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Competition Entry by srbouska (Member)

Submitted: December 5, 2011

Sandwich artist

Seizing the day with the mustard and mayo
creating your 1sandwich and then away you go
try not to ignore the 2customers in line
switch up the bread, the crusty ones are fine
You're a 3warrior in the 4crusade of nutrition
correcting the obesity’s two way mirror vision
Mr. smith walks out and he feels like a winner
you just fed that man his dinner

After your shift, you clock out and dismiss
counting each tip saving for Christmas
balance the float, you have 100 bucks more
thoughts of running and heading to the door
Straighten out the sin and shoulder up the load
Set the compass to truth and you'll travel the globe
Even as a deli clerk, honesty has complete relevance
better to not take the 100 then receive a last pay severance

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