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Competition Entry by T.D.B (Member)

Submitted: December 29, 2009

i kno i been gone for a minute but like a blockbuster movie
im what you gotta see
my rhymes fit yours outta shape call it bad geometry
its obvious to see nobody gettin wit him
since im always geting better
take the love along with the criticism
im just sayin me vs. you its no competition
got em wishin they could even compete in my division
but they can't so they can never really see my vision
Detroit get no respect im lettin them kno i got this
the game equals no talent gimicks thats my synopsis
it used to be about realness and skill now its contorted
if pac and big had todays rap as a baby no questionin
the answer would b abortion
da dopest lines eva created no doubt i been havin dat
da top da #1 applicant if i aint already havin it
if real rap can't take over it gotta at least start mingilin
make talent be 50% of the ingriedients
i guess up to me to do it so dope shyt can be da next generations main influence
i spit cold bars these boys like a fax machine they dnt copy
im for the progression of the culture so imma make this happen if i gotta kamikaze
im da best aint no if maybes or problys
hip hop we tight beyond measure but all these whack standards puttin unnecessary pressures
anybody as real as me im salutin
bring rap back to its essence my new years resolution

Competition Entry by UKnoIT ThA T.O. chIcK (Guest)

Submitted: December 27, 2009

uh, uh, ye, im that type of rapper chick , who splits shit up, n dimez on lay low, fukin kamikaze they jus swarmin wit popos n photography in the land of armies n logos who r the paparazzi jus tryna get on me, tryna finna harm me, let me mash up sum ingredients, cuz im nawt like u inexperienced, ima fukin bad influence but who give a shit, influenced n in true her instrumental, hip hop def blow, ye influence this one on me ur nuissance , so ur talk shit cant sharpen tha beef, dun threton me wit geometry, cuz ill b doin ya math, before ull b countin straight jack, uh cum to toronto bitchez, ill trick any of u to walk thru loopholez n man subsided ur addictions 'll grow cuz im the fuel music provider, i fukin hate that damn geometry cuz all it stands is landscapes man that aint ma hobby, ima rhyme jockey who only talks bout what she kno n dun include in her flows the geometry, ima chick who be on her feet at all times so flow will go so sick n seek under n beneath. haha giv me tha synopsis, who givez a fuk cuz u aint goin nowhere wit that female choppin, what synopsis is my ability to flow sum wild fire n poetry, flowin everyday when the beat hits the float, i pound on the dj jockey n then start to gloat, synopsis is shit when im singin infront crowds in moshpits, music loud, dun get me started on this fukin abortion, its between a proportion if the mother can handel the birth can affoard it, im not likin it one bit, who b the applicant , ill apply for a job but not unless i can handel n get on wit full hands on grip. so hatas fuk the criticism, im a chick on a mission, incision this in my brain, only way ull get me, cuz cant trick me, im a one chick army, my pressure is on, till im stressin n pressin ur arm, pound chalk dun do no harm. unless its dark. so wit my words of wisdom ill take a picture n ull b in em,
hmm.. decisions n decisions what could i do to make u listen check for this resolution its perfect includin the resolution. haha check it who giv a fuk this rhyme suck but ill b beat if i hav sum luck jus dun criticize n realize i jus did this one shot for fun. not doin this to make an album.

aha ye ye.. check its ya women lil_chickette i jus did this while i was bored whatevr criticize ill ignore, if u like well then ill do sum more. to help spread my word n vision fr u to explore... pce....

check out ma gurlz hiphopreaction page.... $piTter_MagZ

Competition Entry by Lyrical Miracle (Guest)

Submitted: December 18, 2009

You want to talk about abortion you say?
The debate is out of proportions these days
Your synopsis is comparable to extortion in a way
These pressures only lead to contortion and dismay

You conclude that religion is your source of truth
Iíll allude to geometry Ė you have no proof
You trust your ingredients in the wrong stew
So bust out a resolution, itís long overdue

Is this criticism too much for you?
You hiss like an applicant in a tough interview
Donít dismiss the influence I have on you

Oh Shit- I have to use ďkamikazeĒ too.

Competition Entry by DaOnlyChef (Member)

Submitted: December 15, 2009

An applicant for abortion? I suggest less contortion
The situations synopsis leaves room for distortion
If you apportion your options, give way to resolution
Silence the influence of that who seek retribution
And want your execution, sayin you look to do the same
The criticism from these fools who do nothin but blame
Try so hard to force shame, with their picket sign influence
Putting in their two cents with no clue how immense
The pressures can get, to try and be a single mom
In this day and age, is a kamikaze bomb
When itís welfare youíre on, and the dad canít be seen
Cause heís in jail or on drugs another thug whoís obscene
So please donít be mean, if you donít understand
Anger ingredients youíre feedin it no alternative plans
Just a geometry of demands, as if god sent you to be
The protector of those youíll never know, and their unborn baby.

Competition Entry by mr.ammunition (Member)

Submitted: December 10, 2009

yeah' i gat one hand in the air like the statue of liberty
am the president,you hoping to be ma deputy
wannabes celebrities should recognize am a street property relatively geometry,fully prepared for any war tour
dummy i gat the kamikaze
giant & gallant applicant,am a useful reference,
delivering educational rhymes,call me a good influence,
but i put pressures on hating creatures
it's the resolution being in existence,off pretence
mr.abortion stop disturbing yourself you can't deliver a structural rhyme without a motive from me that has a natural shine,
i don't care about criticism,this is gon to nicholas cage all minds,
am the reason you feeling this way
am the reason your dreams wants to stay
all august visiting rappers that lack nutritional ingredients should wait till next may (yeah')
and this just a synopsis of ma love for the game,gunz 'n' roses.
(it's ammunition in da house)

Competition Entry by blaq ali (Member)

Submitted: December 10, 2009

im fresh out d diaper,dis is ma cypha,ma ish make u hypa.
im bringin change 2d game cal m barack obama,ali is d name blo haters up like osama.
so much ingredients dat i gatta cook wit,im whippin pasteries like im from brooklyn.
i always deliva dope rhymes wack mcz cant neglect,they gat so much abortion so they sho me respect.
im so eccentric,m flo is geometry,every ish i drop is topnotch classic.
im in charge of d game so im always in d office,wack mcz are ma applicants i run em down like athletes.
im kamikaze wit ma attitude,on top of ma game so im high like altitude.
i take criticisms from haters and enemies and wen im winnin dey wanna b frends of me.
i go hard cus i gat great resolution,other mcz go home cuz dey aint gat ma potion.
mcz cant take d heat;dey unda so much pressure.dis is ma pleasure,i do dis at ma leisure.
i turn haters in2 zombies so dey neva no ma next move.i must b a great influence and i gat nufin to prove.
m flo is obnoxious;pardon m manners;dis is m synopsis,so much country grammar

Competition Entry by D-Cyper (Guest)

Submitted: December 9, 2009

I got all the ingredients for greatness,
Your rhymes are pathetic and aimless.
The only way you can take me out is to kamikaze,
Even then I'll still make you my bitch like a Swazi.
You takin' criticism like a Nazi,
Won't see a thing until your autopsy.
Only reason you alive is your mama,
Didn't want a period, so used you as a comma.
You were an applicant for abortion,
The synopsis blames absorption.
My resolution is to kill a few,
Press Control and Q to undo you.
I'll rap angles thrice 'round you with trigonometry,
To measure my lyrical might, you'll need geometry.
My influence is that of an ancient demi god,
To survive with me you use ghost write like a mod.

Competition Entry by theoretic (Guest)

Submitted: December 8, 2009

So think of this while you're brewing a pot of coffee
An applicant for terrorism dreams of kamikaze
Missions into your office, wishin' that we could stop these
Acts of mass destruction, the pressures are getting awfully
Heavy upon the shoulders, hopin' that god'll show us
The ingredients to influence those that want to control us.
But we couldn't read the signs, we see with low resolution.
Criticism is spewed at problems with no solutions.
The angle has been skewed, the geometry's too confusin'
The abortion of our freedom is what we're all gettin' used ta.
We never go out, we always stay in,
We too afraid of all our neighbors, family and friends.
The walls are closing in, barricaded in,
Locked inside a den where we digitally pretend.
To be social without human interaction.
What's the synopsis Doc? Tell me what happened.
It seems like this is all just a joke, but no one's laughin,
Except for the terrorist who dies, he gets the last one.

PS - Don't let fear control you, stand up for your rights! Peace out!


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