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Competition Entry by Lil_Forreely (Member)

Submit Date: December 20, 2006

Yall Niggas Know Im High On All Them SCALES// Im Makin *Fresh* Movements While Ya Asses Is Standin Still Cuz Yall *Stale*//
Im Shining Hard Like My NECKLACE//
When Yall Hear Me rappin You'd Think Im Blessed// You Just Losin In The Game While Im Getin All This Success// Its Almost CHRISTMAS and im bout to open My Presents//
Im Flowin Deep Im Da Essence//
Yall *Check" Da Ball To Me Like Playin Ball On A CHEST BOARD//
Nigga Im Bout To Get An Award While You bein Ignored//
Imma Launch A Bomb On Yall Haters Just Like A CATAPULT//
Yall The Children Compared To Me And Im The Adult//
Pretend Ma Knives Is Wires So Imma Put Sum Cables In Ya Like A SATELITE// Sheah Im Picture Perfect Nigga You Betta Take A PHOTOGRAPH//
Yall Is Too Corny But Still Makin me Laugh// You Three Times Stunned When You Look At Me You Like "TRI-LOGY" (Tri = 3 & Logy = amazed) These Niggas Is Easy And They Feelin Lil Forreely// I Put My Life To The Fullest & To The EXTREME//
When I Stop By Yall Niggas Get Scared & Scream// Yall Can Only Reach Me In A Dream// Yall Betta ADJUSY ya Winning Cuz Queen Forreely Gon Take Ya SPOTS//
I Get Change When I Pull Them Niggas Slots// If Im Lookin Atcha Bak U Know Imma Blow Sum Shots//Ya Eyes Gon Be Gonin Crazy Kinda Donn Knotts// Yall Dont Step To Me Cuz Imma Blow You In Ya Head & Make U See Dots//

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