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Competition Entry by Rage Incarnate (Guest)

Submit Date: December 14, 2006

Merry Christmas, m***********s, get into the season feelin'
I scream extreme/ Never run away, I just release my Wrath
The only way you'll capture me is with a photograph
I mow you down with no feeling/ you feeling me? Cut you're life short, like a two-part trilogy
Pull out the chess board, bet your necklace and bling
I'll let you take all my peices and then beat you with my king
adjust your focus, look closely
I spit like hocus pocus/ it's magic, so get ready as I catapault this/ out of orbit-knock out a sattelite quick
you see sh*t fallin' from the sky think it's the apocalypse
Get ready for an invasion, a full scale attack
Everybody leaves the states, all the Mexicans go back
SIck of your bubble gum raps, Rage is about to bust
leave you blinded in the wake another one bites the dust

c-mor green's rhyme is hot
frizz iz da sh*t
this is my 1st rhyme, and Im gonna own

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