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Competition Entry by x-cetra (Member)

Submitted: July 20, 2008

A win would be sweet like fresh honey suckle
Iím here to compete and wont swing a knuckle
Cause the first to swing is the one at fault
Outside of the ring they call that move assault
If you're an athlete that's all hardcore
You want your last meet to be held before
Your big dream of ending at the flame
A win for your team then crack out the champagne
But don't drink to quick you need to conserve
Bask in the moment with feelings you deserve
The beginning was slow in learning what you need
Going up and down slopes till you gained some speed
You can train alot then slip into a hole
The lesson thatís taught is you need an interval
And to break free in the middle of July
Life can't always be the riddle of why
So get a rocket pack and fly all around
Nothing can top that feeling off the ground
You fly like a bird and swoop like a dragon
A sensation that's unheard if it ever could happen

Competition Entry by Proper (Member)

Submitted: July 20, 2008

Spit hot installments, got flame retardant flesh
untamed till death, fresh, dragon on the crest/
no laggin in a test, lyrical athelete
rappin atypical speech with tachyon speed/
back to your knees, herbs dont deserve to breathe
the current diseaese when i burn degrees/
do not call them curtains please
im murkin, pleased with this assualt indeed/
geeze, its a scene to see you buckle
you couldnt grip the crowd if you had a sixth knuckle/
stop it with the herb in the cockpit
i rock it not high as a rocket/
22nd of july i got this
expose all who pose hip flow like topless/
forget "get dough", get deep like lochness
in mimimul intervals of beats it toxic/

Competition Entry by Black Magic (Guest)

Submitted: July 20, 2008

Its my time to shine is something i deserve
its time for my voice to be let out and be heard
I love hip-hop it aint absurd
I listen to every song i listen to every word
Boy im like Bruce Lee in Return of the Dragon
Id assault you so hard you wouldn't know what happen
Id be rappin all day you would think id be on speed
if rappin was a sport id be the number 1 athlete
Interval in music is the pitches between two notes
Incredible is having to bitches on a boat
but i aint tryna gloat
i aint gotta boat
im rappin so hard i havent even choked
Boy id hit you so hard your knees would buckle
once you on da ground i'll hit you with the 5 knuckle shuffle
if think i aint got no flame, if you think i aint got what it takes
you can stick a rocket up your ass and fly to space
22nd of july is the end of this shit
man im done rappin now, give my trophy bitch.

Competition Entry by Big $am (Member)

Submitted: July 19, 2008

These rap clowns donít deserve the crown,
Starting up a new era call positive sound,
Haters want to assault the southeast beast now,
Cause Iím an athlete survivor from the 804 town,
Ready to drop the fourth of july lyrical rhymes,
Instead of spitting out negative vibes of crime,
Eight years hustling on this knuckle grind,
Protecting the word with interval landmines,
Another way to encourage the blind to shine,
Realize itís the year of the V-8 dragon fusion time,
To snatch up the sword of hate on the holy plate,
This month competition melts faster than snowflakes,
Dealing with holy crates put you in first place,
I rather speak the truth instead being gangster fake,
My mind is a advance destroyable target rocket,
I speed up the process plugging in the electric socket,
In order to fill up my empty flatbread pockets,
While everybody sound the same oí same and lame,
I was the one that flame down the Houston crane,
A bad sign a change is coming to the rap game,

Competition Entry by MCMD ( (Guest)

Submitted: July 18, 2008

I'll tell you bout a dragon who deserves lots of praise/
He would spit fire so fast they called him Rocket Flame/
Not a man or dame could contain the beast/
does a knuckle uppercut at breakneck speed/
Burns necks like nets for great athletes/
and could demolish whole towns while still asleep/

In 50 year intervals he'd come round here/
Which fell in mid July of just last year/
I feared him not when he assaulted me/
I was in a Wal-Mart buying groceries/

he was about my height but his skin was green/
a dirty brown coat and big gold ring/
He stepped past me to grab Candy/
He scuffed my sneaks then mean mugged me/
"All right buddy that's enough of This"/
Cut in front of me but don't scuff my kicks/
His fist reached out and his claws were gnarly/
Then He shook my hand and said he was sorry/

He was a real nice dude/

Competition Entry by clever79er (Member)

Submitted: July 15, 2008

i pop off more that 4th of july
flow athelete brain run at fast speed try...
and play wit me i'll give ya ass what you deserve got it?
Clever One run thru beef like Jonny Rocket...
yall soft go play wit ya Polly POcket,
even if somebody passed you the flame youd prolly drop it...
hip hop went country like a pickled pig knuckle,
im old skool name rings and big buckles.
assault you suckas wit the slang that i be bangin...
smoke a dutch filled wit buds same color as the magic dragon.
mad strong must puff in small intervals...

im usually fucked up like a courtney love interview.

Competition Entry by Layze (Guest)

Submitted: July 14, 2008

i admit i deserve whats comin remove the sword from the stone face a dragon from the dungeon flames with interval exchange assualt thundering stains the sky like a 4th of july display wondering concentrate stay at pace maintain speed rocket fuel fire my desire to demolish any threats considered obstacles knuckle up droppin many vets or drop rythm it dont matter to me actors pertray fragile defenes scattered debris

Competition Entry by Pooch_Dolla404 (Member)

Submitted: July 13, 2008

Ya Know I'm Hotter Den Da FLAMES From A Torch And A DRAGON//
When I Spit My Flow Sick So Hatin' Cats Yeah I'm Braggin'//
Money DESERVES To Be First So Imma Get It Or Die//
Try To Jack Me And See Fireworks Like The Fourth Of JULY//
Imma Hustla So You Know I Aint Dat Much Of An ATHLETE//
For The Dough I Come Runnin' Like Involved In A Track Meet//
So If You Cats Wanna KNUCKLE Up I'm Outta Ya League//
Beefin' Wit Me, Is Worst Den A Car Crash At High SPEED//
Cause The Weapons That I Pack Bout Da Size Of A ROCKET//
ASSAULT Rifle On My Lap And I Already Cocked It//
All While I INTERVAL I Been Plottin' For Profit//
Stupid Cats Steady Hatin' But My Glock Help Em Stop It//

Competition Entry by phizzetti (Member)

Submitted: July 9, 2008

whoever said i didn't deserve to be on this spot betta stuff it cuz i spit flames like a dragon
i'm bout to run laps on u like an athlete
damn check my agility the way i put em words together
reminds me of how i used flip em birds together
can't put out my flame its eternal like its hell
don't let me assault u with my mojo
spittin fast like flo-jo on the track
i gotz ta trap from july to the next 10 summers
i'm independent baby i don't stop at intervals
cuz i gotz ta be the best rapper dead or alive
moving at the speed of lewis hamilton
i shoot past ya like a space rocket aiming for the sun
now i burn errbody tryna get cloce to me
tighten up yo buckle boy i'm knuckle u and snatch yo duffel bag phizzetti i'm like cheese to rats i don't deal with bratz i deserve to be in the spotlight
so shut yo beak boy u got the dragon

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