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Competition Entry by Justin Mularski (Jski) (Guest)

Submitted: October 26, 2011

calculations to make it to the word king
kinda like Elvis without guitar strings
a twist to your static and i am surging
words like magma volcanoes bursting
a telephone call to talk to my fate
it said that i am blowin up at firework pace
im a star on our flags im such a manic state
song kicks like kangaroos headin straight for your face
im sittin in my chamber plannin out my great escape
imma push this world until my bones are about to fuckin break
it takes one domino to make good into great
and a struggle kept inside will engrave our new traits

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flamethrower, accident, kangaroo, level, shark, oblivion, storm, vehicle, squeeze, energetic

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May 29, 2016

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