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Competition Entry by zodapoet (Member)

Submitted: August 25, 2009

I'm Zo tha poet I hold the globe and I might through it
at those who think thier pro's
but thier just the ones that probe it
I know it, your not the G's
thier can only be 1 no apostrophe
my philosophy is live intill you got to leave
with out relieing on apologies
its not biology, its true that pain hurts
but learning to maintain is what builds the framework
a stained shirt and a ruptured disk
thats the type of shit that teaches structure quick
if your flustered Qiut, instead your acting cinematic
so maybe as a antic I'll just lock you in the attic
your dramatic, crying about your cash, sitting on your ass
you arent adding to your stash, your trash
and I'm photographer I can take you picture but i cant provide you worth, whats worse is I'm the god of words
and I feel the earge to write so I got to drop the earth
I got to rock a smirk and laugh at all your talents
then I say goodbye to a wourld thats so unbalanced.

Competition Entry by DaOnlyChef (Member)

Submitted: August 20, 2009

Hate to be brash but most rappers trash
In it for the cash with no skills to last
That might sound rash, but I won't justify
Apologies from me? I'm not that type of guy...
So why do I say it, well see this my framework
No apostrophe just me to say a 'lame-jerk'..
Structures his plain-work, with rhymes lines and verses
They unbalanced half the time ur crimes whines and curses
Perversions bout the hard life, yet still homo-bashers
These rappers make me still like work of photographers
They won't be long-lasters in this game they cinimatic
But straight to DVD, they lame not-climatic...
Back at it Lindsay? With low-hands like seven-four?
Yet still play the cards as if dealt somethin more!
And of this I'm sure, and of this you should know
You can't rule the world if ya yet to see the globe!

Got a learnin disorder? I used your words in order..
An obscene sixteen I got and filled the order
And now I'm gonna order you writtas to the border
Cause you know you can not flow ten unless you do reorder.

Competition Entry by sizzlekid (Member)

Submitted: August 19, 2009


sit back relax n try to justify this game/ lets start at the main framework by takin creator names/
biggie n 2pac were cinematic to this fame/other dames/ would just send apologies and shame/
place no blame/ there may be some trash that needs to claim/ best on the globe nope/ i highly doubt that shit main/
mc apostrophe s sometime snap due to this pain/ like a photographer snaps/ they be all flashy and they vein/
thats when/ the structure becomes all unbalanced and it change/ you can't go out/ without pissin off a brand new fan/ no autograph oh no I forgot my damn pen/ can this life be anymore stressful and then/ it runs through your head/ Is this really happenin?/ Fame and fortune is it really worth it my friend?

Competition Entry by Rejuan Karim (Guest)

Submitted: August 16, 2009

We be quicker than the beat far hitting like the heat
Wind riders fast to defeat any hater to pull or push to the edge
We face trouble to the end, justify our corze
testify with the truth as i conquer the globe
Want the world to see the bitter picture out here
Being shed from the truth, donít expect us to except the fate
like a cinematic scene, an automatic heat - reaction
Donít let colour divide us, where flesh to flesh,
Even blood to blood colour red
I dred to see what fate has in store for the world,
label us as trash, as you take our cash to start - new war
unbalanced photographer killed for a laughter
when can we end this evil structure
as the framework crumble, he comes a rumble
another needless war, many apologies
People say judgement day is coming, as u read the phrophecies
never see an end in the trouble to be free
left in the hang with like an apostrophe

Competition Entry by TY-D (Guest)

Submitted: August 12, 2009

u cant justify that trash, no structure, make me wanna bust a nine at wack, old busters the same all over the globe just remain small nobody knows ya whole frame work, just got plain murked by a young bredder risin from the UK dirt,no apologies for whats to come, i roll wiv all the G,s as i clock some money, lots a cheese in the game ur a dot an apostrophe on the page, im turnin over get burned tryna stop me earnin doja, ur not a star, cinematic, get chopped in half, wiv the mattic, oh god ya scared ma clique snaps but im no photographer, a young calais mc i never fall all dem G's are unbalanced !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Competition Entry by Sahil Datta (SD The Don Datta) (Guest)

Submitted: August 11, 2009

Destination achieved only if we suceed
cinematic beleif determining how we eat
so we prey up on the weak and make them just go to sleep
a combination of concentration and will to compete
so im tryna run the globe when im running up on the street
justify what i learned and putting it to the beat
overcommin odds motiviation proceeds
no appologies we heavy weighting the league
high like apostrophes desecrated the rest
makin room up framework taking care of the rest
stacking the whole team pressin the competition
leavin no room to breathe we killin the oposition
and my position to show just what we reppin
dob and the structure is effevescent
the testin adolecnese unbalanced we keep ya guessin
just to see you stressin photographer every session
and we never talkin trash we takin the whole settin
back against the wall what you doin without a weapon
the lesson is bettin that you locked up confessing
yellow pad and all probaly pressin for a second oppurtunity

Competition Entry by Audi-O (Member)

Submitted: August 10, 2009

My flow goes around the entire globe,
But yours always off an on like a strobe,
If you think you da best, someone has to justify,
Most of y'all talk loud but it's just a lie,
Wanna learn how to rap come round here to see some framework,
If you watchin that dude then all you gone see is how a lame work,
Cuz I see you rappin on the street and its all nuthin trash,
You flow is no where to be seen,an you rappin to fast,
Work on your punch lines and all yo rhyme structure,
I stay flowin like blood from a knife puncture,
Start some beef round here and its on, no apologies,
In my click you should just know we all G's,
Your squad full of lames and pricks, so damn unbalanced,
Thats way when my crew around you all so tense,
Every damn gun we tote is laser scoped automatic,
Your gun game is nuthin but lies, its so damn cinematic,
Its like you are folowed around by a photographer,
Back where Im from we get a quater mill off a bird,
Thats why eveyone of us are above you like an apostrophe,
For y'all its another L, everybody lost, right now its defeat,

Competition Entry by $Da Champ$ (Member)

Submitted: August 8, 2009

Let me trash his lines justify don't let him
apologies this is framework i'm taking his heart inside
apostrophe let me start another line
its a bullet inside him
structure unbalanced this is the cranium crackin inside
imma have a photographer taking pictures of the body inside cinematic
infected the body has went globe put you in the ground
spit on yuor casket write on your tombstone unnoticeable

Competition Entry by T.D.B (Member)

Submitted: August 7, 2009

imma sanitation worker takin out hip hops trash
so dat garbage truck is da last thing yuh see if you make me mad
ya lyrical ability its so sad lame boys can't rap they way outta paper bag
Yall playin photographer gettin snapshots of a real lyrcist
all around da globe they layin framework for careers from hearin dis
But since im da creator ill puncture ya structure mc's is food and lookin for lunch sir
So who eva want it we can get at it like wayne i spit movies yeah straight cinematic
Man these whack rappers all they do is justify lies then when its marketable sever ties
i think da bafoonery has maken a mockery
the real get stuck in da middle like a apostrophe no lyrics fake beef and fony aplogies is the tactics of their kind
I almost can't hack it b.s and realness is unbalanced just some of da thoughts of my mind

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