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Competition Entry by T.D.B (Member)

Submitted: May 18, 2009

This is a message im deliverin like a postcard
T.D.B is the definition of go hard
Cuz thats what in detroit and im living proof
Cowarads can't take the impact the so you use ya boys like parachutes So im making moves cuz yall cant stop dude yall in aw standin still gettin shitted on like statues
I could neva be cloned soon to be known around the globe im like shaq towering over you gnomes
My lyrics,Electric my flow u cnt mess wit hit u in da face wit a punchline have you seein stars on sum trek shit
Da world is mine i dare you to grab it im battle tested u can't take a dent da opposite of plastic
I was born to grab the mike rap circles round niggaz like sattelites So imma take my time and put u sheep in a line and get yall trained show yall the negative ones aint the only ones that attain

Competition Entry by Syke1 (Member)

Submitted: May 16, 2009

It's the lone wolf among the rest you sheeps,
striking like an electrical breach when your speaking on me.
So decease any form negative speech,
because I'm way above it like a satellite's reach.
Flowing from top of the globe & who knows?
You might be the next to witness what my story unfolds.
Here's the card of my post,
parachuting down like a army vet on his foes.
Your posing harder than a statue, I guess I should have wore a plastic before me & your mother had you.
So now that you witnessed the pain from my lyrical train...
I suggest you should stop free styling & see what you could gain???

Competition Entry by ntgsoul (Member)

Submitted: May 16, 2009

I'm so deep am I awake or asleep when I count sheep,
The dream train run through my brain and vein streets,
Life's bittersweet like a sedative; half negative,
Kinda like plastic trees that don't breath or live,
If I get at you it ain't to clap you so don't go statue,
If you wit me we both grind hard till we signin postcards,
Sendin home shots of the parachutes to the fam yard,
Satelite radio, lou reed, it's all love
One love up on this globe I give the earth hugs,
I could say more for time; I get eccentric, but, to me this life is more than words; it's so electric.

Competition Entry by lefaraky (Member)

Submitted: May 15, 2009

there is a land somewhere on this beautiful globe
a land of sun and low
with invigorating, whistling winds
usually seen on a postcard staked in a bookshop
there are some rugged peaks
man, hillocks and hills
with a statue of the king on the granite rocks
there is good tillable land
also cattle and sheep land
rich in animate treasures
not plastic-faked gems
the is never unbearably hot there
the "sun-burnt"people love it all

it is but a priceless pity
to pity those immured souls
even in their place of dwelling
an electric current passes through me
oh i shun and shudder
yet the peace loving people
endowed with stupendous pigment
are ready to parachute wit with forgiveness
with so much love like a long train of love
never with negative feelings or thoughts
prefer to live in a state of cognizance
or so it seems

i then wonder if it is possible
indeed not probable?
for the darkie to leave everything
like a satellite to orbit the earth
in philosophic resignation?
whether there is something we can do?
there is always a way!

Competition Entry by dayday (Member)

Submitted: May 13, 2009

time to shock you don't you know my flow is electric
my negative is a high rank, you might want to elect it
there should be a statue of me all around the globe
and i parachute in the game like it's a plastic bowl
flya than a satellite, send me a postcard
i got a train like a lambo, too much cash for cars
i'm lion classified, you are soft like sheep
but if i'm ever caught in black cotton then it's my time to reap

Competition Entry by moon (Member)

Submitted: May 13, 2009

I sent an electric postcard,
by satellite to a statue in an old church yard,
I caught a train to a distant globe,
i received a parachute in a space probe,
i parachuted in to the old church yard,
a plastic sheep was on guard,
protecting my electric telegram,
containing holy information-a diagram,
I sent this back with the statue,
I parachuted him back for negative mankind to review,
the second coming's future venue.

Competition Entry by illwill89 (Member)

Submitted: May 10, 2009

Im the best on the globe travel to Mars for competition/
Not a negative dude but keep heat in my composition/
NO mercy wit the flow no need to tap for submission/
Beef with me trust me not the right decision/
You didn't get the postcard I'm in style like true religions/
So I train with persistence giving my full commitment/
More like a obligation to resurrect hip hop/
polluting potent flows to the globe and whack emcee's finally flop/
black sheep of the game but I get dirty like gym socks/
Im a hip hop fans dream like feens with free rocks/
Ya'll rhymes stepped on I'm raw like straight drop/
Disappoint my art But I aint mad at cha like Tupac/
Electric with it, battling me will leave you shell shocked/
my lyrical hollows are never off target they're face shots/
No need to satellite the best rapper Im sick like bird flu/
I'm the New Edition busting out the plastic to destroy you/
Make you Free fall from the top quick no parachute/
If I'm in the competition guaranteed to win like staged raffles/
Coming at your head leave you stuck like statues/
You're just a fad Im permanent like tatoo's/

Competition Entry by sah whyte (Member)

Submitted: May 9, 2009

im lke ar blak blak blak sheep sinkin in ar titanic ship so rose met dis fine jack n couldnt help bt trip n den it sank coz wat fell dat dai waz ar heavy heavy rain so dey regret it n wish dey followed a train coz dere folks would ve neva ever felt dat pain dey would ve had joy like a whore whose hiv negative n not positive coz shes so protective n mke her visitors use a plastic in her i mean elastic in her be4 her statue comes out breathig lke its matured n be ar living creature n he or she will share ur postcard n life will be very hard n dey'll both be sad wit dat u si ur mind cant stay put u wish u can jst lay ur problemz in ar parachute send dem through a satellite lke 2 ar differnt globe n if possible dey should jst get shot by electric.

Competition Entry by The Real Don P (Guest)

Submitted: May 6, 2009

10 words in 20 lines aint nothin I got this
im a wolf in sheep clothing so its hard to spot this
while yall ride the train sendin texts to ya girl
ill be writin a postcard on the plane to ya girl
can u hear me now? my satellite phones global
dead the negative talk top of globe i will throw you
with no parachute see ya later nice to know you
my flows electric kinda like the slide so they dance
u standing like a statue what you wearin plastic pants?

Competition Entry by J.C aka Mr. IL (Guest)

Submitted: May 3, 2009

I Count Sheep When I Got The Feelin Of Dreamin
Open My Pores So I Can Release The Demons That Within Them
My Cousin Father Sendin Him Postcards From Heaven
Im Still Wishin For My Damn Emotions To Set In
I Count Loot While Im Glidin Thru The Air On A Parachute
Soundin Like A Train It Go Bang When I Let It Shoot
Im Top 10 Sculpt My Statue If I Die
And I Want A Diamond Casket Dolla After Dolla
No Need For Da Plastic But There's Need For Affirmative Action
Keep Watchin The Globe Like A Satellite
So Negative, Positive Is The Way I Gotta Live My Life
If Im High Then Whats An Electric Bill, Right?

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