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Competition Entry by MallnDrawls (Guest)

Submitted: February 11, 2012

Im hot like magma, cold like alaska
MallnDrawls aka natural DISASTER
shine like DIAMONDS, MICROPHONE master
yeah im gonna blast off, bout to go nasa
i am your asthma, suffocation when i flow
money in the bag he's nothin but a CRIMINAL
stayin AUTHENTIC, and i wanna get the doe
catch me on the SIDEWALK bumpin tell me when to go
im the whole story, introduction and the plot
he must be from outerspace, im a fuckin ASTRONAUT
bout to go stupid on my way to JUPITER
yeah im the bomb baby and im so nuclear
keep the haters at attention, when i let them thangs go
just might make you snap a TENDON, blow like a VOLCANO
stayin vicious is the mission, i dont wear a halo
superstition when you listen, cause im spittin fuego

Competition Entry by Infamous619 (Guest)

Submitted: February 4, 2012

when im on the microphone my rhymes are authentic, aint never had no time for any of that fake shit,gettin diamonds as big as jupiter for my main bitch, gettin money so easy they callin me a criminal, all because im makin moves and their skills are minimal, my rhymes like a volcano you wanna battle me im natural disaster, see me on the sidewalk and start movin faster, if i wrote lyrics like your the paper'd be torn like a tendon, you know you cant win so stop pretendin, came to this battle head spinnin feelin like im in space like an astronaut, this is a battle you shouldve never fought, I'm better then your wildest dreams, and I bet you never thought you'd find an opponent like me, the truest og that you'll ever meet, I'm everything you wish you could be, headin to the top and I'm never slowin, the beat always keeps goin, and the lyrics will never stop flowin, I ain't never gonna stop, I'll see you when I hit the top

Competition Entry by basicase (Guest)

Submitted: January 30, 2012

dont be lied in bout the diamonds
pediatrist might be a criminal
walk on volcano islands
rip tendons on jupiter
if he tells you to walk
dependent beyond scrupulous
like he invented the talk

astronaut cowboy sidewalk swiping
plow into microphone hymens
screaming into the night when
an authentic eye-whiteness
finds you lying in a disaster
ridden eiffel climbing basking
shark rippin and faster heart blippin

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