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Competition Entry by DaOnlyChef (Member)

Submitted: October 8, 2009

Hmmm...well, go figya
That I'd be callin u cracka n' you'd be callin me jigga..
It's an enigma ta have an "N" not a "J"
Wholes points its a word that I won't eva say!
Replacement likelay? I could neva do it justice..
You would then just say I was blowin like trumpets.
I'd then be love-less, noth-in I want less
Like cleanin potion afta pokin her, it is now off chest
So now back to the rest, it starts with audition
This verse is that listen, or off to mortician
You'll go so no bitchen, when I crack your lame-jaw
And cut ur ass down like a fuckin chainsaw
I want in this game ya'll, to shine down like sunlight
Write rhymes that done-right for more then this website
Ok, yeah well right, it takes more then just writin
Unlike a vampire my desires to not suck, do ya'll like it?

Competition Entry by Ether Steeds (Member)

Submitted: September 29, 2009

This competition is just an audition for me to save brains
Inventive with my enigma, brewin a potion for my insane
justice when I bust it or cut it up with the chainsaw
Trumpets the replacement for voices up in my strange world
My potion just a sunlight concoction for all u vampires
I get points for puttin lyrical stakes straight through your sad rhymes.

Competition Entry by Syke1 (Member)

Submitted: September 23, 2009

Now this lyrical audition is just as twisted as a vampire tanning in sunlight.
See I grip the mic ripping it like a chainsaw,
cut the points in a potion provoking justice to a lost cause.
The replacement of facing the the placement of words as I verbally abuse & confuse you with everything you knew...
What fool? You didn't get the point?
See I'll disappoint like American justice.
Got you paranoid... I get loud & crazy like a trumpet on steroids... LOL...

Competition Entry by Krysez (Member)

Submitted: September 22, 2009

Let me make a couple points right, let's just get it clear.
I'll buck ya ear like a buccaneer, and ask what you can hear
You gonna need a replacement, I'll chase you in a basement,
Like chainsaw massacre, disaster till the last of us.
I'm asking ya to give it up, if you wanna live it up,
If we focus, we like roaches you just can't get rid of us.
Time to go when the trumpets blow, let's go toe to toe.
I'm cold as frost and he already lost but he don't know it though.
Raised to cane Abel, I may just break fables,
This'll be ya Final Fantasy and ain't no potion gonna save you.
I might just pay you to spray you, throw a blow into ya navel,
Knock ya knee into ya nasal and ya teeth into ya ankle.
And make you say thank you, why would you even wanna fight,
You beating me is like a vampire "liking" sunlight.
We all having fun right? Let's discuss what I disgust.
That there's no justice, it's just us, just trust us.
I got a mission to audition for dudes who make decisions,
Like what is on the television, or the stations that we listen.
You hooked like fishin, I'm an enigma on the track,
Cause they can't figure how I'll act, I'll lay a lion on his back.
So why you lyin on the track, I eat ya crew like you a snack,
And if you think you should react, than think again for' I attack.
Krysez...the nicest...on mic devices,
hot as cajun spices, and tight as vises.

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