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Competition Entry by LoveLifeTho (Member)

Submitted: April 5, 2014

Yeah, I guess you don’t really understand the meaning.
The fact that you can just live regardless if you’re breathing.
That moment I met you, my eyes started fading.
You made my mind explode just like fireworks, fireworks.
I see you got it, you’re professional.
No one truly understands the way it go.
I got the tricks, yeah, I write lines, just to play your heart falling at the strings like a guitar.
Why you trip, I’ll tell you once. I got you day dreaming now.
Yeah do you pick up what I put down, just ink up, you got the whole town.
One thing is living life isn’t a secret, I see you over reaction, on how you acting.
Just how to react on everything, life you message her, what to say.
I grew up where you talk like yahoo messenger all day.
If you play right like an ace, yeah, you the one like a spade.
I got your cards, you got the call but you not talking.
I get them handles, and leave you handled just like boxing.
My standards are high, to meet me, like a meeting, keep wishing.
Get on my level, I see you short, and stand below, like a midget.
Why you peaking, no better yet step up to start speaking.
You got your neck out like you about to drown, hang on like ostrich.
Yeah, you got it. Yeah, you got it.
I’m missing you, waiting, but you lost.
No one better take you, or pay the cost, like amber alert.
I’m a mess, like us. Polo but hamburger on your shirt. Dang.
I got to stay strong, stay up, up, here, around.
Keep it tough like a gorilla, or I’m going to beat you down

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