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Competition Entry by Big $am (Member)

Submitted: October 11, 2008

I'm a 804 indiana jones,
Cause I have a nightmare backbone,
Without the circus ringtones,
Transport ammunition keys to spain and rome,
So my recipe style be well known,
I just abandon the ice and chrome,
To get a customized two-tone I-phone,
Cleaning up this month's twilight zone,
With some holy wheel foam,
You reap what you sow,
Every word I spit is clean coal,
stacking up some real crocodile doe,
Gotta go gotta go,
Aim the economy relief arrow,
Target locked on a oil barrel,
Price of gas needs to be narrow,
Real lyrics that break illuionist mirrors,
Flame the competition like phoenix pharaohs,
Message to the gangsta foes,
Time for the 804 ghostwriters to rise up and grow,

Competition Entry by Liquid G (Guest)

Submitted: October 10, 2008

So i look at this circus cant believe whats going down
its so profound i abandoned my home town
im looking for the fortune but i cant find the wheel
success is my target forget a record deal
fake mcs living in denial
liquid flowing like the nile
floating like a crocodile
you can catch me loading off verbal ammunition
but unlike your shots my shots aint missing
i glisten so take a second to listen
if its u that im dissing
then u in my recipe
to be the next mc
i murder verbally for free
ull have nightmares of me
liquid g flowing like the open sea
catch ya breath
like arrow head tips filled with poison
me and my boys into metal toys
make some noise
if u from illinois
now u like who is this
aka illsuionist
wanna clue heres a list
does hip hop still exsist
or did wayne slit its wrist
ill try not to diss
but mcs aint pushing t like clipse
harding than your girls nips
grab success before it slips
flow never ending like bottomless pits

Competition Entry by Berry (Member)

Submitted: October 10, 2008

I'm the gangsta clown of the streets circus,
I'm the main attraction, and it aint on purpose,
im takin over blocks, puttin niggas out of commtion,
one fair warning, then take em out with my ammunition,
I watch carefully and pin-point my target,
take them down, for messing with my harvest,
and my mind always expanding like a bow and arrow,
I'll hit yah and have ur body meeting ur shadow,
ur more fake than N.Y. crocodile myths,
so i make u gon like an illusionist,
dont care if ur in a wheelchair,
pay me my money or i'll make ur life a nightmare,
i'll have ur soul abandon ur life,
and ur mind thinkin u were never alive,
so u rest in peace,
in my lyrics recipe

Competition Entry by rage158 (Guest)

Submitted: October 10, 2008

Standing up to me is a recipe for disaster
cause I ain't an easy target
you'll remember me in your nigthmares
I'll be hiding like a crocodile
till you run out of ammunition
then I'll make you wanna fight
till you're worn out from attrition
I'm like an illusionist when I rhyme
don't get me wrong, this ain't a circus
I come straight as an arrow, I don't lie, I'm a miracle
You don't stand a chance, so I'ma make you wheel round
shut your motherfucking mouth and abandon the game now.

Competition Entry by CodeMan231 (Member)

Submitted: October 9, 2008

Hey yo, it's CodeMan, I'ma show you how it go
never correct my flow, straight shoot it like an ARROW
lyrics as my AMMUNITION, gotta hit the TARGET
blow it up, make the flames, you know that I start it
got this game in my hands, preparin to crush it all
hit the road to fame, my flow will never stall
walkin down the street, CROCODILES on my feet
hit the corner with the honeys that's gettin the cake that's sweet
bitch this shit aint complicated, get naked and then make it
this the RECIPE, just take it and then you bake it
hop in the whip after the done deal
Beamer with the 24s, me behind the WHEEL
CodeMan, makin dreams becomin reality
I'm a NIGHTMARE to these others that won't take a glance at me
got these fools actin funny like they wanna join the CIRCUS
tryna stop my swag, they tryna stop my focus
ILLUSIONISTS tryna make you believe shit
what's comin out they mouths, nothin but fake shit
I think it's about time to ABANDON this magic spit
and time to split this bitch with my magic dick

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