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Competition Entry by aener (Member)

Submitted: May 27, 2008

hey. let me DISPLAY, what i gotta say
tell these other rappers they can't mess with ashlay
i'll wrap them up, like they some kind of TENT
people clap and i ain't even gave a PERFORMANCE
POETRY, poetry, poetry about my MEMORIES, and about the fact that all i want is SERENITY
these mo-jo-jo-jo lookin niggas hatin but what fo?
i'll rap them up and down like a light-up YO-YO
they wanna beat me, but, they don't know how
my levels so high yall...i'm in the CLOUDS
i say bye to a wanna be SAMARAI, wanna fight the world but the first ones to hide
elementary actin teenagers walk with no knowledge
man...acknowledge my smarts is way past COLLEGE

Competition Entry by OSWEGO (Guest)

Submitted: May 27, 2008

Your life has its ups and downs like a yo-yo/but ya gotta man up like a samurai warrior up in a the dojo yo/you keep tryin to progress but all you do is digress kinda like puttin ur car in drive but findin yourself going in reverse/just gotta know that life is both good and bad and its not rehearsed/cant dwell on the past sometimes this is a curse we are nursed with until we are worstened to being in a hurst with/feelin like all you need to do is break free from the, tyranny, the misery and the insanity we call life/cuz ya knowin that others don't suffer from ya pain and haven't been dealt ya strife/a tent of minimal confidence can only protect you from so much/the judgemental hand of the law you saw dealt to you raw has a performance heavy touch /so we be leanin on our memories of simplier times like it was a doctor prescribed crutch/but you haven't seen such in a while like the real hip hop style/so its hard for even the happiest of people to smile/plans for a life layed out like a carpenter lays textile / maybe go to college for a while n hustle for a bit/just to give the fiends what they want to get they crack pipes lit/but u go back to the words of God displayed knowingly like perfect poetry on a blank page/sent down from the heavens by a sage/be up in the clouds somewhere without a care/where you are your own entity in search of your own identity and to you of all I wish you peace and serenity embedded in ya heart not brain like a cranberry stain!


Competition Entry by Pernicious (Guest)

Submitted: May 27, 2008

Tired of Ure Talkin

It takes one sore man to ruin a whole teams performance
Run poor man, tell your memories like Forrest
College attendee, makes collages disordered
Manage to tempt me, to enter scene like reporter
Serenity is lost porter, I was meant to see a force
Sorted through the scenic frost,
To display just your venus boss
Played by a woman and your minds just a yo-yo
Unroll the pressure you inclined to the dope hope
Samarai in your eye C im as high as a cloud
And I donít need to hide where poetry is allowed
Peep me now in a tent, bent off the scenic route
Weenie how can u play genie for a meany mouse :?

Competition Entry by zdollar (Member)

Submitted: May 25, 2008

this ant a game,this is the PERFOMANCE of a life time.
i am a SAMARAI ,i put my TENT on a YO-YO
i go to COLLEGE and people rember me ,its in my MEMORIES
i put it on DISPLAY,and you or SERENITY
and when i say one more thing ,i say peace to the CLOUD

Competition Entry by gunnin (Guest)

Submitted: May 22, 2008

hey wht i think is more than u pretend
money sucker u display ur site is for some lend
ask me some money i will get you
dont sell the talent and put it in the tent
you have to pay the rent , you have to display the poetry
dip down u feel like winning a lottery
i am not puting u in an mockery
i am not pokin in
just talkin in yo yo twice to u
in ur face , i am like lil lue
for u and for them too
next time u hiphopreaction sell my crack i will sue u
to ruin u ,
dont check my serenity dont check my samarai
with my swords on u can check my clarity
u wanna know my performance wht is that i am not talking so much lie
i dont beef but u wanna kill but i dnt wanna die
deep down in my memories there is lot to offer to u
but i dont reminiscence iight now
i am proud to tell u out loud
20 d i will pay u 80 but not my frens who wanna rap then and now
caz they are forming a cloud that wont roll out loud
i found u new mob who wanna rob till we get out so profound

ok homeboys d12 back with their mixtape check em out

Competition Entry by phattgurl (Member)

Submitted: May 19, 2008

I'm that chick who got the lyrics that will leave you in SERENITY,
make good choices not just physically but mentally,
I'm on my way to COLLEGE, i aint gon end up wit no penalty,
my head on straight thanks to the parents god has given me,
I'm tired of these SAMARAI actin chicks thinkin they can flow,
tryna get on my level but just go down like my YO-YO,
cuz i'll put on a PERFORMANCE that you cannot touch,
have you stuck on MEMORIES like hair to a brush,
If you think you can hang well i suggest you pray,
cuz i'll step into yo tent and put yo rap game on DISPLAY,
you can call this rap or you can call this POETRY,
I'm the Queen of this rap game so treat me like royalty.

Competition Entry by Kay-Kay (Member)

Submitted: May 16, 2008

I put my rap game on DISPLAY I rap what i mean to say
what i feel, I'm like up in the CLOUDS soarin high ain't comin down i'm lookin real cool these girls wanna clown
MEMORIES SERENITY combined into me it makes you want to become my number one enemy. Is you feelin me
Come here step into my TENT i'll spit you out turn you about and then slice you up like i'm on of those SAMARAIS look into my eyes you look confused it must have been from the way i bounced you up like a toy YO-YO No i'm not Ne-Yo I'm just a highschool girl to young to be in COLLEGE only tryin to prove dudes ain't the only ones who can rap
Get slapped if you think i'm writing lame POETRY
My flow so sick you gonna want some more of me
My PERFORMANCE is hot i'm not gonna stop take you to some shop, to get your rap game fixed up
Tell me whats up not you i'm the girl you be seein on the block lookin real nice and cool
so give me a shout, my name is Kay-Kay
You should vote for me like today hey!!!!

Competition Entry by doctor t (Member)

Submitted: May 16, 2008

ill slide up into you like a yoyo and peform sweetr poetry on your body and well make memmories of sweet serenity. will display our love like a cloud floating ont he and perhaps it will last forever like the legends of the sumarai taught at college and camp tents

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