI ASI ASI (Guest)

Submitted: May 4, 2008

they say one is the loneliest numba son/so I roll with a fly bitch otherwise known as Gina the Nina my gun/take u to another afterlife and make you my slave/his moms had to bury him in an early grave/learn your role and know not to misbehave/cuz when ya lifes on the line you can't be saved/heavenly flow delivery like a wordsmith on the slow creep while u in ya home sound asleep/two shots with that metal ruga to ya medula to school ya/put u in the city ambulance/sad thing that nigga didn't stand a chance at a glance/stackin his bubble gum rap money with his contrived dance/digital sales got the game fucked up/aint gotta worry cuz I'm still makin them dirty bucks/hoppin in n out of them cadillac n hummer trucks always discoverin new ways to operate but i'll never negate about movin that weight/hidden away in a stashbox next to an empty matchbox/Not Mr. H to the O .V but I'm still an O.G. from the D and a million bridges far from the O.C./and i chose to dismiss the risk and proceeded to walk that tightrope to get that loot/so I went straight to the root/ 10000 miles east to beirut/with just a thought and a dream/now I'm rich bitch and I'm all about my cream/no need for security its all only Gods will/In the name of Allah we pray and we remain to keep it real

Competition Entry by c-dub-00 (Member)

Submitted: April 28, 2008

yo the names c to the d u b..
c for charisma as i walk through your door, d for discovering your digital delivery in my anatomy, u for undefineable, i can see you but you cant see me, and b for the blood i have put into my game under the bridge or in a grave, ya'll know how it is. security cant stop me, for proof operate your phone and call the local ambulance that i put your homie in for messing with me and my family, crazingly back in the day when we were kids playng with our matchbox rides. thinking what life will be like on the top of the tightropes. i choked but now im back... whos back C-DUB

Competition Entry by blaze919 (Guest)

Submitted: April 24, 2008

i never break ma word, i keep it to the grave
u better behave, or CSI will discover your body in a lake
flip his cell, tell em to send the coroner man
and when he comes, he'll load u into the ambulance
invisible to the eye, ill be waitin just over the bridge
i push a button and the 6 lanes turn tight rope thin
and like UPS, i do the package delivery
if u wanna live, then ma advice is that u listen to me
becuz now adays, everythings gone digital
i can kill u with a phone call, dont u get it fool??
this day and age, security cant do shit to save u
cuz i got enough bullets to kill him, then also slay u
and iz funny how i operate, rare like a black fox
ill chop ya ass up so small, your parts will fit in a match box

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