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Competition Entry by DaProdigy393 (Member)

Submitted: December 31, 2005

Wake up niggas,time to devour u cowards; burnin up dis mornin' i think its time 4 da cold showa;
Hot as tha sun, wordplay destroyen u niggas; lyrical dynamite put a hole in u nigga;
"Simply Tha Best" kinda like dat barba shop place, change ya identity, when twin glocks hit ya face; Shapen niggas up, wit dem scissors and clippas, pop a couple shots n ya mouf, i aint tawken bout bball nigga;
Im tha best u eva seen, its as simple as that, guitar to ya dome, enden u is as simple as that;
Some niggas call me "Spider Web", how i post up on tha corna, collecten ma scrilla and do ma thing wit it lata;
Street Pharmacist, pitchen dat hard rock and blow, i call it "engine fire" how it burn a hole n ya nose;

Competition Entry by RapPhene101 (Member)

Submitted: December 30, 2005

YO, this ya boy c. danler
you know..tha white boy..
tha one who lwaves ya lyriclly destroyed..
wait a minute..I'm WHITE..
I should be playin the guitar right?
thats where you wrong..ya need ta wake tha fuck up and listen to tha words in tha song..
I got twin identities.. skitsophranic..
my words leave ya in fear and panic..
find ya self scrtchin ya head like you ran into a lyicle spider web sayin
"Did he just say what I think he said?"
Yeah..I did..I said it before and I'll say it got shit to say then let tha BEEF begin..
I'll put a stick of dynamite in ya engine and blow it up with you and ya family in it..
You might say I'm crazed..
My words will leave ya lyriclly slain..
Like Cypers Hill..I'm insain in tha brain where I keep all tha hatred and pain..
Shit on any motha fucka trien to put thier name in tha game..
Dont elt tha colar of my skin fool you..
My words will take you by surprise..
make you fall back like I put tha inferred between ya eyes..
ya best take my advise..
think twice before ya come out tha mouth and find ya adams apple sliced with a pair of dull scissors like I came to collect a debt..
Best believe you gonna give me respect after I carve my name across ya fuckin chest...

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