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Competition Entry by 50cent4life (Member)

Submitted: January 27, 2006

yo yo yo niggaz listen up
im starting this match
with a lil of scratch
couse im tired of u motherfuckers
couse u know im the king
and i always do ma thing
ur just same bitch ass made
screw out ur ass the spade
u niggaz exist
in ma shoot target list
bang bang in ur face motherfucker
dont make me be a bucker
and buck ur fucking ass
and put u in the death mess
when u see me ur face gets white
and to feel better u need a flashlight
u hate me nigga wat for
couse i obliged ur homies
in hell to anchor
in ur dreams i came like a python
theres no need to get worry couse u know i won
fuck all ur mommas
we bring some dramas
niggaz i got a demand for you
what the fuck.niggaz fuck you
i aint got a word
backward homie backward
and listen to ma record
there aint anyone left
there are all on the HELL AIRCRAFT...........

Competition Entry by B.Carter (Member)

Submitted: January 26, 2006

my rhymes dig deep like a razor spade/wit the weight of a anchor/hangin from my shoulder blades/im tha man at what i do/givin'demands/to my fans/mc's/lea-vin'em sick/my speech leak through the beats/wit diseases in my flow/that dont even exist/B-be the king of this shit/my record show consecutive wins/the best can contend/match me/a raphlete/ go for ya chin/cause my venom a sting a victom/when i bite like pythons/ignite like pipe bombs/i fast write/and still shine like flashlights/bed,bath beyond the aircraft/way up there in the air/where you aint gotta be scared at

Competition Entry by ellem (Member)

Submitted: January 17, 2006

You all better acknowledge that i exist,
You try to bad-mouth me , i will resist,
All of you's who come for a match,
I will match you all tit for tat,
Man i fly flying so high like an aircraft,
True g-starr, that's a matter of fact,
Try to hold me down stuck to an anchor,
I am a true homie, and a real big gangster,
This python will cruch you to fuck,
Eat your words, down and swallow them up,
I'm in a hostage situation, here are my demands,
That i get all i want from my freestyles,
Lightin the way like a flashlight,
Maybe i am dead "I see the light"
I have a record contract, you can't hold me down,
I am destined to fly around, i do black music better than the king,
I'll dig up tupac, and bring him back to the game,
I'll do it with ma hands, fuck the spade,

Competition Entry by marshal Ofortube (Guest)

Submitted: January 16, 2006

closing ur eyes wit ur finger
hopin there love will linger
in ur life embracing ur sences
around ur heart raisin fences
life unfold before ur eyes
u wish u can touch it
reachin for it
ur body accepts its demise...
u submit
the turns u take
ur choices are not for u to make
let them unfold
feel the time travellin through ur mind
you feel cold...and confined!

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