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Competition Entry by Saleena (Guest)

Submitted: February 17, 2006

i'm high on coke/it ain't no joke/this injection makes me question/is it worth it?/i'm addicted and it's twisted/i'm a spy/like fbi/trying to disscover/ I investigate/it's love mixed with hate/looking for a new rush/i need to hush/i'm talking to much/A cyclones going on in my mind/i need to unwind/but i can't find time/i can't find shit/i'm a parinoid bitch/i'm a slave to this blow/it won't let me go/i'm a fein/i can't stay clean/can't escape this shit/and i wanna quit/I consider it/the thought runs quick/i need one hit/I can't take it no more/i'm outta this hole/dissapearing like a magician/fuck climbing the ladder to sucess i'm jumping out my window to my selfish death.

Competition Entry by Dave random (Guest)

Submitted: February 16, 2006

The unstable ladder that is society,
Making me wonder what it means to be
Just give me my injection of T.H.C.,
Aid my escape from reality,
No need for short term memory
No need for intellectual capacity
My conscience forced to consider inevitably,
Even when abusing drugs uncontrollably,
The role i play in the world i see
Coming to the usual conclusion undeniably
The cyclone of thoughts tears holes in my psyche
Opening windows of discovery
Revealing the flaws hidden so carefully
But without a magician or a knowledge tree
Little can be done set my thoughts free
So donít bother with spies to investigate me
It wont show anything more than false imagery

Competition Entry by ellem (Member)

Submitted: February 15, 2006

now listen here, this rapper is about to blow//
so fast, like a cyclone//
and tear down your home, not enough time to escape through the window//
police found you dead, but they refuse to investigate your shit flows//
cos this fukkin magician controls all behaviour//
so consider that i will spy on you later//
how fast must you run to discover//
cos i am poppin ma gun, "shit run for cover"//
consider that this ladder will be wrapped around your ass//
after it has been used to trash your pretensions//
you must be high on drugs and injections//
if ya think that this aint good lyrics//
before your next move, ya better consider//
that ima whop your ass, and avoide police//
i'll send your motherfukkin ass to sleep//

ha ha ha

Competition Entry by Justin Johnson (Guest)

Submitted: February 6, 2006

try to investigate me, cause I flip two stacks/police consider me the one/get off this big dude sack/I got a big chrome gat/it's like a 6'4 strap/it'll spin ya like a cyclone,when the shit go clack/plus I'm a boss/yellin before I strap in that vagina/I'm climbing in them thighs/I call it ladder 49er/I'm a real mack/and a magician/cause wit the gat, I'll do my disappear act/so make ya last/talkin trash man/I'l have ya gone,nobody ain't gone discover this masked man/feds gone spy thru tha window/while I'm lighting dis indoe/but neva inject/escape,cause I'm gone level ya set.

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