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Competition Entry by Zo Dapoet (Guest)

Submitted: October 12, 2011

I'm not shocked blocks got hot like popcorn

shots pooring from the spot as cops swarm

troubled thugs ready to rumble for any buzz

with double the slugs they'll leave ya in a puddle of blood

fresh dead with two to the chest

the rest up in ur head to make ur noodle a nest

drugs are money and for money theres no substitute

but if you aint paying money then ur blood will do

bet it on the streets theres no credit

find ur self indebted u might find ur self embedded

call a medic ask him to please race

dont forget to mention the parts he needs to replace

check that, it really doesent matter G

cause even a defibrillater wont restart ur battery

now a days folks dont joke with vocals

and anybody broke is left with hope and no pull

no bull were all slaves, we get paid

but dont nobody lives without getting hit in the ribcage

you can wince cause aint nobody invincible

and winners never quit thats the principle

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May 29, 2016

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