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Competition Entry by Jewell Jackson \"L\'s\&qu (Guest)

Submitted: July 20, 2009

Its a smoke shadow tryin to understand my factory of lines,
skills and a vision step out his atmoshpere and give it some time,bit by the haters parasite now your vision is blind,his lyrics are a constant assault like he equipped with a nine,keep venues bouncin like trampolines when he spittin his ryhmes,eclipsing mc's with ease he just eat them alive,laying on an ambulance saying he just there for the ride,try being a gentlemen young man its easy to be a goon,submitting your life to the drain like a typhoon, cuz most gangstas are fake they deserve grammies, cuz while they was in the bed i was hustlin in my jammies,trust me the street life is nothing that you wanna get into, im lookin everyday for a soulless body just to give it to, but dont get me wrong im really thankfull for the lessons, and i know everyday i get write lyrics is a blessing,im teaching yall like Coreta Stone get your fix,I refuse to use my whole 20 lets just make yalls death quick.

Competition Entry by DaOnlyChef (Member)

Submitted: July 19, 2009

You'll say this is blasphemy, why does dis have to be?
Kids a rhyme factory causin catastrophe!
Assault-in disastrously, an invadin parasite
You'll choke on your smoke discovrin I'm white-
-Er then the moon that'll cause an eclipse
Worse then a typhoon is ta Indonesians
When demonstratin, I'm above you like atmosphere
Don't hate dis is somethin dat y'all got to hear
Best hold my words dear, or I'll trample you fiend
When I spring into action like a trampoline
You a tramp whos lean, words thin like a crack-whore
Can't write your own shit, because you just want more
Thoughts from the Chef who will lay you to rest
You're D.O.A. in my ambulance
After just one ride, skills infernal to you
Cause they just made ur grave an eternal venue!

Competition Entry by T.D.B (Member)

Submitted: July 18, 2009

Imma detroit city boy da whole hood backing me
they say i pump out rhymes like a punch line factory
actually im growin mathematically academy awards yall r just acting b one wink have ur girl and her friends after me like a ninja girls stay attacking me bouncing rapper out the game im da hiphop trampoline so i suggest get a clue rap just aint 4 u go ahead and pick anotha venue i spit bombs every verse go BOOM rappin up storm betta yet a typhoon flow got yu in a trance gotta repair these rappers go and geta a ambulance if you can't tell by now im bout to run this shit blockin out other mc's like a solar eclipse i'd do alot for chedda but selling my soul i won't cause the lime light can fade faster than a match smoke i got da rappin bug naw more intense its like a parasite so the best dat i just mite naw i am to me its real clear cuz my punchlines surround us like da atmosphere so watch ya step cause im throwin yall like a vault i beat on tracks producers should sue for assault

Competition Entry by Liquid G (Guest)

Submitted: July 18, 2009

You just another PARASITE out the whack rapper FACTORY, probly never scene tragedy living life happily
white fence n perfect family, meanwhile im ASSAULTing mothers like hunters outta bambi, not a mean dude but i can be, SMOKE got me lit like a lamp of kerosene, tities bouncing like im sexing on a TRAMPOLINE, the tramps a fiend so i made sure her hands where clean, rock the VENUE forget a family dance half my fans ride back in a AMBULANCE, quick change my stance aint ATMOSPHERE but i got a eye dea to be the next greatest emcee Liquid g's TYPHOON leave the ocean empty, next scene in a chicks whip um grand am or ECLIPSE dont remember i was focused on her tits, now a days focused on making hits so give my page a few more clicks ha

Taking Hits Constantly

Competition Entry by Peter Wyatt Fellows (Guest)

Submitted: July 18, 2009

Just the other day
an Ambulance rushed my papa away
Because of smoke in his lung
It's like he's just been stung
By a parasite
And now he has to die young
It's my birthday
I asked for a trampoline
But now that I'm seventeen
And my pops is dead
On a hospital bed
I have to work at the factory
And I'm forced to flee
The life I had
I'm standing at the venue
Staring at the menu
Scared of the Typhoon
That will kill me so soon
and put the world in eclipse
making us all close are lips.

Competition Entry by CeL$ (Guest)

Submitted: July 18, 2009

now as i hit d block,
u tryna ASSAULT me think u got me
but i hit ya lyk a TYPHOON
and u keep front me.
dis rhyme ain't m identity
mind ya i still got d dexterity
cus i d best ever ever made product of d FACTORY.
to reach dem heights i need no TRAMPOLINE
cus im d only black who beat d whites in d scene.
ima burst ya in d air
and make ma ATMOSPHERE bright
cus i d independent and u d PARASITE.
every battle VENUE incomplete widout ma presence
tryna battle me out carry dem AMBULANCE.
cus ima hammer and shatter ya rhymes
and blow dem out lyk SMOKE
shit! it wil b d only thing
dat wil carry ya dead rhymes back home.
dis ain't na ECLIPSE so hitin' ya direct
mind ya ma rhymes d best if u starta detect.

Competition Entry by Angel Q (Guest)

Submitted: July 16, 2009

real quick let me get up on the mic
not factory made but non the less I'm still clever tight, quite the parasite, coming to assult your mind with my flow
however I bring it be aware of the smoke that'll blind you
take you off the venue have to call an ambulance cause ya hurtin' in ya mental, like man how this lady just blow me up like tally-ban balzin' on the track and of course i'm gonna win, going for first place, never mind an hon-orable mention, sit you in dention for even trying to step up the atmosphere is heat and I'm blowin it up. in this venue, a typhoon i come on you and attack, Just like spike lee, ya see ya gurls gotta have that, therefore i come over and stab it, i eclipse out the phonies no i'm not just chattin, lyrics hittin' higher then a trampoline, Angel the caramel twix, I'm divine like a hot alpha or phi beta on the scene.

Competition Entry by Rocket (Guest)

Submitted: July 14, 2009

Sabotage, camouflage dats de name of da game,
Smoke dem up, tump dem down can't you see that's my aim.
On da streets of the hood bro theres a sick atmosphere,
Looting, shooting, parachuting to da ground, you here.

As I'm walking to through tha ghetto, bustin like a badass typhoon,
The parasite dat dissed me, you gonna feel it soon.
Assault in my hood yo, I'm glad I aint you
A lift in da ambulance, to dat silent venue, fool!

Yo eyes gonna close up, eclipse, you know tha deal,
To da man in Black's factory, yo fate it dun seal.
Yo feet gonna be dancin, like you on a trampoline
Slugs gonna be emptied swiftly out from my magazine

Competition Entry by Bless41 (Guest)

Submitted: July 12, 2009

its bless, im back in thee FACTORY
actually, factually,
honestly, gotta be these rappers catastrophe
these bastards dont stand a chance
but understand my plans
to kill dis rap game and send it off in an AMBULANCE
im peelin off like a tangerine
got u shakin like a tamborine and jumpin like a TRAMPOLINE
im like an ECLIPSE, i'll cut off ya light n hide moons
hit hard like a TYPHOON
and kill ya night, by noon
dont try to come in my ATMOSPHERE
im rappers fear
and i'll still be here wen the SMOKE clear
i'll show up to the VENUE and ASSAULT da mic
im ultra nice
flow poison like a kobra's bite
im like a virus, call me PARASITE
so prepare da mic
for a sick flow, and get low like u scared of heights..

Competition Entry by seviin (Guest)

Submitted: July 12, 2009

i make cheese like im milk based factory game
parasite to ya mc's im eatn ya man
my venue is so hood so its block life sucka
purple haze in da green leaf no smoke no thunder
i eclispe your best writers boy check my numbers
i gotta trampoline scheme atmosphere the limit
call the ambulance for em i disengaged his spirit
with more force than a typhoon the drive of a tycoon
i used your ten words words ya want more then stay tuned

Competition Entry by Amani (Guest)

Submitted: July 10, 2009

I'm a parasite on the poker table stackin up these chips
I'll block your shine like a solar eclipse
Not on your venue's menu but a lyrical assassin be prepared for the assault
Come at me it's your own fault, hit em with verbal daggers leave em on the asphault
Call the ambulance, ya boy's more frosty than a malt
My words are more dangerous than a typhoon in the Phillipines
R.I.P. to all the victims that thought life was all about green
It's ugly like like a Mexican factory with abuse oh so mean
Because moneys the root of evil produces more fiends
If I get rooted down I'll bounce back up like a trampoline
So I'll rise pass the smoke and atmosphere and up more
And go up to Heaven to live with the Lord

Competition Entry by jericho (Member)

Submitted: July 8, 2009

i couldnt escape cupid's assault, pleaz call an ambulance
smoke in the atmosphere's thick- i might not hav a chance
like a parasite his arrow is invadin my heart
im speakin words out my mouth that were never in thot
got my mind so blown like a typhoon thru a weak venue
man, i gess this what itz like wen that luv getz in u couldnt describe it wit lines soundn like from a factory
im talkn off da wall, da trampoline, da radar then back 2 me
by da way doc, call it eclipse of the mind if ur wit it
cuz i just relived the experience wit this entry i submittd

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