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Competition Entry by ghost (Guest)

Submitted: September 9, 2008

the evidence is clear that im out of this galaxy
no one wanna battle me my rhymes are too heavenly
i keep low like a saxphone when i flow
my punchlines could make you overdose just like coke
im parallel to eminem dre and lupe
my go go gadget is ten inches so dont use meh
its like im part robotic i cant flow off topic
i get ratings shaped like starfish i cant stop it
i should collect my gold medals like im in the olympics
leave competion beaten walkin off stage limpin

Competition Entry by Hollywood (Member)

Submitted: September 8, 2008

Ok, where should i begin
the reason i should win
is cause i flow a little deeper than the galaxy
and if you got heart then i tell you come challenge me
just so i can leave you heartless
to realized your all washed up like a starfish
i make no mistake,
im parallel to great,
collect rappers then i put em on my dinner plate
simply, cause most rap so dense
i kill the beat leave the booth no evidence
i make music like a saxaphone
god know i went through hell for a heavenly flow
like inspector gadget i stay on go, you know!
and some trying to say they still got it
stiff as a bord flow sound robotic
i got to win, so my pedal on the medal
just to win number one like an olympic gold medal

Competition Entry by Patcash aka Tasmanian Devil (Guest)

Submitted: September 7, 2008

I ain't got enough EVIDENCE that I saw a STARFISH I was using a GADGET that can't Record,My mind was stupit like a Robotic boy.Gal my flow ain't PARALLEL to the GALAXY I know Im a sinner but HEAVEN that's where Im going,Kenny G tought me how to use a SAXAPHONE in 5 munites his comming to COLLECT his money don't laugh that's was not funny.Poetry I treat it like my honey.

My flow cause problems for this GALAXY or at yo home,
Yo wife calls me a dog that's bcoz I meet her at the OLYMPICS and ate her bone,
No hard feelings she was home alone,
I am making more money using this SAXAPHONE but I ain't Sylvester Stallion,
This haters are copy cats and Papoose is my clone
Did u see that STARFISH? In 60 seconds it will be gone
January the 14th a king was born
Just like Juses did In HEAVEN Iím changing the game
EVIDENCE that's my name
I got enough GADGET'S to milking money out of the game
When u rap u sound like a ROBOTIC mechine talking and thatís a damn shame
I can give u 10 years to up yo game
And u still gonna come back as lame
AK this niggaz r looking for sum one to blame
Their record was a flop coz they ainít spitting hard flames
These cats are inda game for chicks and fame
I have been underground for years and things are still the same
PARALLEL connections(PC)thatís my Crew and together we pause time
This fakers can sue me but out of me they ainít gonna COLLECT dime
Who needs punchlines when I can hit this Boy with a rhyme?
This time is my time to shine and take back whatís mine
I leave no EVIDENCE be-hide
They love using GADGET'S ask my Boy Seven
Just like Busta Rhymes I'm an OLYMPIC rapper
Do u need EVIDENCE?
Check this rapper are chasing after my flow
But they are slowly running out of Breath.HA HA
My rap instruments ain't got no SAXAPHONE and I'm doing it with passion
COLLECTING money that's my only mission
Soweto representer and South Africa is my Nation
What more can I say about a STARFISH
2010 World cup is coming to South Africa do u think FIFA is selfish.

Competition Entry by k-sea (Member)

Submitted: September 4, 2008

Was due for my state of arrearance to give my sense of evidence/ a fallen star deep within the sea like starfish- enlightened dark depths like the heaven entrance/ entered with plays from a saxaphone- answered the instrumental call with my lyrical deliverance/ An athlete running parallel with the next athlete on the other side of the track- the rap-olympics i show my significance/ Using pen and pad as a gadget leading-like minds so to my peoples im an aquaintance/ travelling galaxies for that one galaxy- collect stars for that influence of knowledge leaving the universe with my reference/ Never really fancied the robotic age- so of the present i still live of the past to take one step back for two steps forward- a feeling of my presence!

Competition Entry by Tussin TEN (Member)

Submitted: August 29, 2008

see how I collect the Evidence, disaster like this is Heaven sent
read the epitaph of lesser men, and discover how they lost by poison pen
for seeking carnal knowledge, from the Robotic Starfish
deep in the twilight mist, mankind unleashed a demon wish

with glorified Gadgets they seek power, no wonder they disappeared in witching hour
Parallel universes lead to a fallen Galaxy, undiminished thoughts Collect by sorcery
Olympic winers chase the golden stream , wail a Saxophone man lives in a broken dream

Competition Entry by KRONIK (Member)

Submitted: August 29, 2008

your majesty, my magic be , one of a different GALAXY //
spitting rap phenomenons causing rap catastrophes //

an EVIDENCE against the kid can dissappear like magic//
so even with the best tech, i am thee only GADGET //

I'm ROBOTIC when it comes to , breathing on the mic//
I process my knowledge faster then the speed of light//

no OLYMPIC medal needed when i crush my competition//
others dropping "bars like patton" they hands missing//

my SAXAPHONE, crack a tone, like HEAVEN sent angels//
its sweet music to your ears with multiple angles//

i stay PARALLEL, ina crooked book of ryhme//
even if im sideways i still spit a straight line//

i try to COLLECT thoughts, knowing that it pays me//
my literatures a check so i could never be laaaayyy zeeee//

im deep sea at best, a STARFISH amongst sharks//
this was a no brainer, sixteen with no sparks//


Competition Entry by brickmo (Member)

Submitted: August 27, 2008

Since i started, I been on fire like the work of an arsonist/
wit my gadget from 50 yds, i can shoot the fin off a starfish/
Im da best in da game, like Michael Phelps in the olympics/
People lie and numbers dont, thats why im loving statistics/
So yeah, i go and collect wallets from homosapiens and robotics/
And make women blow my saxaphone i got between my two pockets/
And still deliver rhymes out of this world, beyond the galaxy's intelligence/
While flying through the solar system, waking up the residents/
Let em know, in this life, nothings parallel to what i represent/
My lyrics heaven sent, and I just gave you 10 lines of evidence

Competition Entry by C. AleXander (Member)

Submitted: August 26, 2008

they say you cant find a diamond in the sand
but what about a star?, i bet you can if you look real hard.
its evident that evidence forms the verdict
collect sea shells but thats not where the worth is

now in a parallel galaxy, a reverse universe
you'd find heaven exists before the time of your birth
you'd pick stars from the sky, be born in a hurse
but things turn out differently on the surface of earth

we find star-fish in the sea, we're flaw-less on the beat
rhyme like phelps in the olympics, gold medals each heat
but they accuse me of using a gadget to cheat
now really? come on i cant fathom this beef
for real, I'm robotic when I'm faced with defeat
you cant stop it, so shocking they scream for repeat

so i flow like cups of joe' in mid-morning traffic
they're shocked I'm a chick rhyming so classic
and how I just rocked this with such skillful tactics
the breathe in my chest allows me to spit backflips
my flow is symphony, swag: no doubt that i have it

......cuz you can't play the saxaphone if you're an asthmatic.

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