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Competition Entry by Zo Dapoet (Member)

Submitted: October 22, 2011

hiphop. Its like a volcano, hot
running through the game like a drano shot
I grew up thugish to the bombest flow
watched Pac go through niggas like they was a domino
sick bars over a piano or a guitar
pac was fucking deadly like a desert eagle dog, he spit hard
a rich star, do the calculations
dude done rocked the nation with every collaberation
listen, there is nobody who could fill or sell his throne
ask your fucking hommie on the telephone
I am tellin you no asian, no white boy, or hispanic
could ever get so manic on a beat just like they planned it
you could hire search crews but you wont find a flyer perp
a raw ass firework that left us all bizurk
when Pac went off everybody stopped and heard him twist
flows were falling hard as rain and soothed u just like mist
a stranger with one up in the chamber
always facing danger riding like a ranger
thats it, thats why I'm in the game it's true
hopping on the beat like I'm a kangaroo

Competition Entry by srbouska (Member)

Submitted: October 20, 2011

Twist the chamber, the effect will go far
Not of the gun, but your skills in Guitar
Blaze up the path, heat spews like a volcano
Lose yourself while amongst your own show
The mood that is set by each chord and each fret
Calculations beyond technologies own effect
Electric, acoustic or a didgeridoo
keep on bouncing my musical kangaroo
Donít be Manic, frantic or ecstatic
Calculations in your brain are automatic
Let each note flow like Domino,
When youíre in your zone, itís easier to let go
When finished with your gig get off of the stage
Thank your fans and friends Thatís your wage

ignore the obscenity that guys just a jerk
Brighten the dark with your Musical firework
On your way home and your girl calls up
Fight after fight, but before you give-up
Capitalize on your show that night alone
Next time, donít answer the telephone.

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