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Competition Entry by CandiJo (Guest)

Submitted: May 30, 2010

I saw you driving around town in your black corvette
I had called you every name in the alphabet
My whole childhood, it was just my mom and me
You were too busy tryin' to live your own fantasy
My mom struggled with rent, water, and electricity
Buyin clothes and stylin my hair so I can be pretty
You could have been there to teach me the good credentials
But you chose the streets and now you are a criminal
Your mind and everything just constantly exploits
My anger is flyin' like a million asteroids
You never made the effort to stay in contact
You wasn't in my life and that is a known fact
At times, I felt locked inside a chamber
Thinkin' from January through December
Wondering why you never did anything
My moods are changing in a rapid swing
I constantly may have felt lots of tension
But growing up, I never faced suspension
After all, I must say that I'm fortunate
Because meeting you was an embarrassment

Competition Entry by uzzi (Member)

Submitted: May 24, 2010

it lyk exploit dier kiddy rythme lyk a pedifile criminal
leave a permenant damage 2 dier ego a rapper in preist attire
2 generate n immitate my flow only few are furtunate
cuz ama living tall tale wat other can only exagerate
i collabrate metephor and punchline back and fort lyk a swing
this is my playground,dey know me as a the word play king
but am not using alphabet am the alpha wanna bet
head of a wolf pack ready to attack dis chiwawa pets
advance lyk an alien but close ecounter is a sucidal contact
dat flow park more energy than the middle of the sun part
exact this overstemated artist lock dier courage in my chamber
da kinda beast in meet in me is caution 2 danger
ye am dat knight slayin dese dragon in their own fairtale fantasy
big brain capacity in technquies of extracting niggas estacty
filling dier anotomy with shame castropnotrosphy i bring with high authority
transform 4rm a human 2 a beast a transformer with infinite voltage electricity
keep ur family in supension but nt a enough 2 have a good will drive
dier child 2 enter and a state of brain instability with words from da mike

Competition Entry by Tha One (Guest)

Submitted: May 22, 2010

Moving swiftly, carefully, the smooth criminal
Every aspect of me is to the max, not minimal
I go beyond the expected, lyrical extension
When the world hears me, they will not call for my suspension
I see that I spit without any simplicity
Lyrical current, I flow more than electricity
Mortal Combat, I attack with fatal contact
Deep impact, my attack is on point and exact
Mind disturbed though, deep insanity
I easily orchestrate a violent fantasy
I come fromthe depths, something like the ring
My words are razors blades, now watch them swing
The naked eye thinks that I have no intellect
I go from A to Z, through the whole alphabet
Anarchy, I cause, forget local ordinance
A rapper like myself is very fortunate
Flying above competition, out the airport hangar
If I were out the Wu-Tang, I would be the 10th Chamber
Godfather joint, slaughter occurs as the priest anoints
Watch as I takeover, with no exploits

Competition Entry by Tha Genius (Member)

Submitted: May 18, 2010

I came home to this note: I'm a prisoner of bad choices, I've never been fortunate
Enough to have all necessities and at the same time afford the shit
And this necessity has pushed me to the point of criminal exploits
Cuz every move I've made has failed and given me less choice
If only every now and then things would swing in my favor
I wouldn't be in need of this chamber holding your niece and your neighbor
In exchange for the keys to your Jeep or LeSabre, plus the things in your safe or,
Ill kill em, every minute is a minute that you leave 'em in danger
and don't get funny cuz that's only increasing the wager
and no police contact cuz if I find out, I'm keeping a tazer
With enough electricity to power a city grid
And turn ya people into what I'd describe as a gritty crisp
I've got it all planned perfect, you'll never think your way out of it
Even if you're on your P's and Q's I'm on my alphabet
don't even think about it. Not even in a fantasy
could you go to lengths great enough to stop a man as mad as me
Cuz I don't know right from wrong, I was never taught that lesson
I spent most of my school days stuck in In School Suspension
So gimme what I want, hand over the goods
You got one hour before they get killed and thrown in the woods -Tha Genius

Competition Entry by Bród (Member)

Submitted: May 16, 2010

Devastation is what I'll inflict, I'm a variable you cannot predict, I'll remove U from the alphabet, and I'm not even started yet, let me live out my fantasy, to suppress me is blasphemy, the only thing I fantasize, are your wounds I'll maximize, to max extent, in my assault I will not relent, criminal I'll act, my knife will swing in close contact, entrails hanging in suspension, entails pain in a new dimension, you'd be more fortunate to be found by dirty hicks, but instead you're in Chamber 36, since I'm adroits, I have many exploits, chemically I'll corrode you, then cannibalize your cannabis consumed corpse too, what I do next is more shocking than electricity, I'll radiate everyone in the vicinity.

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