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Competition Entry by original g (Member)

Submitted: March 26, 2009

lets go, i arrive at my ARRIVAL on time at a sinful place
but i dont do what my GENERATION do my life is not to waiste
i walk a clean narrow PASSAGE thats full of hate,blood,death
all my attention goes on buildin positve vibes nothin else
24s jordan shoes riches ful of witches looks soo..MAGICAL
but all those thangs will leave you TORCH ,dont be a amateur
oh you want it, go ahead and put your head in a TRIANGLE
gurrantted you gone get scared up 4 real at every angle
you is a CANDLE in the night inside a really dark place
and every body wants that fire to come out of its place
but if you dont side track you will stick out like GRAFFITI
but we wont IMPOSE on that, were to focused on being me
i dont need a SHOTGUN for beef im to armed as it is
but if its for protection im a make berry pies outa his ribs

Competition Entry by eaze (Guest)

Submitted: March 25, 2009

In he that is me known as eaze when i breathe/
lay the power of ten kilotons of TNT/
left in my wake the human torch burned to a crisp/
scorched for the dumb sence to impose on this/
my intellectual flos from no genie no magical touch/
provoked by the generation of kids that get free lunch/
its hits me to the core where is God & my angel/
caught with HIM and the devil sadistic twisted love tri-angle/
waiting on the arrival of a rival whose survival is a farewell /
rhymin savagely from a passage he concocted while in a jail cell/
my words are audible graffiti only seen in sound/
more powerful than a mosssberg shotgun that lay men down/
but its late the time has come to dismantle the candle/
and the flame u claim will give u fame that we know u cant handle/

Competition Entry by Alien Hecht (Guest)

Submitted: March 22, 2009

Highly contained disturbed arrival of a carnival generation imposing the will of sergeants and the horse rocket skip passage magical abrupt pollution portion pollinated torch triangle candle upliftment motion river guided a sliver portion portraying my graffiti please to meet me impose shotgun tolenace commence senced drenched epiphennes carbon dioxadated centuries of entering my heritedge with keeps your arms and where we get sent to its like i was trying to tell you the whole time

Competition Entry by G33zNagata (Member)

Submitted: March 19, 2009

listen up make way for ma arrival
yea da lyrics dat i spit g3ts deeper den da bible
try to impose a threat to m3 best believe i will snipe u
wit da shotgun I got one duce duce cock it back make u disapear lik3 voodoo

Competition Entry by ro (Guest)

Submitted: March 16, 2009

mother fucker acting like they men of steel
nigger you still gonna rust
shrug you of my shoulder like dust
rapping like you just got you balls bust
fuck with my trust
me ill fuck you up
drink you up like coffee in a cup
and thats whats up
no matter how much i fuck ya'll up
the fun is never enuf
all of yall say the same shit
spitin shit like im the best
and fuck the rest
put most of ya'll to the test
1oo per Cent
ya'll wont make it
coz nigger like ya'll like to fake it
bitches saying their rhymeshot as a candle
my rhymes to hot to handle
rap and creat a scandle
nigger i will dismantle
im the shperd to the rest of the catlle
got cbribs the size os castle
they callme master
coz i just rap faster
the diff between me and you is that i put my dream in to motion
and not i rap and cause a commotion
coz i rap with a fucking flow and emotions
rap and make you have loose motions
rap and your bitches start having abortions
coz that my effect
mess with me and youre dick will get an errect
im like a disease you cant detect
and im end this shit
coz im tired of this bitch

Competition Entry by ispitbad (Guest)

Submitted: March 10, 2009

to u it's like a fukin candle or torch/
but to me it's more to handle than strength n tha force/

u waitin upo ma arrival/
but i'm already here to climb ya'll/
i'll thrive yo/
n do what im supposed to/
im doin this poem not impose, get a clue/
i'll tell the truth n never need to pop one/
but you only use weaponry n still need a shotgun/
before you kno it/ u'll b first in tha casket/
so listen to the words i use n heres ur passage/
to get thru/
jus to get to u/
pull pieces together in number threes/
u'll be so blessed if u dun blaze the smokin trees/
one two three theres and angle/
i aim wit my words n burn u like a firy triangle/
im magical/ way past laughin ya'll/
im havin all/
this teenage generation/
bein put straight to education/
so no cops need to be in halls/
i am an artist to my words like im writin graffiti/
so i'll put rappin first n tag this wit ma blood that's bleeding.

Competition Entry by T.D.B (Member)

Submitted: March 5, 2009

Im more than splashin in da game My waves tidal
They say Hip hop is D.O.A dead on arrival
With the pen I have no rivals
My future lookin bright like da light from a candle
Cuz I spit flames like a torch
I already kicked down hip hop door now im jumpin off da porch
Its no fable when I say my career got a extended timetable
Lyrics, Swag, Focus the 3 points to my triangle
They say they wanted a beast well they got 1
My punchlines buck like shells outta shotgun
It seems like a magical passage
Goin from bein broke in da hood to makin money rappin
My mind marked up like a mural for graffitti
Tryin not to let the situation of the current generation get me
Bucks i gotta get those
So thru my rhymes my will b imposed

Competition Entry by bill (Member)

Submitted: March 5, 2009

they all marvel at my arrival black, hat black jacket looking so magical their eyes bulge at the view of my cars torch fuck the interview bitch aint Scott Storch, am born hot men i can be handled am on fire am like a burning candle, so dont touch. cos ama burn ya but ama warn ya before i harm ya and have your mama in the church mourning ya, so in the process i should go on with my progress hun? yea. understand making money is my addiction i moved from ancient to a new generation so i, damage the passage to the past age, for a new dimension. and i suppose yall should impose a new post on the wall, with attitude see me pose on the wall, tattoo of triangle diagrams, what u call it graffiti? my fly ability is what i call defying gravity, stand on air like a magician and in a moment ill be gone like the bullet from a shotgun brrrra its bill signing off and am gone.

Competition Entry by Alphabetik (Guest)

Submitted: March 5, 2009

My arrival coincides with rival rappers mass departures
Like stories that emanate from generations past of marches
Check exodus where the blessed were left with safe passage
even when facing a great ocean thanks to Moses they managed
something mystical utterly unimaginable and magical:
they proceeded as massive seas receded in a fashion unnatural
and holding a flaming torch he aimed his people forth to freedom
so all you fake posers pray for Moses you're gonna need him
or get caught in a tangle as a microphone chord strangles your throat
in a triangle choke that might mangle like Curt Angle provoked
cause I spit the dope that no man can stand to handle that easy
like roman candles to a child or wild style graffiti
when i impose my will i compose greater prose than the quill of Will Shakespeare you don't fill me with no great fear
I won't jump back from your pump action shotgun
cause you ain't got one:
you's a chump acting like a gangsta but you're not one

Competition Entry by Chitown312 (Member)

Submitted: March 2, 2009

Chi'Tizzle's bout to make it happen, and its gonna be hot,
just navigate ur map n pick the damn spot,
cuz its all coo in the 312, just torch them magical trees, and do how we do,
Praise the Lord, give em thanks, lay them shotguns to rest,
its the arrival of a new generation and we're finna be blessed, yes
and we're not supose to impose ill will or be greedy,
but the media will play it all day in ur face like graffiti,
its the passage way to hell, take a look at it from my angle and get the points like a triangle,
can u handle the heat from this baptismal candle?!


Competition Entry by yung.rush (Member)

Submitted: March 2, 2009

Rush is making an arrival in to this rap generation.
flows goin so hard, i'll put your brain on vacation.
it's like im comin through on a whole new passage.
I seen the mic sittin there.
so you know i had to grab it .
my insperations like a triangle, consists of three words,
ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER, now you know it
Ya heard?
I could write it all night,
my rhymes go off like a shot gun
sleepin on the thought.
I wake up and i got one.
and when im on the mic
I feel like im carrying the torch.
becuz i can't stop flowin, i refuse to abort.
magical graffiti in my brain.
no rules to impose.
take it back to the days with a candle.
Where nobody goes.

Competition Entry by Hood.i (Guest)

Submitted: February 28, 2009

this is an arrival of a new generation
the passage of the torch is something so amazing
i got a blessed flow , its something thats worth praising
hell raising, a magical stimulation
i put fire on wax, im similar to a candle
a shotgun flow, i bang then dismantle
i come full circle, no squares or triangle
so dont impose before u get strangled
see this is why hip hop really needs me
im an hip hop element, put me after graffiti

Competition Entry by 1/2 cut 1/2 lit (Member)

Submitted: February 26, 2009

my eyes beadie / grindin my teeth like im teething /
fiending / pissin on walls of shitty graffiti /
meaning / im a fuckin newfy screeched and swished /
so shit faced im like an alcoholic abyss /
shit theyre praying for me sundays lighting up candles /
they see me as lost as the bermuda triangle /
half cut the one drunk she pump my dick like a shotgun /
talking wit her mouth full / pettin' the possom /
they ll flock son throwing money to pigeons like bird seed /
scrubs feed / on a new generation of shannon tweeds /
catch my girl on her knees no joke both cheeks is full blown /
they both / look at me like im the one who imposed /
ironic this is what blows / a click a way on sympatico /
her adultfriendfinder nickname is magical /
a passage to self loathe/im as empty as i am broke/
trying to ride my bike wit a stick in the spokes/
my arrival no denial/ cant get past my front porch
this blunt is my future my light my torch

Competition Entry by Lyric (Guest)

Submitted: February 25, 2009

No other generation is more magical than my own/
There is no one passage, that is written in stone,/
Able to compare a great man to how amazing we are in a poem/
And we don't mean to impose/
It's just that we are suppose to be here and our arrival is unknown/
So instead of sitting back and moan,/
We get back and the zone, making more noise than a shotgun/
So you can notice us/
So don't run,/
And don't fuss/
Just know we will make our imprint like graffiti/
Believe at the top is were you'll see me/
And if you want to find US, you need to find first place/
It doesn't matter the race/
As long as we are going in circles and at least a triangle/
We will battle anyone because it takes two to tango/
So I hope everyone is ready because we are too much to handle/
We have more fire in our belly than a candle or a torch/
Because we we export the slack and ambition we import/

Competition Entry by RICHARD TOSON (Member)

Submitted: February 24, 2009


Competition Entry by GRT (Member)

Submitted: February 21, 2009

see in the arrival, what you going to experience is magical, leave you with 3 sides like a triangle, burn beats nice and slowly like a candle, something you cant handle it is real never fake, said i left a passage i am way pass ur age, so u know i gotta get some i do it for fun, call me a artist cuz i like to draw shotguns, so i guess i got impose, who is the winner the well lets look at the polls, in my generation yall always hatin to u it is a sport, i spit graffiti to the mic now it became a torch

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