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Competition Entry by D-Reppin (Member)

Submit Date: December 17, 2006

my lyricism prevails my prisms are off the scales
i never fail my raps set traps for cats on bail
driving reckless with rhymes that shine like a diamond necklace
gats connect to domes like Houston does to fuckin Texas
and when I cant come through my lyricisms catapulted
catastrophically exploding like a 4’4 randomly loaded
ask and you know this, my lyrics shatter images like damaged photographs
im just adjusting my rap structure, I already wrote the facts
I write bold, my lyrics appeal to black and whites like a chess board
Im well known, all I need is a satellite and a dress code
im supreme lyrically divide dreams to the extreme I’m cynical like a subliminal fiend
don’t wanna fuck with me, my rhymes hit niggas like three times so im a trilogy
I will be missed much if I come cold once, then call me Christmas
I never get ‘beat’ like ‘words’ without the ‘instrumental’…1

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