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Competition Entry by Bród (Member)

Submitted: September 10, 2012

Dark clouds above my head, swear I've tasted death/
This isn't my soul, I'm possessed by crystal meth/
This atmosphere is black, dredged with desire/
I need an exorcist, a baptism by fire/
In private my chakra bleeds, awry and bent/
I have no spring of life, I'm without my trident/
And I have no disguise, and I lack semblance/
I'm my closest stranger, taught myself repentance/
But the panel hates me, I garner a guilty verdict/
It's my fault though, cannibalistic hearse tic/
Transfer your blood to disease with my proboscis/
Chaotic singularity, I oppose the soul of Baucis/
I breed in stagnation, need not a treadmill/
I balance on my web and in stillness I kill/
Please the pantheon, sacrifice with poker face/
Aztec Falcon warrior enter a State of Grace/
The immortals self venerate while they feast on flesh/
Fables of civilization and their tales are enmeshed/
Heightened sense accelerate time and nothingness/
Picking at my arms, I'm left as a fucking mess/

Competition Entry by x-cetra (Member)

Submitted: August 27, 2012

This is the ATMOSPHERE at Hip Hop Reaction, we speak in closed caption to a petite fraction Of the hip hop attraction. our interaction can only be our own, when the dice is thrown, our fate Has been sewn, no microphone to DISGUISE our tone, just our words alone will TRANSFER And be shown.
to a PANEL and they'll channel their decisive contributions, they'll be in PRIVATE
and utter seclusion sparing only one from dissolution.
but I'll bring restitution to your disarray of being dismissed, and help you ACCELERATE to see gods list, by hiring an EXORCIST So your souls no longer adrift,
you'll be dead still but, it won't be like walking on a TREADMILL,Instead You'll,
get the SPRING back to move forward, and either fall south or rise northward, Either way it will be over, just like the joker, and I'm not talking POKER.

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