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Competition Entry by Frizz3y (Guest)

Submitted: December 7, 2008

my vision to success, is only written on paper
im spittin so much, im given haters a flavour
my saviour to rap will always live in my mind
i take the time to re unite my words n try memorise
for 1 day ill achieve my goal an proove to society
y i should b the nxt to respresent on who i can be
creator of success an a man of design
a voice to all my music lovin fam an who wamts to rhyme
they poppin questions, like a testment so digital
i could b the judge an prolly tell a thing or 2
the violence keep it silent, like a vibrant
pirate wit no eye in his socket blinD!
wen it comes to music i am forgivin
to all my enemies im lookin deep down within
this is the start or a new chapter
my terminal is only a distance away rapper!

Competition Entry by Mr, kid (Guest)

Submitted: December 6, 2008

ok Mr shtick,
your thoughts are sporadic lyk you are addict
to put some claptrap which have been static
Thereís no point getting into a panic
coz ya words is somfin lyk collapsed titanic
homie you lived in constant fear of satanic
but i pray to 'em and react lyk volcanic
pussy Things are manic in tha c-ro famine
And we are tha extended family
coz we delivered a homily on the virtues of crap autogenic
no homie you ain't galvanic coz ya anger run through cryogenic
betta go to clinic and be prepared in hygienic condition
start from children learning addition
subtract ya rendition, divide ya prediction
multiply ya skills and come to ma erudition
so that would be ya perdition
if itz complicated 'en elaborate through ya computer system
mayn did you got any conclusion bout ma cautionary tale
bout ma broadscale bustin ya dick and makin you a fine female
homie i kno you are suffering frm low morale
And turnin ya cute face in a pale complexion
now this is ma last phrase to keep ya own counsel
bout a counsel of perfection And I ain't got any affection
coz Im lyk MCz viral infection
ha ha I think you lost all sense of direction

Competition Entry by MgdBr 416 (Guest)

Submitted: December 3, 2008

when paint is pealin/ tha pain ur feelin/
tha wall comes sealin/ closin in our ceilin/

initiative/ incision/ incinent / decision / remniscin /
christmas gift/ liftin up/
liftin it up/ livin it up/ driven by us/
liften heavy stuff/ in very little money but not enough/
shootin stabbin wit machettes size of their arms.
killin it all / killin in blood/ happens all in their yards.
fillin in blood/ livin in mud. slangin dope n killin for drugs.
theres no hope/
no grass or grains, livin scared. they cant even see a flame.
they freak out / n try to speak out. talk then get hit n bleed out.
die from their own sons n fathers.
the young kids rebels n kill their mothers.
cant speak out . its either speak out or bleed out/
reach out, n you'll bleed to death. u dun got time to think bout tha rest.
u die either way, from germs n stench that instantly kill everyday.
they need our blessins. help reach to what they're destined.
its to live on to hear life lessons.
to be able to read n right. not have to worry whether them or their kids r goin to
die tonight.
whether they even gotta live their life wit bein protected by usin guns or knives.
or killed in a bunch a time.
think of who to help, instead of always save a life...

hey tell me if u like jus writin for awareness ...msg this


Competition Entry by Grandhustla (Member)

Submitted: December 1, 2008

yo.. me mr black,i gt a huge afro n a gold eye coz im an uathorised a aint ill, you aint real, so who made you king?...take sum dope,throw em in tha bank..role that shit..thats ma flavour n im real like a matter of fact i deal dope in ma grandmama's back yard...1,2 thats three are sick n you need professional clinical...let me brake it down to ya me at tha terminal n we blaze up sum chronical..feel me son?...i got flow, ma sin is unforgiven..n if being n ill cat is a sin?..ya'l can sue me(ha ha ha)...this whl shit is i brake lame cats bones like a rubber socket...this rap shit is ma bedroom,i mesmerise n ya'l flow is techno design n it slap any stupid mafu#kr who tryna brake ma!!!

Competition Entry by Ju- town (Guest)

Submitted: November 30, 2008

Big $am, x-cetra, Lil freeze
plus all the rest of them MCees
with flavour won't be forgiven now or later they
gone be arrested,question and charged for pirateing
my digital cd's quit playing with terminal velocity your turn over this your demise memorise all your victories and work on your design cause it's flaws in it have your share of humble cake you like socket to me I'm done welcome to high society.

Competition Entry by Twompson P (Guest)

Submitted: November 28, 2008

To be FORGIVEN with no discretion,
One QUESTION has to be adressed...
Another test from our SOCIETY,
soul PIRATES, non-the less...
A DIGITAL dungeon as our creative DESIGN built to our finesse,
we find our FLAVOUR in the beats we vibe & live life with no regrets...
I know you're depressed I can tell you've lost it,
mentally TERMINAL, unplugged from the SOCKET...
Your only option when lost within,
is to MEMORISE positive words of profit.... begin...

Competition Entry by *GhOsT*oF*a*DeAd*RaPpEr* (Guest)

Submitted: November 23, 2008

Me and my SOCIETY..we DESIGN to floss
U..U a bum like PIRATE on a island lost
No QUESTION these haters try to stop it
So for the screwheads i got the wrench and da SOCKET
Please I dont need to think lyrical
Im a robot my brain program DIGITAL
to kick that ill ish with pemanent flow
Cuz my raps is a bus station,so
I keep it movin like a TERMINAL yo
You to slow pick the pace up
U must have no tounge cuz u got no FLAVOUR
Me im so nice when im spittin
Hurt alot of rappers feelins but they know the god is FORGIVEN
Cuz im a beast no im more like penny wise
Cuz i am IT im the shit i got that flow u wanna MEMORISE
What i write it touch the dead.i could make lennon rise
Cuz me and hip hop go together like men and wives...


Competition Entry by Rap\'s Assassin (Guest)

Submitted: November 21, 2008

I have a question for black America
What part do you play in society
since the flavour of the House has changed
what terminal are you riding
like a plug to the socket our whole race is shining
coming from a rare design,
now wonder we all rhyming
I'm a pirate on these beats so don't be mad if I jack'em
memorise my name cuz there's only one Rap's Assassin
underground like digital
I'm my own teams captain
there's no forgiven for these unforgiven rappers
because they keep these haters laughing

Sucka Free Rap's Assassin

Competition Entry by Rap\'s Assassin (Guest)

Submitted: November 21, 2008

Can I get a witness
this is my testimony
I married my better half
so there's no alimony
So why do I feel lonely
Bread winner of my household,
but homies barely making it
cuz the economies slowly taking it
what little I did have
it's time for a change
finally a Black President and it doesn't feel strange
no offense to Bill, but Martin Luther King was the first Black President for real
no need to wipe ya eyes
cuz we offical now
drop the bombs and make the country shake
whip this mother****** back in shape
like when everybody was smokin herb
right before the coke came
right before our people got hooked to cocaine
it was ok to be happy forever oppressed the nappy
so what do you expect at a time like this black man runnin the world with a positive lift
but the Banana Republicans can't see past his skin

It's Our time to Shine so Paint the White House Black, paint the White House Black,
We In Here.

Competition Entry by z dollar (Guest)

Submitted: November 21, 2008

i came though terminal like a pirate man
i had socket in my hand so i can ouestion you till you
die,i mixed design with flavour ,in the society of
unforgiven, am so iced out ill forgive you
z-dollar closed the door,and aint go na open
you better get a digital and memorise it in your head
fuck off! period

Competition Entry by LiCkeTy Splyt (Guest)

Submitted: November 19, 2008

im a lyricist PIRATE/ I dun stay in one place at a time i migrate/
people can ask me a QUESTION/ ask all you want n Iíll answer u wit teachin u a rhyme lesson/ I dun need a weapon (these wordz are weaponz)/ I can become a legend/ I can play wit ya mind n keep ya guessin/
I need a new whack ass rhyme so ima giv u any flavour/ n Iíll do it as a favour/
Got a camera in ma head n a cd player/ I write rhymez im bout to go digital/ ima lifesaver/ a rhyme wrangler/ I canít be undastood so ima hav ta show ya a visual/
If im undastood then who carez ur fukin forgiven/
If ur undastood then ok an apology u want/ Iíll give it/
Give me some internal problemz/ before I leave for the terminal/
Ha hit me bang ma head Iíll fukin fight u in tha urinalz/
Hit me in the eye socket/ laugh all u want till I show ma fist pop n lock it/
Try n touch me/ then uíll deal wit tha knife thatís in ma pocket/ ima menace to society/ u can c me on sum streets in tdot us kidz all in variety/
Im an artist I draw n rap I can hell of course carve this/ everytime I write a rhyme/ I design it in ma head/ that way I kno whatíll hav to be said/
If you canít design this then u need to memorise it/
Memorize this rhyme as I write it/
Memorise fuk it/ Iíll see it in tha air as I rise shit bitch.

Remember ma name boom///
LiCkeTy Splyt

hey holla at ma gurl man $piTter_MAgZ leave one LOVE man... ma first time doin this freestyle rhyme shit so whatev man jus holla at ya kidd.

Competition Entry by dante_1990 (Member)

Submitted: November 19, 2008

here to send the message so everybody can get invited....low-key, observant gotta keep one eye open like a (pirate).. but way too fly to encounter with tubulance...please, (question)? im the answer so you ain't gotta ask jeeves.. do this wit ease...still trying to rise above they but sleep... cause the flow crazy like (flavour) of love peep,i been ready, my (digital) underground is to 2fly eli creep, neva but im always on the move too (forgiven) you not a clock with alarm so don't snooze choose? i think they do... ain't got a lick of plugs so im searching for the (socket)what about u? dont really care...woo john i think this is when i got to face-off my career? im trying head for the end of the(terminal)so i can take-off..fam don't need cane to be a menance 2 (society)different variety neva pause ....sick of the same ya'll ol dog..get wit it and check out the new (design)play the game right can't be pentalized im gonna put my name out over an over to make ya'll (memorise)...L* get at me

Competition Entry by Basicase (Guest)

Submitted: November 18, 2008

Dude is a pirate you shouldnít hide it or question the liveliness
Yes bitch I singe the flavour into the layman rum with no chaser faces blur
Find me hiding on society, memorise some Ra-Ra, brothels got their eye on me
Made a man when I binged in sun rays and laid my ham in some bitch
Dump tricks off a bride, all is forgiven when I toast to God
Living in my own design, or mirage
Cocks like a barge and fits in to her arse like a socket in my garage
I mince the parts and eat terminal meat float to the beach so hermits can eat
Digital feats arenít complete, no cell phone, its in the sea
Getting to me, that the dancer in me, just canít be with cancer in knee.
He-he eat my pee-pee.

Competition Entry by Cognition (Member)

Submitted: November 18, 2008

My very question to succession is all in a rhyme
With lyrical digital pinpoint my inner spiritual design
I find myself with anxiety
Dreary times of an economical fuck up society
Im not the savior
But when shit gets redundant try my flavour
Pluge into my socket
Terminal flows more fly then rockets
Now i lost all pleasure
Looking for something better
A hip hop pirate tryin find the golden treasure
Back when i idolize young rap guys
Many rhymes that i memorise for my own mind
And none will be forgiven
Im hoping for a better sound as the world spinnin

Competition Entry by C-LADD (Member)

Submitted: November 18, 2008

i'm not a pirate
but niggas call me lu the great
disturbed like mentally
and so i got this niggas sqwick
a terminal madness, my flavour
is f***k in seconds
like sockets, digital
i choke like satan straightened
you rappers memorise beats
for me society speaks
and when they question freeze
cause you might be unforgiven c's
they say design is me
but man i think they make me sick
so glady take this piece and buy
yourself some ryhmes with it

Competition Entry by Syke1 (Member)

Submitted: November 18, 2008

Number 1 you can bet; now hereís a dose of my rhymeís rep.
Lyrical pirate quick to design a digital mindset.
Money is time spent & itís time for me to hold.
So you & the rest of society could memorize this flow.
As I go, only sick flavor with this original rhyme sayer.
You better believe itís that Syke1, player.
Save your questions for the colonel.
Otherwise you can keep your thoughts terminal.
Itís hard to win when you keep on sinning.
Just let yourself be forgiven & lock it.
Then you blast like a rocket.
Get the message in your socket.
This world only rotates based on what you need in your pocket.

Competition Entry by C- MAJOR (Member)

Submitted: November 17, 2008


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