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Competition Entry by J Da Great (Guest)

Submit Date: December 22, 2006

Real talk by J da Great

It 1 blood, 2 slugs, and the click 3 deep.
Like 3 thugs, 2 macks, and Gage if its beef.
Just on mug 2 scuffs, 3 pairs of sneaks.
Got em A town stumped, a trilogy from da feet.
Get the pic, I photograph it for ya mother to see.
Or send a video to spike, yelp extreme TV.
My necklace broke the damn scale when
I added the peace. Pulled the piece lit em up like a
Christmas tree.
I say the boy so gutter way he stay in the streets.
Watch me throw my hood up when I chew up the beat.

Dallas TX got to rep when I wreck.
Dem boys smooth chessboard moves
got ya bitch in check.
Adjust my fist to ya face gotcha chin in check.
I got that catapult cush got me higher then jets.
Space out with the satellites, you puffin the best.

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