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Competition Entry by x-cetra (Member)

Submitted: June 23, 2008

Just thinking of a big adventure
Starts to show all, my bad temper
Cause Im so broke my rides a bicycle
Turning cans to cash makes me recycle
Were the ones they wrote the story for
To teach us about the late warrior
That lifes about survival
Were turning tribal run for your bible
We should gather up the rotten men
And just cut off there oxygen
Then pull out the bow and arrow
And shoot it ripping through the bone marrow
The gas price rise is a hard hit
Now weve realized were the target
I wish the prices would just shrink
But I think the economies a broken link
Weve been speaking but were not heard
And felt so empty like a crossword
Theirs been words said but none concluding though
We need air waves so meet me in the studio

Competition Entry by Ra.shaad (Guest)

Submitted: June 18, 2008

Oh perish BIBLE of mines is the LINK
Assist me through life without a drink
Now that's what I call a WARRIOR
Not only fights the battle but TARGET the war
With an ARROW right through the heart of the war
Cuz you can't forget the pain of the skin when it tore
When demens decided to kick down the door
To the STUDIO where you tried to let it all go
All the hurt
All the crums of dirt
Spreaded across the shoulder's of life
And in just a single night
It felt like a CROSSWORD puzzle
Summer dancing in the winter time
Winter dippin it low so cold in the summer time
And in the spring let it all fall
And in the fall let it all spring
Waking up out of a dream
Catching my OXYGEN as I RECYCLE
Pain and happiness it's all over, what an ADVENTURE?

Competition Entry by zdollar (Member)

Submitted: June 15, 2008

sm a hit you with an ARROW,make you read the BIBLE,you gona recycle even in the studio like its an ADVENTURE
writing a CROSSWORD,like its part of the LINK
i bet you need some OXYGEN to fight with the WORRIOR
am a hit you with my shoe like your TARGET

Competition Entry by BobBoh (Guest)

Submitted: June 13, 2008

A hero, here and near spirit real cold
Weary tears we ware are chill cold
we fear no, will throw
arrow steal bow, peal poke bone marrow near nose
cold carols kill slow
no sorrow a Zorro sword warrior cartwheel
oxygen reserves sore but my hearts still
cross words talking in swerves, art spills
provocative surge, often in search
on an adventure
pocket of dirt, walking in worms
nothing expensive
just jumping up fences
to get to the target
pray for the bible
do not abandon the garden
I'm ranting and harping
a studio artist recycle the carnage
and link with the largest
hahaha, you think this is a contest??

Competition Entry by Pooch_Dolla404 (Member)

Submitted: June 13, 2008

Deep Up In Da Streets So Lames Fight For Survival//
Better Keep It Kool Start Findin' God Like Da *Bible*//
I Got The Jesus Piece And It Swings Low On Da *Link*//
I'll Choke Ya Wit Da Chain If I Aint Like Wut Chu Think//
I'm Hotter Den A Flame, Flyin' High Like A Bird//
If You Hate Den Get Put In A Box Like A *Crossword*//
I'm Lookin' For The Gold And I Aint Talkin' Jack Sparrow//
You Try To Stop Me Den I Shoot Like A Bow And An *Arrow*//
You Dont Really Want Beef So Lame Cats Why Start It//
I Load A Clip Up In A Minute, Cock It Back You Da *Target*//
Pimpin' Keep It Kool Or You'll Get Hit By The Rifle//
Blow Ya Bottle Top Off To See If You Can *Recycle*//
You Can Never Be On My Team Was If You Was I'd Bench Ya//
Give You A Peter Pan Job And Send Chu On A *Adventure*//
The First Person To Stall The First One That'll Go//
So I'm Livin' Wit Da Beat Like I'm In *Studio*//
Damn Dat Boy Cold, Ya Know I'm At It Again//
Full Blooded Goon Dont Breathe And I Dont Need *Oxygen*//
Cause Like Lloyd Banks You Know Da Boy Is A *Warrior*//
So Cut The Script Cause I Aint Like I'm Eva Longoria//

Competition Entry by cascade (Member)

Submitted: June 9, 2008

soon am going to be a leader and you all gonna follow
i spit lyrics and hits you like an arrow
am a street breed am clever i street think
don"t mess with me even in your hood i got link
i slice you like my name was machete
you can run hit you cause you my target
when it comes to rap game am a warrior
don't claim to be hard u were f"up in your corridor
am hard strong to penetrate like gravel
weapon fashioned against shall not prosper check in the bible
i love rap sex and gin like i love xx video
my punchlines are hot thats why you want to go to the studio
love crack and girls giving head start while i sip gin
you want to battle me is like going underwater without oxygen
i move faster than your moves even if am on a bicycle
check your dictionary for the meaning of recycle
this ain't no tin tin adventure
am more upgraded,like to leave you face with a puncture
how can you solve me when you can solve a grade 2 crossword
even if you can solve me yo don't even know the password

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