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Competition Entry by yung ct (Guest)

Submitted: November 5, 2009

I'm the shit Icome fresh out the anus
You dudes won't beef I call it angus
My money keep flowin so my words is a fountain
I stand tall and spit cold you can call me the smokey mountains
Too big to be picked up at the market heartless
killin tracks like I'm heartless
throwin more chips than poker
killin dudes all the time like batman and joker
I like hamburgers but I won't let no beef come between my bread
I'm lucky number seven Itare up tracks call me a hurricane
I spit so hard you wouldn't come from underground
I'm the terminator your worse nightmare
You wanna be a player you better come reckless
I wanna go to law school so I will deal with the judgement
Im married to the game like mt mom and her husband
moeny still pileing so you can't call it a dwarf

Competition Entry by mr.ammunition (Member)

Submitted: October 30, 2009

check it.........this is an almighty k3's rhyme
fresh outta oven,am always working hard 24 - 7even like a wall clock,flows already hardened like a padlock
i rip heartbeats then make an underground song from ma dope lungs,all day ballin' like lebron james named the most feared hurricane,gangsta shittin'always in ya toilet,put ur career on signboards tagged "TO LET" before you meet me(emcees' terminator),ladies smooth operator,mid 80's factor think first b4 messin with a NFL game player,chillin'in ma lair still your dependable gunz' worst nightmare seen it all wit ma sniper eye while you gat a dwarf vision,reckless ambition,i hit dudes where they can't recover fast,and i don't put words in judges' mouth they know the judgement that am globally d BEST. (datz wotz up,yeah).

Competition Entry by Just-One (Member)

Submitted: October 29, 2009

I'm a nightmare haunting you and making you sleep less/
Don't be a reckless player, you'll end up in a deep mess/
You're de-pressed, and frankly, you might never recover.../
...Like a hurricane victim when their house turns to rubbish/
And you love it, because I'm coming correct with no budget/
Don't take my word as law, wait til the judgment goes public/
I'll dwarf you like the seven midgets mentioned in Snow White/
My flows are so tight, you even asked me to ghost write/
Like the Terminator said, "I'll be back", and it's plain.../
...That I'ma keep it underground like in the dungeon with chains/

Competition Entry by DaOnlyChef (Member)

Submitted: October 28, 2009

Iíll morph you to a dwarf you reckless lame player
Ima seven-foot-six underground-in rap slayer
Whoíll spin ya like-a hurricane level-5 nightmare..
Right there right where ur standin canít recover
My judgment come, it landin like no otha
Terminator of you haters go cryin to ya motha!

Competition Entry by Syke1 (Member)

Submitted: October 26, 2009

Now itís the rhyme saying player quick to shake ya' like a reckless babysitter...
Still I did it with the sounds all around that were raised underground...
Then I'm sinning with the seven & depending on my judgement...
Showing just a grudge when I stomp ya' like a dwarf & of course...
I'm a nightmare upon the scene as you're happy dreams turn into an end...
So recover what you spent when you're messing with the best...
Hurricane disaster coming right at ya'...
Lyrical terminator factor while your still looking like an actor...

Competition Entry by Krysez (Member)

Submitted: October 22, 2009

1st again? Hmm...let me see, this style here is for free,
I got seven words for ya, "Give Up You Will Never Beat Me"
If you ever seek me, I'm right there, in nightmares.
And I might scare a fair share of yall when I bite bears.
Pull out ya last hair, who cares about a judgment,
Cause I was so high I don't know what that judge meant.
Nasty like bug mint, reckless like stuntmen,
I'm not a football player, but dog I punt men.
Rob a train in a hurricane, drain ya main vein,
How the hell you forget, I'm the sh#t, like toilet drains
Watch the hammer cock, I'm Stone Cold and battle Rocks,
When I pound the sound travels underground to Fraggle Rock.
Why I hop in a hooptie and you driving Porsche cars?
When I'm hot as supernovas and you not like dwarf stars?
Bad as my brother's report card, I will smother you,
Tell ya boys they better cover you or else recover you,
I'm like Ed Lover cause Yo!! I got MVP Raps!!!
I solve the case and save the place like I ate Scooby snacks
Nah yall can edit that, my time is up, I'll see yall later,
But ya best believe that "I'll be back like" like Terminator

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